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He's a Real Alien - Interludes

Interludes: 40

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 40.


Interlude 40.901

Game Date: 3/9/2007

Narex reviewed the satellite logs for the last couple of weeks.

Several readings puzzled him. The energy signature was not something that should exist on this planet. Unless a paranormal had developed that projected molecular disruptor style energy. No such being had been recorded in any of the previous logs, so Narex took a second look at the readings. The vectors of the energy discharges showed they originated from a source outside of the Earth's atmosphere. There were no tracks for satellites, vehicles or other energy signals from where the molecular disruptor energy signatures originated.

Narex looked up from the data and said aloud, "there is a cloaked interdiction satellite in this system."

He looked back down at the data thinking, but what had caused it to fire?

Interlude 40.902

Game Date: 3/13/2007

He watched from the hill as his minions of darkness swept through the compound. When it was done bodies clad in red and black uniforms lay strewn about the battlefield. His minions had performed well; it was almost time to call out his adversary.

Interlude 40.903

Game Date: 3/16/2007

Father John looked to Khara, it was one of her sisters that had given her life for the information that they had just been given.

"He grows in power," spoke the coven leader. "We must let the Knight know before it is too late."

Record Last Changed Date: 4/27/2010

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