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A Vision Comes True - Session

Session: 10

A look at what happened during Session 10.

Session Entry

Game Date: 9/10/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Kitsune, Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Kika, David Jorden (Hammer), Jaxton Gray, Parmon Greene (Mr. Gray II), Gwynedd.

Adversary: Obsidian Stalker

Sara, pretending to be Kitsune's press secretary, meets with Merry Parsons, the webmaster of the Unofficial Kitsune Fan Club website, at a coffee shop with web access. They review his website and discuss the possibility of making it the Official Kitsune Fan Club website. Merry is very taken aback by the proposal. He concedes content control without any argument. He also volunteers to continue as webmaster of the site. Sara proposes the idea of membership donations going to a charity and that the Alcatraz Foundation would oversee the disbursement of the funds and Merry says that that would be fine with him. He tells her that with her help he can turn the website into a shrine for Kitsune. Sara says that she will be in touch with Merry once the Alcatraz Foundation legal department finishes with the paperwork for the establishment of the Kitsune Fan Club.

A creature that appears to be some type of living obsidian statue strides purposefully up from the shore and walks deeper into Golden Gate Park. Fearful innocents scatter as the unearthly looking creature passes by intent only upon finding its quarry.

Amethyst meets with Hammer in Golden Gate Park. He asks her about what it takes to become a member of the Wardens. She explains that he has already taken the first step by acquiring Radley-Gold credentials. The next step would be to present his request to the team. They would meet to discuss his request and then vote on it. Hammer says that is what he would like to do and the two of them rise to go. They are alerting by the screams, their stomachs knot with fear as they turn and see the creature. Amethyst triggers red alert as the creature closes on her.

Sara is leaving the coffee shop when the alert goes off. She sees that it is from Amethyst and the GPS locator shows her right around the corner in Golden Gate Park. Sara runs into the park and behind a hedge row before changing into Kitsune and responding to the alert.

Kika, the Knight, Mr. Gray and Prime are at the headquarters when the alert comes in. Kika grabs the Knight and Mr. Gray grabs Prime then they head to Golden Gate Park.

The Stalker attacks Amethyst, it claws tearing bloody furrows down her side. Hammer tries to grab the Stalker but misses. The Stalker continues it assault on Amethyst, again tearing into her flesh. Hammer smashes the Stalker with a park bench to little effect. Amethyst swings and misses. The Stalker lands another blow and once more tears into Amethyst. Hammer tries to grab the Stalker and misses. The Stalker again tears into Amethyst, Hammer seeing the damage she has sustained yells at her to run. Amethyst tries to flee but the Stalker tackles her from behind, gouging large furrows down her back. Hammer scores a blow on the Stalker but it seems to have little effect.

Kitsune arrives on the scene. Seeing that Amethyst is bloodied and Hammer seems to be no worse for wear, she covers Amethyst by placing an illusion in the Stalker's mind that Amethyst is trying to run away. The Stalker turns and attacks the illusionary Amethyst, in actuality shredding the hedges next to Hammer. Amethyst runs away from the Stalker towards Kitsune while Hammer lands a blow that again seems to have little effect on the creature.

Kika and Mr. Gray arrive on the scene with Prime and the Knight. Prime bounds to the ground and on to a bench before unleashing a capture globe that misses the Stalker. The Knight charges the Stalker and misses. The Stalker breaks free of Kitsune illusion and not seeing Amethyst, it gashes Hammer across the chest. Realizing that the Stalker is free, Kitsune once again makes an illusion of Amethyst running away from it. The Stalker runs after the illusionary Amethyst and attacks destroying a park bench. Prime once again tries to capture the creature in an energy globe and once again fails. Kika and Mr. Gray blast the Stalker with little effect. The Knight and Hammer both miss the Stalker.

Prime changes tactics and unleashes a cosmic bolt at the Stalker. The energy rips into the creature's back, opening a furrow from which black fire shoots out. Prime screams out, "I broke it! Yes, Prime Power! Aim for the crack guys!" Kitsune again plays with the Stalker's mind showing Amethyst still running from it. The Stalker destroys another hedge thinking it is attacking Amethyst. Kitsune and Mr. Gray miss with their blasts while Hammer lands a heavy blow. The Knight charges and leans into the blow. Hitting the Stalker, he punches a hole into it with his lance wrenching his shoulder in the process. Prime lets fly with another cosmic energy bolt while screaming, "Die! die! Whatever the hell you are, quit clawing my teamma... oh well, I am not good at battle cries." The bolt strikes home and the Stalker goes down.

