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Practicing Summer Vacation - Interludes

Interludes: 45

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 45.


Interlude 45.901

Game Date: 6/15/2007

The little alien was tough; the 'special' rounds had proved to be not so 'special' after all. He had scored a clean head shot and the only thing it had done was make the alien mad.

His cousin was not going to be any more help with the alien. The bigger weapons he had access to would cause too much collateral damage and he was trying to protect people from the aliens.

Maybe that doctor scientist guy from the TV knew some way of stopping the aliens without having to blown up a city block to do it.

Interlude 45.902

Game Date: 6/18/2007

It was a strange painting.

It had started out as the first in a series. A tribute to a group of townspeople that had died many years ago in a fire set by a mad man. It was a tribute because the authorities believed that they had perished in an accident.

When Roy had first seen the painting, he said that it bothered him. The gallery owner could not say why, but it bothered him. It bothered Cynthia, too. Neither of them thought it, let alone a series, would sell.

It returned with Judah to the studio and marked the first time that Roy had declined one of Judah's works.

The painting was placed in one of the canvas stores to be re-used at some future date and promptly forgotten.

No one knows how it got to the 'mystic wing' of the headquarters and why it now hung in a secluded corner of the library near a shelf with books about the mystics and magic of World War II.

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