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Judah Ambrose

Insight into the person that is Judah Ambrose.


1/11/2005 - Post-Session 13
Amethyst invites Lazarus to one of the teams workouts and he accepts. They "play" try and catch Prime. The Wardens all observe that Lazarus is able to keep up with both the Knight and Amethyst during the session.

2/25/2005 - Post-Session 16
Lazarus works on designing a "suit" for his excursions into the public. His final design consists of a black bodysuit with black gloves and boots with two shoulder holsters also in black. All are made from light Armalar weave and Paramax cloth. He submits his final design to Adam along with his measurements and asks that multiple copies be fabricated.

7/5/2005 - Post-Session 21
He also begins devising a cover identity in order to create a legitimate trail of records for himself. He asks the Wardens for assistance in developing this new persona. After careful consideration he chooses to go back to one of his first actual names. Judah Ambrose is one of the first names he can actually recall using and it is long past time for him to rejoin humanity.

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