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Void Strikes... - Session

Session: 1

A look at what happened during Session 1.

Session Entry

Game Date: 5/1/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Mr. Gray, Alacran, Kika, Nexus, Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Kitsune, Boost, Cynthia Miles (Scorpion), Maria Onoronto (Ocelot), Elba Alonzo (Pantera), Miguel Jimenez (Puma), Eldon Walker Sawyer (Shockwave), Christian Vazquez (Tigre), Paul Perkins (Tian Cheng), David Starling, Amanda Amayeta Ravenschild (Litonya).

Adversary: Void

Mark finishes some lab work and is picked up by the Hippogriff for a quick hop to the base for a training session.

Mr. Gray leads Ocelot, Pantera, Puma, Tigre, Kika, Tian Cheng, Nexus and Kitsune in a pre-training briefing while they wait for Boost to arrive at the base.

After much discussion with Helena and some input from Chris, Sir William decides it is time to step out in a big way and join the Wardens. He heads for the bus stop thinking it rather undignified for a knight to be stuck riding such a common form of transport. As he rounds the corner and looks toward his destination, Sir William sees a large cloud of black smoke rising over the Presidio. "Oh for a horse," thinks the knight as he looked down the street for the bus before setting off at a jog.

The meeting at the headquarters is interrupt by the shrill tone of the alert claxon. Adam informs the team that the alert is from the FSS. The prisoner detention facility at their headquarters is under attack by Void. Mr. Gray calls for Jordan to warm up the Pegasus and the group heads for the flight bay.

On the way to FSS West Region Headquarters, a basic plan of action is laid out. The ground based members of the team will advance with the Cats and Tian Cheng covering Kitsune, while the fliers will provide air cover and spotting since Void can open a vortex, disappear then reappear in another place. As the team approaches the detention facility, the sensors show the extent of the damage. Void has leveled the front perimeter wall and two guard towers.

Amethyst, at last able to follow her dream, arrives at the FSS West Region headquarters intent on applying for Radley-Gold membership and a place with the Wardens. She hears several explosions and warning sirens going off so she heads in the direction of the commotion.

As the Pegasus hovers over a clearing in front of the detention center, the group sees Void blast a third guard tower. Nexus grabs Kitsune and sets her down on the ground. Ocelot, Pantera, Puma, Tigre and Tian Cheng jump from the aircraft and take up positions around Kitsune. Nexus takes up his position as air cover but Mr. Gray streaks toward Void. After a little bit of hesitation, Kika streaks after him.

Void blasts the guard tower a second time bringing it down. Nexus fires at Void without much effect. Mr. Gray and Kika also blast Void. The Cats, Kitsune and Tina Cheng advance. The Cats manage to catch up to Void and attack. Kitsune adds one to their number by having an illusion of an extra "Cat" attack Void. Void opens a vortex and escapes. Nexus spots him on the other side of the rubble next to the detention facility and tells the group.

Void blasts a large hole in the detention facility wall. Mr. Gray and Kika close and blast Void, while Nexus flies up to the rubble and blasts Void, too. The Cats and Kitsune climb the rubble in pursuit of their target. Tian Cheng runs towards a break in the rubble to his left.

Void turns to face his pursuers just as the Cats and Kitsune reach the crest of the rubble pile. Void lets loose with a massive vortex attack catching Mr. Gray and Kika. Nexus flies behind the remains of one of the guard towers to avoid the vortex. Ocelot, Pantera, Puma and Pantera dive back behind the rubble escaping harm. Kitsune attempts to follow the Cats lead but a piece of rubble gives way as she pushes off to dive leaving her in the path of the vortex.

When the dust settles, Mr. Gray, Kika and Kitsune are down for the count and Void is gone. The Cats check on their downed comrades while Nexus scans the surrounding area for Void's energy signature. He finds Void in the building and tells the Cats. A call is made to the FSS to send medical assistance then the five of them enter the facility.

Ocelot and Pantera go down one set of halls while Puma and Tigre go down another. Nexus continues to scan guiding the searchers. He detects a large power source centrally located in the complex, Void seems to be headed towards it. Nexus calls for a floor plan of the building to determine what Void's target might be. Adam queries the FSS for the information and it released to the Wardens. Nexus creates a virtual "heads up display" with the Cats locator beacons and Void's energy signature projected on to the floor plans. Void was headed for the control center located above the facility's backup power generator. Nexus heads for the control center and instructed the Cats on how to find it as well.

