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Game Date: 7/21/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime scampered up the stairs to the raised platform with as much dignity as he could manage. He shrugged his shoulders, still not used to the fit of his new red, white and blue costume. Perhaps the combination of stars and stripes had been a bit much. Oh well, too late to change now. He gulped as he looked over the gathered crowd for the political fundraiser. At least he picked a good time to curry political favor. The mid-term elections were only a few weeks away.

Prime put on his best fake smile as he shook hands with Senator Inhoff, using his tail to adjust the lie of his cape slightly so as to present the perfect photo opportunity. After waiting for the camera flashes to stop, he turned to the crowd and proudly announced, "As a paranormal and a member of the Wardens, I feel safe knowing that Senator Inhoff is ensuring that our proud men and women in uniform are getting all the resources they need to face any threat. Whether the next threat is from outer space, another dimension or a threat born right here on Earth, our military has never been better able to safeguard our honest hard-working citizens."

Prime turns slightly to look right in the nearest TV camera, "There has been some in the 'so-called' peace camp who claim that paranormal guardians of order are all that we need. That this new world has no place for the average soldier, who only has his mind, two strong hands, and a quarter ton of powered, armored battlesuit and heavy weaponry. To those folks, I say this, there will always be a need for a strong military to safeguard our democracy. No matter how powerful, a handful of paranormals will never be able to stop an invading army. For that, we will always need the brave young men and women of our military. That is why I am proud to support the re-election bid of Senator Inhoff and the other illustrious politicians on the Committee on Armed Services. They are the true heroes."

Prime pauses a moment then adds, "And, to show my support in a more personal way, I have provided the good senators with full technical specs for several designs of low-cost powered battle armor which I hope will take us one step closer to our ideal of some day being able to provide such armor to each and every soldier who must face hostile fire on the battlefield."

Prime finally concluded, "Remember, with every donation of a $1,000 or more, you will receive a genuine autographed studio-grade photo-poster of myself and Senator Inhoff complete with a personalized message of up to forty words. We will also be auctioning off several genuine artifacts from past Warden battles that I have donated from my personal collection accompanied by a letter of authenticity."

Prime grinned and waved, then scampered back down the stairs as Senator Inhoff began to address the crowd. He ducked behind the curtains where Lieutenant Harvis was waiting. Prime grimaced slightly and whispered over to Harvis, "Do I really need to be hawking bits of scorched metal as warden artifacts and signing photos, when I could be performing valuable research?"

Harvis glanced nervously around, then whispered back, "Look, our budget depends on the good Senators. Since you are just a 'volunteer' you can help him campaign without violating any election laws. We really need to get in the budget committee's good graces if we're going to pry any funding away from the Extra-Dimensional Studies Group. You know that as well as I do."

Prime grumbled, "Yeah. I guess so, but it does seem an inefficient use of a valuable resource. Well, I better head over to the autograph booth. Hopefully this won't take too much longer. I want to get back to those designs for sensors that can, hopefully, detect cloaked alien ships."

Harvis nodded encouragingly and tossed Prime a can of banana soda and a bag of potato chips. "Maybe these will help you keep your strength up."

Prime sighed as he tore open the top of the chip bag and dug in with one paw, "thanks. I suppose," as he wandered back out into the gathered throngs.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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