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Demonhound in the Park - Interludes

Interludes: 38

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 38.


Interlude 38.901

Game Date: 1/24/2007

He had quested for others. Ones of true darkness that would stand against the followers of his old enemy thus allowing him to kill the knight and fulfill his destiny. The quest had taken him to many places but none had proven to possess the true darkness then his quest had returned him to the place he had started.

He could sense the darkness in the three and knew that they were the ones.

He waited knowing that the time would come when he would free his dark minions...

Interlude 38.902

Game Date: 1/30/2007

Narex reviewed the satellite logs for the last several weeks and wondered if Karex was trying to discredit him or if his predecessor had gone over the edge.

First there were the rocks with their announcement of a new alien life form, then there was the strange signals on the satellite communication band that seemed to have no purposes other than to attract the satellite's attention and finally there was the strange pyrotechnics display, a primitive distress call but in no known Yrician code.

Yes, Karex's antics were strange but it was not going to get him out of his exile and Narex was not going to let it pass without reporting it to his superiors. He flagged the incidences and loaded them as well as his other observations into the databanks of the message torpedo before sending it to the rendezvous point at the edge of the solar system.

Interlude 38.903

Game Date: 2/3/2007

They stirred, full of purpose. Their target called to them and they went.

The dark metallic sphere cracked open and water gushed in. A myriad of small dark, sinister shapes rose from the murky water and headed toward the city.

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