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Johan Doyle (Gamma)

A profile of Johan Doyle (Gamma).


First Appearance: Wardens Chronicles Fourth Edition - Session 52

Education: San Mateo State University, San Mateo, California

Work History: Research Assistant, San Mateo State University

Story: John Doyle (Gamma) claims the following about himself.

He worked as a research assistant for Professor Alistair Herbert working on devices that would support Hebert's theory of hyper-evolution. The professor was a research fellow at San Mateo State University in San Mateo, California.

While working on one of the professor's devices, he gained paranormal abilities.

Secret Story: John Doyle (Gamma) claims to be from a parallel dimension that is extremely similar to this dimension.

Paranormal Community - Secrets: After Johan's arrival in this dimension, he sought refuge with the Wardens. He has resided at their headquarters since looking for a way to return to his dimension.

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