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Detective Work? - Interludes

Interludes: 5

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 5.


Interlude 5.901

Game Date: 6/24/2004
Location: Unknown

The stabsunteroffizier entered the Oberst's office and spoke, "Sir, Vogel Greif Drei has located their targets."

"Located? Don't you mean eliminated?"

"Negative, Oberst. There is a complication"

The Oberst looked up from the report he had been reviewing. "What type of complication? Orion?"

"No sir, not Orion. The target is in a population center and it would be difficult to engage the target without drawing attention. The protocol states...," the stabsunteroffizier paused as he realized who was sitting in front of him.

The Oberst looked at his underling and nodded, "Good, you realize that I need no lecture on the protocol as I wrote it. Does the team have positive identification of the targets?"

"Yes sir, signal identification on all the targets and visual confirmation on two of them."

"Have Vogel Greif Drei engage the targets with alpha strike and gespenst withdrawal protocols in effect."

The stabsunteroffizier paused and looked at the Oberst before snapping to attention and answering, "Yes, sir." He then left to relay the Oberst's orders to the communications staff.

The Oberst pondered the orders he had just given. An all out attack in a population center. It was inevitable that this type of escalation would occur, it had just come sooner than he had expected.

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