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Game Date: 8/11/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Prime

It had been almost 48 hours since the discussion with Mr. Ruiz had left things at an impasse. The Wardens' PR man was holding fast in his position and no further information had been disclosed to him. His son had been reviewed by four different specialists from different fields and the results were all the same. They could find nothing wrong with him outside the inexplicable visions of the paranormal known as Eon.

He had even had a therapist to evaluate the visions; he could offer no explanations since paranormal phenomenon was not his specialty. Other than the visions he said his son appeared to be perfectly normal. One odd thing he did note was that during his examination for some reason his son answered him in what he believed was Mandarin Chinese. It was for only one question in which his son was extremely passionate and excited about but he thought it odd that he could speak the language with such fluency. When asked, Kevin responded as if he did not know what he was talking about.

As Gavin listened to the diagnosis from the therapist his interest peaked at the mention of the language incident. He thought about the file he read on Eon and could this be related?

"Again I have more questions than answers." Gavin thought.

The buzzing from the intercom brought Gavin back to the here and now where he needed to judge his next steps carefully.


"Sir, when you have a moment I need to see you." Richard's voice almost sounded nervous in tone.

"Okay Richard, come on in."

Richard came into the room with a manila folder in hand. His expression indicated that this was not something he was going to like.

"Sir, I have been investigating the situation with Eon per your request. I have new information but nothing that really gives us answers. I interviewed the parents from the bus accident, it appears many of the children have been experiencing similar phenomenon as your son since the accident."

"Go on, you say similar, can you be specific? What kind of phenomenon?"

"Dream images sir, all of the same man. We also have a few reports of language fluency for languages that the kids have never studied. Also, a couple of the kids described vivid memories to their parents of things that happened hundreds of years ago."

"How would the kids know it happened hundreds of years ago Richard? That makes no sense."

"The memories described are different but one describes men in armor on horses. Also, the men were using swords and ballista for weapons. I would say that is a good indication of the time period."

"Okay, let me get this straight, all these kids on this bus, who should have been seriously injured or killed, come out relatively unscathed and know languages they have never studied before?" Gavin was concerned by this now more than ever.

"Well that is somewhat inaccurate since they can't do it on command. They appear to break into these languages when excited then don't remember speaking them. The common thread is they all see Eon's face in their dreams now."

"Okay, let's lay out what we know so far Richard. We have people that have Eon's image in their dreams, they seem to have the ability to speak languages previously unknown to them and also seem to describe memories that are not theirs."

"Yes sir, also do not forget they are all in situations where they should have been injured or killed yet they shown no significant wounds at all."

"Eon has the power to make people invulnerable!! That's it, it must be, but why would the kids have these strange issues afterward? More questions Richard. I think we may have enough now to motivate Mr. Ruiz to provide some answers."

"Yes sir I will get him on the line, what should I say?"

"Tell him we need to meet face to face with him. We will reserve a conference room at the hospital; I wish to also speak with Eon's doctor. Perhaps if we sit down we can discuss this and get some clarity on these mysteries. These are our children we are talking about and the Wardens have to understand how serious this is."

"Yes sir, I will make the necessary arrangements and get Mr. Ruiz the message."

Richard walked back to his office, calling the hospital first reserving the Bishop Donovan conference room. Next he spoke to the Mayor's secretary and requested she contact the parents of the bus accident children. The message was simply, "We are still investigating but should have answers some shortly."

The final call was to Mr. Ruiz and he reached the Ruiz's assistant as usual. "Hello Gladys, It's Richard, yes the Mayor would like to speak to Mr. Ruiz face to face. We have some new information that he and the Wardens need to know. We have reserved the Bishop Donovan conference room at St. Vincent's for noon. Could you please request that Eon's doctor also join us? This is important, no posturing, no games, we have to talk get this resolved. Please have Mr. Ruiz ask as many of the Wardens accompany him as possible. Yes, the Bishop Donovan conference room at St. Vincent's, we have it reserved and will see him, Eon's doctor and the Wardens there at noon. Thank you Gladys."

Richard walked in the Mayor's office, "Sir it's done."

"Good Richard. Tell my secretary to clear my afternoon schedule. I will be unavailable unless an emergency comes up."


Gavin arrives at the hospital with Richard. He sets up his laptop in the conference room and waits for the others to join him.

Randy lands and sets Dr. Miller in front of St. Vincent's. As they walk into the hospital, Randy checks his clothes and makes sure that his suit isn't too wrinkled and his tie is straight. He follows Dr. Miller into the Bishop Donovan conference room and sees that the Mayor and his assistant have already arrived.

"Mr. Mayor, I am speaking now as a private citizen and not a member of the Wardens. This is solely my personal opinion and not that of the Wardens, the Alcatraz Foundation or any other organization. While your behavior has been minimally understandable, you have still been acting like an ass. You have given us no information to indicate that anyone is in any danger, that any crime has been committed, that anyone has been physically harmed or suffering any emotional distress other than yourself. On the other hand, our teammate Eon, is currently in a coma with numerous medically verified injuries. We Wardens have no information to give you about the situation with your son, but it does sound as if you might have some information that might help Dr. Miller in devising a treatment for Eon. So, please, pull your head out of your ass, and stop acting like an overprotective parent, and start acting like a leader."