The conflict was close. Sir William could see the damaged facility through the trees as he sat astride a fine charger galloping towards FSS headquarters with lance at the ready.

Amethyst arrives on the scene and sees a costumed woman lying in the rubble. After seeing that the woman is badly injured, Amethyst picks her up and heads for the FSS infirmary.

Shockwave, Scorpion, Alacran and Boost all arrive on the scene and see Amethyst running with the injured Kitsune in her human form. Scorpion and Alacran race to intercept Amethyst. Boost tries to enhance Alacran but misses. Alacran taunts him with a "Nice try," to which Boost replies, "You're not the broadside of a barn." Alacran laughs and says, "I used to be able to resemble that." Scorpion tiring of the banter chides the two by saying, "Boys."

Scorpion yells out at Amethyst to stop. Amethyst yells to Scorpion that the woman was injured and that she was taking her to the infirmary. Scorpion says that they can help and Amethyst stops.

Shockwave offers a lift to Boost, so that he can check on Kitsune. As they approach Amethyst, they see someone approaching. Boost yells, "Incoming from the left." Shockwave replies. "Good you see him, too."

The "him" was a man armored in chainmail carrying a shield and lance while riding a ghostly horse.

Nexus arrives at the control center to see Void standing amongst the downed forms of the Cats and several FSS agents. Void is turned away from him looking at a console. Nexus jumps on Void's back and grabs him. Void opens a vortex and steps into it with Nexus still on his back. When the vortex reopens, Nexus realizes they are in the backup power plant room. Void grabs Nexus by his control bracers and sends a charge of energy through them knocking Nexus out.

Amethyst feels a great deal of pain when Void downs Nexus. She tells the others and Alacran tries to contact the team members that went into the facility.

Boost examines Kitsune and finds her a bit broken and severely battered. He stabilizes her while the others are trying to assess the situation.

Shockwave talks with the "knight" trying to determine his intent. He comes to the conclusion that the "knight" on the side of right and informs Scorpion.

Scorpion, Alacran, Shockwave and the "knight" head for the detention facility leaving Boost to care for Kitsune. They find Mr. Gray and Kika down on the other side of the rubble. They notify Boost and then enter the facility.

As Boost and Amethyst, who is carrying Kitsune, move to assist their downed comrades, there is a signal on the Wardens tactical channel. Starling and Litonya announce their arrival on the scene. Starling talks with Boost and together they work on Kitsune, Kika and Mr. Gray.

Scorpion, Alacran, Shockwave and the "knight" investigate facility. They find Nexus unconscious where Void had left him and also discover that the backup power plant is missing. Their search turns up no sign of Ocelot, Pantera, Puma, Tigre and Tian Cheng. The "knight" offers his shield as a stretcher for Nexus. Alacran and the "knight" carry Nexus out to be checked by Boost and Starling.

They come out to find Kitsune, Kika and Mr. Gray conscious and moving about. Starling takes a look at Nexus and heals his wounds but unfortunately he does not regain consciousness.

After leaving the facility, Scorpion begins wandering through the rubble, She starts crying and talking aloud saying, "not again, why did it have to happen again." Alacran attends to his sister.

As everyone wonders about what to do next, Starling states that they call in the Pegasus and return to the headquarters. All agree, Starling insists that Sir William and Amethyst join them and they agree. Then Sir William asks what the Pegasus is and is told an airplane. He ponders for a minute then replies, "Oh, the bird with metal wings." The Pegasus is called in and after everyone, including the comatose Nexus and hysterical Scorpion, are onboard it takes off for Alcatraz.

Kitsune seeing that Mr. Gray is acting a bit withdrawn tries to cheer him by turning into a fox and jumping in his lap. Mr. Gray is startled and raises his hands as if to activate his wrist blasters. Kitsune lands in his lap and after looking at the wrist blasters realizes the only reason she wasn't blasted was that they are too damaged to fire.

The trip back to the headquarters is rather quiet and somber one punctuated by the occasional crying of Scorpion.

Are Void and the others gone for good?

Run Date: 5/18/2005

Record Last Changed Date: 6/26/2005

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