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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Interludes

Interludes: 48

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 48.


Interlude 48.901

Game Date: 8/6/2007

They stirred, full of purpose. Their target called to them and they went.

The dark metallic sphere cracked open and water gushed in. A myriad of small dark, sinister shapes rose from the murky water and headed toward the city.

Interlude 48.902

Game Date: 8/10/2007

Her release had been denied by the system but it was not to matter.

She was no longer in the white rock prison, so she was accessible.

The escort aircraft were neutralized by Aerostar and Empulse made sure that the pilots' ejection seats did their job in evacuating their occupants from their doomed craft.

Empulse then stopped the engines on the transport and Aerostar caught the craft and sat it safely on the ground.

Medusa and Lorelei neutralized the paras and guards while Maiden and Safira freed her.

It was over in less than a minute and no one had been hurt.

The only question left was would she accept their offer?

Interlude 48.903

Game Date: 8/24/2007

Karex was leaving for the wedding.

Wondering if Karex had the box, Taurex's mind wandered back to how he had come to this planet and how fate had led him to this place and time.

Story - Taurex the Wayward Apprentice

What arcane treasures awaited him it the Wardens' 'mystic' wing.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/22/2011

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