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Game Date: 8/7/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Gavin Neusome walked into his office at 8:47 AM, feeling invigorated from his morning jog he was high from the adrenalin pumping in his system. Placing his briefcase down, answering his secretary’s inquiries on his schedules almost automatically he glanced down at his desk. "John Doe" the folder said.

"Richard, can you please come in here?" he spoke into the intercom. "Yes sir"

Richard strolled into the office almost tentative, taking a seat in front of the mayor.

"Ok tell me about this John Doe, Richard. What do we know?"

"Well sir according to our research and inquiries it appears he is a probationary member of the Wardens, codename Eon."

"ONE OF THE WARDENS? Richard please I am not in the mood for jokes this morning. Be serious. How could this be a superhero? Look at the shape he is in? Besides don’t they have their own medical facilities? Why would they leave one of their own at Saint Vincent’s?"

Richard took a moment to compose himself, "Sir I spoke to the nurses myself and they told me a couple of days ago they saw some of the Wardens in the critical care unit asking about this patient. Then a new doctor showed up and started giving orders about the patient's care. She over heard the name Lazarees or Ion, She was not sure sir. The only thing we were able to get from the FSS is the recent registration for a probationary member of the Wardens, codename Eon. They would not release any other information to me."

The Mayor rubbed the bridge of his nose with stress. "Okay why exactly is this man showing up in my son’s dreams then?" he studied the photograph on file from the FSS. The red hair was distinctive and the bright yellow lightning strip in the back almost looked menacing.

"Please tell me what is going on Richard? I need answers, and I need them now. Get the Warden’s liaison on the phone and schedule a meeting, I want this meeting yesterday Richard, understand?"

Richard rose and nodded acknowledging the message; he hurried off to his office to get to work on his task.

Five minutes later a phone rings in the Wardens' PR department, a request is made by the mayor's office to have Alberto Ruiz call the mayor's chief of staff about the John Doe in the news, they also request an information packet on the Wardens' member known as Eon. Ruiz's secretary agrees to have him call the mayor's chief of staff as soon as he is available and says that she will have Eon's information packet transmitted as soon as she is off the line with them.

Moments later a data packet of the publicly released info on Eon is received at the mayor's office. The information contained within is vague at best.

The printout hits the mayor’s desk before the toner has had time to cool. He scans the information quickly reading aloud to no one in particular.

"Known Abilities: Paranormal Reflexes, Empathic Abilities, Unknown Energy Manipulation Abilities and Special Equipment. Paranormal Talent for Languages."

"Last month he was spotted staggering out of a local hospital bleeding excessively, we have surveillance video from the lobby."

With that the television is lit up, placing a DVD in the player he hits play. Images scroll by of people coming and going, Richard presses the remote to fast forward, images speed past until the desired timeframe comes up, for a brief moment a man with brilliant red hair is seen staggering out of the lobby into the street, his wounds appear extensive. Blood seeps from his chest like a sponge being rung out.

"When was the video taken?" inquires Neusome.

"On the afternoon of July 20th, sir"

The Mayor feels the blood drain from his face. "Get me that meeting now. That was the day Kevin was injured and THAT" the Mayor pointing emphatically at the screen "is the hospital he was in. I want to know what Eon did to my son?"

At the Wardens' PR office Ruiz's secretary contacts her boss. "Sir, sorry to disturb you but we may have a situation. The mayor's office is calling again insisting upon speaking with you about Eon."

Ruiz closes the files he had been working on, "I am on it and please notify the Wardens immediately. With Eon in the hospital, we don't want the situation with the news outlets to get out of hand. Last thing we need is a bunch of media types hanging around and causing hassles for the hospital staff and Dr. Miller."

Minutes later an incoming communication is received by all of the Wardens from Melinda asking for each of them to contact the Alberto Ruiz as soon as they are available.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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