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Hatchlings and Demons - Downtime

Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened after Session 51.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

10/16/2007 - 10/16/2007 - Wardens Guest Apartments Residents - Johan Doyle, Psyche, Toby Holliday, Taurex, Cassidy "Aster" Anderson, Mayra "Lady Laser" Wellington

10/16/2007 - 10/18/2007 - Using the Roc and the Erne, Dr. Andrew Kensington and his assistant, Blaine Kirby, move the stabilizer device to the Wardens' Alcatraz Island headquarters. It takes them three days to move and setup the device.

10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Trent, Katrina and Mei Lynn continue their daily training sessions at the Wardens Headquarters. Three times per week, Jaxton brings Gianna and Tommy to the base for the training sessions. A couple of times a week, Mariah Claibourne helps with the training sessions.

10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Psyche continues planning how to capture the Collective with the Wardens help. She attends the daily training sessions helping train Mei Lynn.

10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Randy and Mark continue to make visits a few times a week to the Wardens' base for Mark's counseling sessions with Dr. Miranda Saveda.

10/17/2007 - Story - About Taurex - Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Indigo

10/18/2007 - Story - Introduction of Meka Karex - Amber (II), Dot Dash, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Karex, Meka Karex

10/19/2007 - 10/28/2007 - Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose and Dr. Kensington make observations and take sensor readings of Toby's energy signature and tweak the settings of the modified Kronian phasing device. After a few days, Dr. Kensington and Blaine start calibrating the stabilizer device to match the phasing device's settings.

10/24/2007 - Story - Amber and Dot Dash Recalled - Wardens

10/28/2007 - 10/29/2007 - Story - Letter to the Wardens/Meeting at Alcatraz - Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart

10/28/2007 - 10/31/2007 - Story - Toby and the Process - Amethyst (II), Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose, Toby Holliday

Amber LaNormane, a.k.a. Amber (II)

10/16/2007 - 10/23/2007 - Amber continues her morning ritual preparing for the day, having breakfast and praying then going to Dolores Park. At the park, she exercises and practices the Tai Chi Chuan forms that Dorothy has been teaching her. After exercise, Amber sits down for liturgical studies and a picnic. There are some onlookers and some days even a couple of folks who join in.

10/16/2007 - 10/23/2007 - In the afternoons, Amber continues volunteering at Everette Middle School. She helps with remedial reading classes and spends time getting to know the students, teachers and staff. She also makes mental notes of the girls that may need her help outside of school.

10/16/2007 - 10/23/2007 - Before dinner, Amber continues studying Tai Chi Chuan with Dorothy. After dinner, she reviews the day's information and compiles reports for the Order. She also has a late evening liturgical study with Dorothy, so that her spiritual needs are addressed. She sends information about the girls who have visited to the Order and asks for prayer for them and advice to meet their needs.

10/18/2007 - 10/23/2007 - Amber notices one girl who has very old shoes one day and the next day brings her new shoes. She does similar favors for different girls and after each one; she invites the ones she helps for exercise and dinner at the house. She types up a note for the girls to give to their parents so they will know where the girls are and invites the parents to attend if they wish. A couple of girls take her up on the offer but none of the parents do so.

10/22/2007 - Sumana Phillips, a young Thai-American woman who has been joining in the Tai Chi Chuan taolu and listening to the liturgical readings, introduces herself to Amber after one of the sessions.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Karalyn continues to teach sign language classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and work at the legal clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Ramon Marcel Community Center. Kimberly continues helping Karalyn with the sign language classes. Calen Adams continues to help 'clerking' at the legal clinic. Karalyn notices that the two of them continue to avoid each other.

10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Amethyst continues to patrol the area around the Ramon Marcel Community Center on a nightly basis just after it closes for the evening. She makes sure that everything is secure and checks in with Karalyn Nicholas before she leaves for the night.

10/19/2007 - Karalyn has her assistant, Janelle, make a donation from the Green Valley Trust to the Ramon Marcel Community Center to cover most of the costs for the treats and decorations for their annual Halloween Party.

