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Game Date: 8/6/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Kevin Neusome awoke in his bed, a light coat of sweat covered his forehead. The vivid image burned in his mind of a man, with long fiery red hair and hands like an angel. He had seen this same man in his dreams every night since he gotten out of the hospital. Off his bed he leapt and ran headlong into his parents room. He jumped into the bed with them tears streaming from his eyes.

"I saw him again, I did, I saw the man with the long red hair. He was there, in my head." his father pulled the boy into a smothering hug comforting the boy.

"Did this man hurt you Kevin? Who is he? Please tell me."

"No, no, no, he did not hurt me. He was hurt and in pain, and I could not help him. It started after I fell off the ladder. Now I see him every time I sleep!" tears continued to stream from his face.

"Well do you know this manís name son? Who is he? Is he a friend of yours?"

"No, he is not my friend, I have never seen him before but it is like we know each other..."

The television in the background flickered through the day's news, the boy's peripheral vision caught the scene of an accident scene from a few nights ago. "In further news, there has been no word on the condition of the mystery man who was found at the crash site and his identity has still not been released by the authorities. The St. Martin's High band members on the bus miraculously escaped with only minor cuts and bruises when witness statements indicate that the bus rolled several times after a collision with a tractor-trailer rig. The unanswered questions from this accident are what happened on the bus, who is this man and why is he the only one seriously injured in what should have been a calamity?"

Kevin looked up and saw a video of the man being loaded into an ambulance... his red hair hung over the side lifelessly. "THATíS HIM!!" he screamed. "That is the man in my dreams."

Gavin Neusome looked at the TV, "are you sure son? I mean how can you be sure? Itís just a man in an accident Kevin, that canít be him."

"It is him dad, I know it, itís the same hair and his hands. He gave me this dad," Kevin showed his dad the pendant he had made from the medallion that had been placed in his hand in the hospital, "it's him."

Both Kevin and his father knew that the doctors had missed the punctured lung in their initial checks. He should have died and they could not explain why he had lived.

Gavin looked at his son, brow furrowed, "Are you sure Kevin? You are positive that this is the man in your dreams."

"Yes sir," the boyís determination and expression were fierce.

The man picked up the phone and dialed with purpose. "Richard? This is Gavin, you know about the John Doe from the St. Martin's bus accident? Yeah thatís him, I want everything we know about him on my desk first thing in the morning. Got it? I donít care HOW difficult it is or that it is after 11 on a Sunday night, you have it on my desk in the morning. I need this Richard. Thanks." He hung the phone up.

"Ok son, we will find out who this John Doe is and I will get some answers."

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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