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Randy McLeod

Insight into the person that is Randy McLeod.


5/12/1985 - Story - Randy's Story

1/13/2005 - Post-Session 13
Randy wondered if he had made a mistake in going to the Wardens for help in finding Mark. He had figured with them being paranormals perhaps they could have discreetly tried to locate Mark. 'Ah, but this version of the Wardens doesn't do discreet, reference Prime,' Randy thought as he headed back to his apartment.

1/15/2005 - Post-Session 13
Randy was disappointed in what he read in the papers. He thought his announcement would have ended the issues with him having been on the gymnastics team, but they had only caused more problems. Every school was challenging the meets in which he had participated during the past season.

3/15/2005 - Post-Session 16
Randy's time with the Wardens had been an interesting experience. He knew people had eccentricities maybe paranormals had paranormal eccentricities. Worst of all was Prime, he actually thought he was living in a comic book story. Randy knew one thing for sure, Mark would understand this a lot better than he did.

4/9/2005 - Post-Session 17
The Chronicle-Tribune's Madame Mystery runs a story that provides an overview of what has happened to Randal McLeod since he announced that he was a paranormal. The story includes sightings of him with the Wardens and also that he had recently started volunteering as a coach at the Ramon Marcel Community Center. The article also contains pictures of Randy working at the center. Based on the quality and angles of the shots, they were most likely taken secretly with a camera phone.

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