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Game Date: 8/9/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Gavin Neusome had always considered himself a patient man. Practical, thoughtful, progressive and even compassionate, sometimes to a fault. Even he though realized that there were limits to patience. He had spoken three times to Mr. Ruiz from the Wardens PR department and each time received the same answers. Mr. Ruiz to his credit attempted to be helpful but was still telling him things he already knew.

"Eon is a probationary member of the Wardens as such he has not earned official sanction and placement on the regular roster."

"Yes, his abilities include empathic abilities and manipulating energy."

"I am not at liberty to discuss his abilities any further than that without his permission."

"I am sure your son is safe."

"Sorry, none of the Wardens are available right now."

"I am not sure when they will be available."

These were all standard non-committal answers he would expect from a public relations person but did not tell him what he needed to know. He cut the Wardens a lot of slack since they were Radley-Gold paranormals and had saved the city many times. However, all that did not excuse that this was HIS son he had unanswered questions about and he still had no idea why this Eon person was showing up in Kevin's dreams. He wanted some real answers and he wanted them now.

"Richard, please come in here."

"Yes sir"

"Richard I believe I have been patient long enough with the Wardens, it's time to get some answers and acknowledge our sincerity. Call Mr. Ruiz and tell him I want a meeting with an authorized representative of the Wardens or I am going to hold a press conference to bring this situation out into the open. These people are not above answering my questions and I think we deserve answers."

"Sir this could be very bad for your image."

"Richard, I have a paranormal with energy manipulation powers running around hospitals bleeding, I have a son who is seeing this same man in his dream without ever meeting him. Who knows what else might be happening? We need some answers and need them now."

"Yes sir"

Richard went to his office not liking where this was going. He had worked for the mayor almost five years and had never seen him this intense, or scared. The phone felt like a lead weight in his hand, slowly he dialed the number for Alberto Ruiz. His secretary answered and informed him that Mr. Ruiz was not available. Richard promptly delivered the mayor's message and asked her to relay the information to Mr. Ruiz as soon as she could. Richard also hinted that he had never seen the mayor this upset or intent on anything before. As a gesture of cooperation, Richard provided his cell and the private email address for his PDA in case Mr. Ruiz wanted to get a hold of him.

"I hope they respond. This could get ugly."

Richard began going through the files and papers placed on his desk for review. At the very top of the stack was the manila folder marked, John Doe. He had requested to be kept informed of developments from the hospital but discretely. He opened the folder and began reading the logs from the nurses station, this situation was getting worse and fast.

Richard walked back into the mayor's office.

"Sir, I think you ought to be made aware of some information."

"Go on."

"I delivered your message to Ruiz's secretary, she is getting in touch with him as we speak. There is other information you should be aware of."

Mayor Neusome steeled himself for the worst.

"After speaking to the head nurse on the ICU ward it appears there was a Code Blue yesterday for Eon."

"You mean?"

"Yes sir, he was pronounced dead for a short time but revived. Problem is, the doctors are not sure how he was revived. According to the information we have attempts to resuscitate him had ceased and he was pronounced dead then he recovered."

"Ok so what do you think it means Richard? I have limited understanding of these paranormal types, is he dead, alive?"

"I don't know sir, all I know is that time may be running out for you to get answers."

"I think its time I see this man, if he is going to die I want to look upon him once before he does. Get my car and notify security Richard, we are going to the hospital."

Mayor Neusome began the journey to what would hopefully be some answers.

As the car was leaving the city hall garage, Richard received a message on his PDA.

It was from Alberto Ruiz and read:

"Please invite the Mayor to join us at St. Vincent's. We are going to be having a press conference where he is welcome to speak. We are going to be announcing an investigation into a public official's office pressuring the hospital to reveal confidential patient information."

Richard showed the message to Mayor Neusome.

When the mayor looked at him questioningly, Richard just nodded.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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