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Hatchlings and Demons - Interludes

Interludes: 51

A look at what happened behind the scenes during and after Session 51.


Interlude 51.901

Game Date: 10/15/2007

The preliminary report was in on the schools that the Order's agents were watching. The socio-economic class of the students showed little potential for political or industrial influence on a scale that could impact operations. Perhaps there was other potential at the schools.

An assignment was made Elizabeth would go to the high school and keep an eye on Dorothy.

Interlude 51.902

Game Date: 10/16/2007

Dras presented the "cat" to his master and the Prince laughed.

"Read its aura, master. It is of our world and it has power."

The Prince looked at the "cat" then looked back at Dras.

"There does seem to be more to the little beast than is first apparent."

Interlude 51.903

Game Date: 10/17/2007

Another two weeks and the supply ship had not returned, it was now fourteen weeks overdue.

The sensor ghost was still slowly proceeding towards Earth. It would be approximately 5 weeks before it reached the planet.

Narex was still collecting the trace energy readings from the vessel. The results were beginning to reveal a possible adversary that scared the scout observer, but he needed to make sure.

Interlude 51.904

Game Date: 10/26/2007

The lieutenant entered the office of the doctor.

Von Hausser sat in his chair with his eyes closed. His skin wrinkled and pale almost transparent. His hair matched the white of his wrinkled lab coat.

"Report," sounded the strong voice of the frail looking man.

The lieutenant cleared his throat and then spoke.

"We have received a report from Omega 5," stated the young man as he sat the packet of information on the doctor's desk.

The doctor leaned forward in his chair and picked up the packet then motioned for the lieutenant to leave.

The observing factions La Sociedad Sangre, the Black Arion Movement and the Sisters of Orontea were still in place observing the community center. There was a large social event planned for Halloween holiday.

The schools under observation by the Sisters are potential gathering sites just as the community center.

The doctor sat back in his chair then spoke to the ceiling.

"Have Omega 5 keep a close eye on the community center during the Halloween event."

A mechanical voice answered, "As you have ordered, it has been done."

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