Randy turns and walks out of the conference room and hospital ignoring anything further said to him, he readies himself to use his paranormal abilities in case someone tries to restrain him.

Dr. Miller smiles inwardly at the over the top dramatics, not that it wasn't inspired by some truly royal dramatic behavior by the Mayor, but vinegar, honey and flies. She composes herself then smiles. "Well, that was certainly interesting, but let's get to business shall we Mr. Mayor. I will attempt to answer any questions you have that I can without violating Doctor - Patient privilege Mr. Mayor, and I hope that if you have any information that you feel would be useful in the treating of my patient that you will share it in turn. However, Mr. Mayor there are limits that neither the ethics of my profession nor the law will let me exceed, and if you want to get past those, I suggest that you get a court order."

The Knight arrives to find Randy leaving the Bishop Donovan conference room. The young man's manner leaves the Knight dreading what he is about to walk into. His opens the door and enters just as Dr. Miller is saying something about a court order. What was going on? He thought as he took a chair.

The Mayor sat for a moment composing his thoughts as Delta-Vee stormed from the room. Hearing Dr. Miller speaking brings his attention to the conversation again and as she is finishing her statement, he looks up to see the Knight of St. Michael taking a seat at the other end of the table. He acknowledges the Knight's presence with a nod.

"I am not sure if that was a typical example of Delta-Vee's interactions but I would say that he might need to consider some lessons in diplomacy."

The Knight cringes wondering what he had missed then states, "Please forgive the brashness of youth, Your Honor."

The Mayor nods then continues, "Let's get to the point of this gathering. I am sure you are aware that I have some concerns and questions about Eon. In fact it appears that as of this morning, we have many more questions than just mine and my son's."

Dr. Miller looked at the Knight and then the Mayor before speaking, "Go ahead ask away."

"Okay, first I need to know specifics about Eon's paranormal abilities. Not the vague descriptions, please. Mr. Ruiz has provided those in spades. I need to know exactly what he is able to do. You see I have no answers for why he shows up bleeding in hospitals and almost dead at accident scenes. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to what his powers are so I can understand the situation better."

Dr. Miller considers the request for a moment looks at the Knight then back to the Mayor and says, "The reason you have found him in these situations is because Eon's abilities allow him to heal others by taking on their injuries on himself."

Gavin digested the information and the reality of it hit him. Eon had saved his son, saved those kids, god knows how many others he had saved and now it appeared that it might cost him his life. "Oh my god. But how, if he is doing this, has he not died?"

Dr. Miller smiled, "Eon's abilities also allow him to recover quickly from these experiences, which is why he is able to help so many. Normally, Eon would be up and around within minutes after something like the school bus accident, this is why we are so concerned."

Gavin considered this new information carefully, "Okay, this explains a lot and it is quite obvious I and many others are in Eon's debt. We still have a problem though."

Dr. Miller looked at the Mayor. What now?

Richard slid a folder over to the doctor as the Mayor continued. "It appears Eon is frequenting the dreams of those he heals. Also there have been reports of the students from the bus accident having unusual language abilities and historical knowledge that they did not possess before the accident. I hope you can understand my actions now having this information."

Dr. Miller scanned the documents from the folder for a moment then handed them to the Knight. "Outside of the dreams and unusual knowledge, has there been any physically harmful effects reported by any of the people that Eon has healed?"

Gavin looked to Richard who shook his head, "No, nothing that would indicate physical harm."

"It is quite possible that this is related to Eon's current condition, but I will need to investigate further."

"I understand, I have to provide an answer to these people. How much time will you need to investigate this?"

Dr. Miller looked at the Knight then continued "I will get to work on it right away and when I know something more, you will be one of the first to know. Mayor, I understand your concern for your son, trust me when I say that I truly believe that he is in no danger and if he was the Wardens would be the first to tell you. I will now take my leave."

The Mayor rose as did the Knight.

As Dr. Miller left the room her thoughts turned to her patient. What the hell is going on Eon? What has happened to you?

The Knight moved to other end of the table by the Mayor and they continued to discuss Eon. The Knight revealed that he had been healed by Eon on a number of occasions, but had never experienced any dreams or enhanced language abilities afterward. Neither had any of the other Wardens that had been healed by Eon. It was definitely out of the norm.

"Sir Knight, I appreciate your time and assistance. The information provided by you and Dr. Miller have answered many questions but there are still a few more to answer. I looked forward to hearing from Dr. Miller. One last thing, when Eon recovers I am going to give him my personal thanks for helping my son."

The Knight shook hands with the Mayor and left the room, while walking he began to browse through the papers the Mayor had provided. What was going on with Eon?

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