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Taking It To The Streets - Downtime

Post-Session: 8

A look at what happened after Session 8.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

8/4/2004 - After discussing it with her teammates, Amethyst provides Hammer with a cell phone with a built in encryption system so that they can maintain contact with him.

8/4/2004 - Follow up investigation on the abandoned Grand Empire bolt hole confirms that the facility had been empty since shortly after the Wardens' raid on the other bolt hole at the end of May. No data is recovered from the burnt out computers systems recovered from the bolt hole.

8/4/2004 - Hammer spends some time on the streets busting up some of Markov's operations hoping that he could provoke the crime boss to bring the Goblin Gang back into town.

8/15/2004 - David is discouraged by the results of Karalyn's investigations into Green Property Management. He was sure that the paper trail would lead back to Markov or one of his associates. Milos Carides was someone that neither David nor Hammer had run across before. Was he the legitimate businessman that he appeared to be?

Sinjin Miles, a.k.a. Alacran

8/4/2004 - Sinjin continues to stay away from the headquarters dealing with personal issues. He asks Jaxton to continue to act as an advisor to the group and to contact him if the situation warrants it.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

8/4/2004 - Karalyn investigates the information about Green Property Management she had gotten from David. It takes some digging but she is able to trace the chain of holding companies back to Milos Carides, a businessman of Greek decent with many property holdings in the Bay Area. A background check of Carides turns up no previous criminal history. Karalyn calls David at the number on his business card then has a courier service deliver the information to him.

8/15/2004 - Karalyn is asked to accompany Annalexis Fleming, the Alcatraz foundation's Chief Legal Counsel, to Sacramento to be a witness at a hearing regarding the Foundation's status as a charitable organization under California state statutes.

Mark Owens, a.k.a. Boost

8/6/2004 - Mark talks with Master Gao about his workouts and his failure to achieve better than a 75% efficiency rating during his solo routines. The master tells Mark, "You need to find your balance. A great change had taken place in your life and you have not found peace with your new self. When one is not at peace within, he cannot be at peace with the world."

8/10/2004 - Story - When Did You Become An Adult?

8/17/2004 - Mark starts to view each passing day with some trepidation as Randy will soon be returning to San Francisco. He postpones finalizing his class registration and spends his time working out with both the Wardens and in solo sessions.

Kimi Saito, a.k.a. Kika

8/4/2004 - Kika spends time working out, training and patrolling with the Wardens. She finds Prime to be quite annoying at times, but refrains from commenting to anyone about it.

8/14/2004 - Kimberly finalizes her fall semester schedule after deciding to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.

Sara O Connor, a.k.a. Kitsune

8/4/2004 - Sara spends a few days processing the evidence gathered at the Hammer and Goblin Gang fight scene. Her findings are much the same as previous investigations of the Goblin Gang. Their blaster weaponry and explosives technology seem to be from black market sources in Russia.

8/4/2004 - Sara spends more time browsing the Internet looking for more websites about her. After much internal debate, she decides that instead of fighting the fan websites, she will endorse them and also put them to work for her. Her research into Kitsune has found that they are believed to draw their power not so much from their tails, but from the offerings that are left for them at the small shrines set up in their honor. A website could be the modern equivalent of a 'shrine.' Her fans can visit the 'shrines' and make 'offerings' through an online payment service. The money donated would go to one of the victim relief charities that the Alcatraz Foundation sponsored. Who knows, maybe the action of fans making 'offerings' might help increase her powers. She sets aside some time for working with the authors of the sites to put her ideas in motion.

8/17/2004 - Before she can setup a meeting with one of the webmasters, Sara sees something on the Internet that catches her eye. There is a news item about a paranormal psychology conference going on in Los Angeles. In the background of one of the photos is her mentor, Sakura. Sara tells Jaxton that she will be out of town for a few days and heads to Los Angeles.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

8/4/2004 - The Knight spends some time patrolling in Chinatown trying to locate Ace, but is unsuccessful. He asks the other members of the Wardens if they know of some means of possibly getting a message to Ace.

8/6/2004 - Story - He Doesn't Look Like M. C. Hammer

8/15/2004 - William continues to have the feeling that someone is following him when he is out alone or with Bridie. He even spends an afternoon walking through Golden Gate Park periodically ducking into bushes and hedge rows in an attempt to catch his purser off guard but his efforts are for naught.

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