The Knight dismounts and stands over the Stalker. He offers the creature a chance to repent. Then repeats the offer. Then repeats it for a third time before placing his lance at the creature's neck and delivering the coup de grace. The stalker's head pops off and a gout of black fire shoots out from its neck. Hammer looks on in disbelief then asks the Knight why he killed the creature. Prime answers that it was not a living thing. "It was obviously a golem, or robot, or other soulless creature. We need to find its creator, who is probably a wizard or sorceror."

The Pegasus arrives and picks up Amethyst and Hammer taking them to the infirmary at the Wardens headquarters.

The FSS secures the scene. Kitsune takes the Stalker's head and the FSS takes the creature's body.

Kitsune, the Knight, Kika, Mr. Gray and Prime track the creature's trail back to where it came ashore. They then head back to the headquarters to get the Anhinga for an underwater search.

Back at the headquarters, Dr. Rebecca Miller treats Amethyst and Hammer wounds. Amethyst is in bad shape with multiple major lacerations all over her torso, arms and upper body. Hammer has several major lacerations on his chest. The others arrive and tell Hammer and Amethyst about the need for an underwater search, Hammer wants to join but Dr. Miller advises against it.

Kitsune, the Knight and Prime join Sub Master Hector Regalado aboard the Anhinga. They search the area off where the Stalker came ashore. After several hours of searching, they find a large capsule that appears to be made of the same material as the Stalker. They recover the capsule and return to headquarters.

Back at the lab, Kitsune calls Prime a "lab monkey" and ask him to help her. Prime replies that he prefers "lab superhero." There is a brief discussion on the creature origins and whether or not it is paranormal. The Knight comments that, "Its paranormal, I am from Louisiana and even I know that." Prime continues to insist it is a golem and they need to find the wizard that created it.

Kitsune, the Knight and Prime discuss dealing with wizards. Prime said it should be no big deal. When asked why, he replies, "I have the wooden stick. I have the robe. I am ideally suited to deal with an evil wizard." Kitsune and the Knight just shake their heads at Prime's statement.

Kitsune's analysis of the head takes several days and shows it to be a biopolymer and ceramic mixture. Its chemical formula is not cataloged at any patent office, US or international. The structure appears to have been made by growing the biopolymer ceramic mixture on a matrix of some kind that was removed after the shell was complete.

During her analysis of the head, Hammer stops by the lab and speaks with Kitsune about the Knight. Kitsune presents her theory on the Knight. She tells Hammer that she thinks that the Knight's persona isn't a character or act; it's who he really thinks he is. Without going into details, Kitsune explains that she believes that the Knight suffers from a post traumatic stress induced disassociation disorder. He created the Knight personality after a traumatic incident and now barely remembers the personality he was born with. He isn't lying about his background as he can't remember who he was; the Knight personality has taken over. Hammer thanks her for the insight and leaves wondering what he is getting himself into by applying to be a member of the Wardens.

The team discusses Prime's theory that the creature might be a golem and when Kitsune's analysis backs up the fact that the creature was probably grown by some unknown means, they decide to seek some mystical help. Prime says, "We need an old man with a long beard, possibly in Chinatown." Jaxton suggest they contact Mr. Moorland, one of the Wardens benefactors, as he has been of help in the past. A call is made to the Moorland Estate and Mr. Moorland's valet says that he will pass the team's message on to Mr. Moorland.

Later that day, Susan informs the team that they have a visitor who says that they were sent by Mr. Moorland. Amethyst advises caution and suggests that they meet the guest in the conference room rather than in the living area's common room. The group agrees and Amethyst, still laid up with her injuries attends the meeting remotely. The guest enters the conference room dressed in a heavy robe with long sleeves and a hood. At first the Wardens are unable to tell if the guest is male or female. The guest takes a seat and Amethyst advises via com-link to question the guest. The Knight using his soul sense finds that the guest is not evil nor unholy. Kitsune asks the guest if she is male or female and the guest responds by brushing back her hood to reveal that she is woman. The Knight asks her name, while Amethyst via com-link relays questions to ask her. Prime responds out loud to Amethyst's request and the guest smiles. She then turns to the Knight and says they may call her Gwynedd. The Knight shifts uneasily in his chair. Amethyst asks Gwynedd how she knows Mr. Moorland. Gwynedd replies that the Moorland's are patrons of paranormals and it is through such patronage that she came to know Armstrong Moorland. The team shows Gwynedd the head of the Stalker and she examines it with her mystical senses. Afterwards, she gives the team an overview of how her mystical senses work using an analogy of colors. She then explains that the head is not like any terrestrial magic she has ever examined, it is also unlike any "close" dimensional magic. The closest thing to it is the magic of the Olmetecs. The group discusses the Olmetecs with Gwynedd before she leaves. Her final advice is to avoid the Olmetecs as the group would find themselves outmatched.

Run Date: 3/11/2006

Record Last Changed Date: 5/5/2007

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