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Game Date: 8/9/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus), Mortisha

The night air was still as the warmth of the day faded without the brightness of sunlight to maintain it. It had been a while since she was in the states, she preferred Europe this time of year. She stood outside under a tree watching the building, the people bustling about with their tedious lives oblivious to the realities of the world. She waited until there was a moments calm and with unnatural grace transverses the distance between her and the door.

Once in she walks up to the information desk and glances at the attendant, "Where might I find Judah Ambrose?" her voice serene yet icy cold. The elderly lady blinked for a second at the question then began typing in the computer,

"There is no one registered by that name miss."

"Are you sure? Tall gentleman, long, red hair?"

"Do you know what ward he would be in? When was he admitted?"

"He was injured in a bus accident a few days ago, that is all I know."

"Oh that fellow is in ICU miss and he has some of the strangest visitors, I heard he's a Warden..."

The attendant continued on oblivious to the fact that she is alone now, her inquisitor long since vanished.

A short time later she sees his room, nurses constantly bustling about. She blends into a shadowy corner of the hall, lights dim due to the late hour. In the room sits a tall woman in purple, Amethyst she recalls was her name.

She waits patiently as the night wears on.

She sees the woman in purple rise and stretch with stiffness. She walks out into the hallway and appears to look for a lavatory to relieve herself. Once the lady has moved out of sight she edges through the shadows silently into the room, closing the door quietly. Gliding to the bed she gasps at the sight of her friend.

"Oh dear Judah what happened to you?" A tear of blood weeps from her eye, she leans over and places a tender kiss on his forehead. The blood dripping from her eye unnoticed.

"Please do not leave us sweet Judah, you are our only companion in long journey. You promised me you would always be here for your Mortisha. Do not break your promise Judah, get well soon." With that she places a single blood red rose on his hand.

She goes to the door, hesitating for a second to look back, then stealing out into the hall blending again with the shadows. She makes her way to the stairs, to the foyer staying on the edge to avoid cameras. The night air sweeps onto her again as she becomes one with the night.

Upon returning Amethyst notices a strange rose in Judah's hand, blood red.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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