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Game Date: 8/7/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime yawned and stretched before grabbing a half-empty bag of Oreos and stumbling over to his personal computer. Sure, all the walls in his room were giant monitors, but Prime had decided he preferred his computer interface to be a little less cutting edge. At least for a while.

He booted up the outdated PC and opened up his email. Oh my. A message from Melinda. Hmmm. It seemed Alberto Ruiz had another important issue to discuss. Prime idly wondered if Spheris had uncovered his secret plans to build a gateway to heaven - or whatever mysterious dimension was sending the Knight messages. Well. Plans were really a much more impressive sounding phrase than should really grace scribbling on the back of a restaurant placemat. Ah well. Only thing to do was call and ask.

Prime listened intently as Ruiz began his spiel. Ah yes. The mayor was in a tizzy. Thought Eon was somehow responsible for his son's difficulties. Prime considered the matter for a few seconds then promptly announced, "No problem, Ruiz. I'll go visit the major and deal with this personally." Then, before Ruiz could interject, Prime promptly hung up, set his communicator to forward any incoming calls to voice mail, and headed for the mainland with a happy whistle. "Hooray! I get to be useful," he grinned.

As Prime trotted along with a content grin, he rolled over how he could most effectively explain the situation to the mayor. He begins trying out speeches to himself as he goes.

"Its really quite simple, Mr. Mayor. You see, Eon is a psychic vampire who feeds on the negative emotions of his victims and converts that energy into psychic power which he can then use to..." Prime paused. No... that might be misunderstood.

"You see, Eon can take on the injuries of others, then heal himself of them. Unfortunately, it appears something went horribly wrong when he tried to heal your son and his soul got stuck..." Prime shook his head again. No, that wasn't quite right either.

"Mr. Mayor, my good fellow. You have nothing to worry about. Soon as Eon awakens from his unnatural and potentially fatal coma I'm sure he'll fix your son right..." Prime paused, his steps slowing. Perhaps this would be more complicated than he thought.

"Mr. Mayor. This is paranormal business. I know he's your son, but you'll just have to trust us to..." Prime stopped himself once again.

Prime considered the matter thoroughly. Weighing the pros and cons. Finally, he changed course, heading towards the pizza parlor, as he turned his communicator back to active mode and sent off a quick message to Ruiz, "On second thought - you deal with this... I'm getting a pizza."

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