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Visiting Hours - Interludes

Interludes: 31

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 31.


Interlude 31.901

Game Date: 8/2/2006
Location: Unknown

He had broken the boy's body many times and each time the boy had healed. Now the physical torture was over, it was time to start working on the boy's mind.

Interlude 31.902

Game Date: 8/3/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Khara looked up to see Father John entering the garden. From the look on his face it was obvious that he too knew that what they both dreaded had came to pass.

The dark one had returned...

Interlude 31.903

Game Date: 8/13/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Casjen had been recalled. This greatly troubled him as he had not been able to achieve his objective and had also lost control of his abilities. A failed mission as well as a failure in discipline, this would not sit well with his control.

Interlude 31.904

Game Date: 8/15/2006
Location: Unknown

The lieutenant entered the office of the doctor.

Von Hausser sat in his chair with his eyes closed. His skin wrinkled and pale almost transparent. His hair matched the white of his wrinkled lab coat.

"Report," sounded the strong voice of the frail looking man.

The lieutenant cleared his throat and then spoke.

"We have a new report from San Francisco," stated the young man as he sat the packet of information on the doctor's desk.

The doctor leaned forward in his chair and picked up the packet then motioned for the lieutenant to leave.

As he read the information from the packet, the doctor smiled, the Wardens had a healer in their cadre. The doctor spoke aloud, "have Eon investigated."

A mechanical voice answered, "as you have ordered, it has been done."

The doctor leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and smiled.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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