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Karalyn Nicholas

Insight into the person that is Karalyn Nicholas.


10/22/1979 - Story - Karalyn's Story

5/6/2004 - Post-Session 2
Amethyst goes to FSS Western Region headquarters and meets with FSS Agent Michael Pierce. She explains that she has met with the Wardens and is seeking membership in the group. Agent Pierce explains that in order to be a member of a Radley-Gold group that Amethyst must file for credentials with the FSS. Amethyst explains that that is what she is there to do. Amethyst submits the materials to get her FSS credentials. Agent Pierce informs her that her credentials will be issued once the criminal background check is completed. He informs her that he will be in touch and Amethyst tells him she can be contacted via the Wardens.

5/15/2004 - Post-Session 3
Amethyst spends a lot of time at the headquarters going over Wardens case files and FSS criminal databases. She tries to speak with Sinjin about gets funds for an apartment and her other expenses but finds out that he is out of town. She ends up speaking with Jaxton about her predicament. He explains to her about the accounts that each Warden can access for personal expenses. Since she has not revealed her identity to the group, Jaxton arranges for Amethyst's withdrawals from her personal account to be paid in cash.

6/6/2004 - Post-Session 4
Karalyn wanting a more "normal" life takes several days off from work at the Foundation to look for an apartment. She is tired of living at the hotel and doesn't think that moving to the Wardens headquarters is a good idea. After several days of searching, she buys a top floor loft apartment in SoMa at 6th Street across from Shirley Street.

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