10/22/2007 - 10/29/2007 - Story - Community Center - Strange Happenings

Dorothy Axtell, a.k.a. Dot Dash

10/16/2007 - 10/23/2007 - Dorothy continues her morning ritual having breakfast and praying then going to school. She attends her classes in the morning block and is usually out of classes by noon.

10/16/2007 - 10/23/2007 - Dorothy, when not hanging out with friends from school, spends her free time in the afternoons while Amber is volunteering at Everette online with Jacob. She still hasn't worked up the nerve to ask him move to San Francisco.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Cassidy continues settling into her job as Eon's personal assistant and shows that she has a knack for organization. She also continues to attend the painting lessons, her work still seems to be a means to release pent up emotions rather than true artist endeavors.

10/18/2007 - 10/19/2007 - Eon visits and brings care packages to the personnel aboard the International Space Research Station, a joint venture between the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia and the European Space Agency. The next day, Eon visits and brings care packages to the personnel aboard the Opportunity, a UN sponsored and commercially developed space station.

10/20/2007 - Judah discusses the Halloween Party at the Ramon Marcel Community Center with Rebecca. After going over a number of ideas he, decides that something unusual would be in order. He decides on a Renaissance theme and makes several calls before locating the costumes he is seeking.

10/28/2007 - Story - Crystal Investigations: The Call for Home

Marsa Stilhanov, a.k.a. Indigo

10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Despite the attacks by the demonic beings, Marsa continues her walks each night. She starts taking Taurex along with her on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Marsa gives Taurex a new schedule with a few extra conditions which make the rules of conduct much stricter. Indigo during his training schedule also takes Taurex to museums, malls and other public places to observe human customs and interactions.

10/18/2007 - 10/26/2007 - Story - Tainted Aura


10/16/2007 - 10/30/2007 - Mayra completely reworks the laser systems in Meka Karex's eyes after the incident at the beach with the sandcastle and glass horses. She apologizes to Karex for the issues with calibrating the lasers correctly the first time but the alien power source led to some miscalculations of power output but the new capacitor systems she had installed would remedy the issue.

10/20/2007 - Rextor reports an encounter with Prime after following up on a sensor trace. An energy blast from Prime crippled the vehicle Rextor's team was traveling in and Rextor flew after Prime. During the pursuit, energy blasts and water jets were exchanged but in the end, Prime escaped. The warrior rates Prime a good challenge but tells Karex that he would have captured him if he had had his battle armor.

10/24/2007 - At the end of the third month of Phase II, work on the Yrician Consulate-General facility continues. The build out of the original habitat and arena areas has been completed. The project is starting to see some delays due to crowd control issues around the facility. The number of curious tourists is about equal to the number of protesters fearing an alien invasion.

10/24/2007 - Rextor reports a second encounter Prime after following up on another sensor trace. A battle ensued but once again, Prime escaped. The warrior again laments the fact that his battle armor is non-operational.

10/28/2007 - Rextor reports a third encounter with Prime. This time based on the team's analysis of Prime's movements, an ambush was set and Prime walked into it. Rextor brought a brick wall down on Prime but when he dug through the rumble no trace of his adversary was found. It was as if he had just disappeared into thin air.

10/29/2007 - The bids committee for the clean up the offshore chemical and radioactive waste dumps in the area off of the Point Reyes National Seashore and Preserve announces that the combined bid of Karex Corp, New World Technologies, Numan Life Sciences and Ocean Atlantic Salvage has won the contract.

Percival Quincy Adams, a.k.a. Stalwart

10/16/2007 - 10/18/2007 - Story - Introduction and Credentials

10/20/2007 - Story - Bank Robbery in Oakland

10/21/2007 - 10/23/2007 - Story - Eye of the Beholder

10/24/2007 - Story - Revenge Thwarted

10/26/2007 - Story - First Paranormal Criminal

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