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Geniuses and Genius? - Downtime

Post-Session: 54

A look at what happened after Session 54.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

12/9/2007 - 12/9/2007 - Wardens Guest Apartments Residents - Johan Doyle, Psyche, Taurex, Cassidy "Aster" Anderson, Mayra "Lady Laser" Wellington, Prime (Note: Johan Doyle has not returned to the base since the new Prime moved in.)

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Delta-Vee and Boost return to the North Bay Estate. They come into the base a couple of times a week for Boost's sessions with Dr. Saveda.

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Cang Hua, Sapphire and Cobalt receive their FSS credentials. They alternate their time with the Wardens between taking part in practice sessions at the base, helping with clean up at the Mission High site and patrolling high crime areas with Mr. Gray II.

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Azure, Midnight and Ultramarine return to their practice routine spending two or three days each week at the Wardens' base. Their first session back, Jaxton lays down the law about them taking their uniforms and the pulse field shield generators home.

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Rita keeps calling Amethyst about getting security clearance to go the Wardens' base to study with Dr. Miller. She also keeps asking about the chimp and mouse that she promised to watch. Amethyst has security give Rita clearance to study with Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose and Dr. S. Alon Sloan as well as limited access to Melinda for research purposes. Rita is restricted to the special visitor area unless under escort who can take her to where Drs. Miller and Sloan are or to tend to the chimp and mouse. When she has completed her work with the doctors and/or animals, Rita is to be escorted back to the special visitor area.

12/9/2007 - The pulse field generators taken by the young ones are returned to the Wardens base. Jaxton asks Contego if he would allow the devices to be used in practice sessions to help ensure the trainees have less chance of being injured. Jaxton assures Contego that he will collect the devices after each session to ensure they do not walk off again. Contego says that he has no problem with using the shields for training. He says his biggest concern is the kids misplacing the shields, if that happened then we might have shielded enemies.

12/9/2007 - Story - Plans to Rescue Eon - Wardens

12/10/2007 - Psyche follows up with Amethyst about Satomi. She asks Amethyst if she had gotten the girl into counseling with Dr. Saveda. She also wonders if Neji needs counseling, too. After all, his grandmother was injured when the crashed and so was he when one of the alien's blasted him. Amethyst assures Psyche that both Satomi and Neji are receiving counseling from Dr. Saveda.

12/10/2007 - 12/19/2007 - Story - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations - Amethyst (II), Contego, Indigo, Stalwart, Taurex

12/10/2007 - Story - Khepa's Request - Amethyst (II), Stalwart, Khepa

12/12/2007 - Story - Prime Revelations - Amethyst (II), Contego, Indigo, Stalwart, Taurex, Prime (III)

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

12/10/2007 - Amethyst checks up on Mayra Wellington. She finds that Mayra is working on holographic effects and laser control systems for the exhibits and animatronics at the Yrician Cultural Trust building. Dr. Saveda and Eunice Hart, Mayra's parole officer, report that Mayra has been attending all of her sessions.

12/17/2007 - Karalyn checks in with Kimberly, Calen and Dr. Cho to ensure that all is going well with the sign language classes and legal clinic at the community center. Each reports that everything is going fine.

Connor Smith, a.k.a. Contego

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Contego continues to take at least an hour each day to work his design for a pulse field micro-jet engine that could be used as the propulsion system for a personal flight pack. In addition to the pulse field jet engine, he also spends time working on theory for using a pulse field to breach dimensional barriers.

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Contego also spends time studying Khepa trying to determine what may have caused the negative reaction between her and Judah's energy symbiotes. After a couple of weeks of study, he can find no measurable difference between Khepa's energy signature and Eon's energy signature.

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Contego works with S. Alon testing the crystal sample with the unique energy signature that was collected by Orion in Japan. Beyond basic readings of the energy signature itself, they are unable to determine much about the crystal. Even simple questions about whether the energy signature is a residual trace of exposure to an unknown energy source or is the energy source itself, go unanswered in their initial investigations.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

12/8/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Story - When in Rome (The Return of Eon)

Marsa Stilhanov, a.k.a. Indigo

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Indigo and Taurex go on several dates. Besides Taurex's doting on her every word and action as well as being a gentleman and opening doors and holding her chair for her, the dates are little more than their learning Earth customs and cultures visits to entertainment venues. Indigo does notice some strange looks from some of the people at the various establishments but just attributes it to Taurex's strange appearance and being an 'alien.'

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - Indigo asks Wythe if she can continue her training with him and bring Taurex once a week. "I enjoy studying with you so it is no problem to continue our studies together," says Wythe. "As for bringing Taurex, it is your prerogative as he is your apprentice." Indigo thanks him and tells him that she will be bringing her apprentice for once training session each week.

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - During her solo training sessions with Wythe, Indigo continues researching contacting her master's spirit as well as looking for references on workings that would allow her to construct walls of mystic force and expand her fire of the spirits working to cover an area.

12/9/2007 - 12/20/2007 - To try to prevent distractions, Indigo limits the amount of time she spends alone with Taurex during his training sessions. She assigns him solo reading and private practice exercises and only trains alone with him once per week. She takes advantage of the session at Wythe's with Taurex to review the intricate details of some workings hoping Taurex can concentrate better when not alone with her.

12/10/2007 - Indigo tells Taurex what is happening at Contego's home. She explains about the false Eon and that he calls himself Lord Neo. The Wardens are unable to get any information Lord Neo. She wants to attempt a spirit walk but needs his help. Indigo and Taurex goes to Wythe and ask him if this is possible to perform a spirit walk inside someone's head. Wythe says he has heard of workings that allow a sorceror to tap into another person's thoughts.

Percival Quincy Adams, a.k.a. Stalwart

12/9/2007 - Upon returning to the base, Stalwart immediately goes to the infirmary and requests to be checked for alien spores, diseases, nanites, chemical and radiation exposure as well as anything else hazardous that the staff thinks that he might have been exposed to on the alien landing craft. After the initial tests are run, Dr. S. Alon Sloan reports no findings to indicate exposure to chemical or radiation sources as well as no signs of infection. He says that he will have the results of all the tests in the next couple of days.

12/11/2007 - Dr. S. Alon Sloan gives Stalwart a clean bill of health on his follow up visit to review the test results from a couple of days ago.

12/18/2007 - Story - Lessons

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