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Boys and Girls - Interludes

Interludes: 50

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 50.


Interlude 50.901

Game Date: 9/26/2007

The lieutenant entered the office of the doctor.

Von Hausser sat in his chair with his eyes closed. His skin wrinkled and pale almost transparent. His hair matched the white of his wrinkled lab coat.

"Report," sounded the strong voice of the frail looking man.

The lieutenant cleared his throat and then spoke.

"We have received a report from Omega 5," stated the young man as he sat the packet of information on the doctor's desk.

The doctor leaned forward in his chair and picked up the packet then motioned for the lieutenant to leave.

The observing factions La Sociedad Sangre, the Black Arion Movement and the Sisters of Orontea were still in place observing the community center. Additionally, the Sisters were keeping an eye on Mission High School and Everette Middle School but unlike the covert team at the community center, the school watchers were very overt in their operations.

The doctor sat back in his chair then spoke to the ceiling.

"Have Omega 5 take a closer look at the schools that the Sisters are watching."

A mechanical voice answered, "As you have ordered, it has been done."

Interlude 50.902

Game Date: 10/1/2007

The Order's agents, Amber and Dot Dash, were setting up operations with a focus on Mission High School and Everette Middle School.

Perhaps there were potential recruits at the schools, but who would get them?

Interlude 50.903

Game Date: 10/3/2007

Another two weeks and the supply ship had not returned, it was now twelve weeks overdue.

The sensor ghost was still slowly proceeding towards Earth. It had slowed and at its new rate of approach, it would be approximately 7 weeks before it reached Earth.

Narex was still worried but he had more time to make a decision about what to do before the unknown ship's arrival. The longer he was able to collect the trace energy readings from the vessel, the better he felt his chances of surviving.

Interlude 50.904

Game Date: 10/7/2007

Sabine walked quickly through the halls of the psychiatric hospital, eventually pausing in front of an unmarked door. She slipped a key out of her pocket and slipped inside what appeared to be simply an unused janitor's closet. Locking the door behind her, she raised the corner of one of the wall shelves then waited as the back wall of the closet swung open. As she closed the secret panel behind her, she began jogging down the narrow access hall.

That was the nice thing about these old buildings. Things had gotten built and rebuilt over the years until no one could remember all their secrets. As she reached the end of the tunnel, she pressed a small circular indentation and a panel slid open. She stepped through and the panel slid closed behind her once more. Stepping around the decorative bush, she walked calmly, yet quickly towards her waiting car. As she pulled out of the hospital gate, an alarm sounded.

She reached over and pressed a small button on the car's console. Suddenly, video of the medical lab was being projected onto the interior of the windshield. A few taps on a small keyboard was all she needed to locate Dr. Gerald Myers. She adjusted the volume as the strange alien robot appeared next to him and watched quietly as the robot extended his index fingers and projected a low-level arc of electricity at the same height as Myers rather ostentatious belt buckle.

As it connected with the belt buckle, there was a loud sizzling sound, a pop, and suddenly where Dr. Myers had stood there was now a tall thin reptilian being with dirty white scales.

The robot arrogantly announced, "Dr. Myers is actually der Zornnatter. A German scientist who managed to transform himself into what you see before you during the last World War while trying to recreate the super soldier formula that gave Sentinel, Lady Liberty and Challenger their paranormal abilities."

Der Zornnatter bravely launched himself at the robot, but the metallic fiend spit out a barrage of tiny high-speed rockets, then dared to torment his fallen foe by unleashing an arc of lightning onto him.

As she stared at the horrific scene, she nearly drifted into an oncoming bus. Twisting the wheel, she refocused on the road.

Her destination would no longer be safe.

She quickly tapped in the code for the emergency communication system.

"Code Red, repeat Code Red," she announced. "Der Zornnatter has fallen into the hands of the enemy. All personnel are to relocate to the triple blind safe house that will be revealed by entering the code phrase, 'Kirwasser' into your personal communicator. Surveillance Team Adler is to locate and monitor der Zornnatter while team Geier maintains covert observation of his last test subject. Der Zornnatter's current location is still believed to be the psychiatric hospital. Extraction team Adalwolf should be on standby in case an opportunity arises."

Sabine took the time to enter the code phrase into her own communicator, than carefully noted the displayed address.

She abruptly performed a U-turn and pondered how things could have gone so terribly wrong.

Then it struck her, alien technology.

Whether that being was a cyborg or a robot, it represented advanced alien technology and identified itself as representing the Yrician ambassador.

What other secrets might their embassy hold?

Would der Zornnatter's memory extractor work on an alien?

Perhaps there would be an opportunity to find out...

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