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Saving The Next Generation? - Interludes

Interludes: 17

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 17.


Interlude 17.901

Game Date: 3/19/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

The sounds of battle pervaded the mists. The clanging of swords, the shouts of war leaders giving orders, the cries of those unlucky souls who had been struck down. It was the battleground that kept the dissenter and his acolytes honed to a razor sharp edge always ready to fulfill the tasks of their destiny.

The battle noises ceased and the clatter of hoofs rose in volume as they approached.

The mists parted and a large steed with warrior astride drew to a halt just before running the waiting brother down. As the brother looks up into the eyes of the warrior, he knew the true meaning of fear.

The dissenter had arrived.

Interlude 17.902

Game Date: 3/20/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

The handsome young man sat back in his chair looking at the notes he had just written.

The latest test data on Randal, a note about the new paranormal hanging around with the Wardens and the kicker, an unconfirmed sighting of John Battle.

He wondered what the doctor would do when he read this report.

Interlude 17.903

Game Date: 3/22/2005
Location: Unknown

The Council of Adepts had reviewed the report from Smithson. If what it said was true, a mission to San Francisco needed to take place soon. One of the traitor's kin had come out of hiding.

Interlude 17.904

Game Date: 3/23/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Cara looked at her sisters standing in a circle around her.

In each of the ten faces she saw fear, it had come from the sharing. They each had a part of her and like her they felt when the dissenter arrived. Like Cara, they also knew that the end time had come and that death maybe nigh.

Cara looked up the moon, the silent sister looked down upon her. A silent request for strength and guidance echoed in Cara's mind then a question of fate.

Cara returned her gaze to her sisters. She smiled but in her heart she was saddened to see the shroud of death covering so many. The end time had come and death would be taking many of her sisters.

She brought a shroud up behind her head, looking down she gazed at the moon reflected in the pool before her. The reflection took upon the aspect of a skull, death would be taking her as well.

Interlude 17.905

Game Date: 4/1/2005
Location: Unknown

It was hard to contact Whitney without alerting Marla, but Adam was able to achieve the desired result. Now the work on the gecs could get underway, in earnest.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/28/2007

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