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Jungle Excursion - Session

Session: 11

A look at what happened during Session 11.

Session Entry

Game Date: 10/6/2004
Location: San Francisco, California; Belovale, Brazil

Who: Amethyst (II), Kitsune, Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Kika, David Jorden (Hammer).

The Knight over the course of several days finds oranges all along his standard patrol routes. He makes a note to talk to Prime about the possibility of someone using the oranges to document his patrol routes.

Sara picks up the contracts for Kitsune's official website hosting services. Pretending to be Kitsune's personal secretary, she calls Merry and asks him to meet her at the Wardens headquarters on Alcatraz. Merry said he would love to but he has an extreme fear of open water. They agree to meet at the Alcatraz Foundation's offices. The contracts for the website are finalized and signed.

Prime requests help in locating his missing mentor, Professor Alistair Herbert. Jaxton listens to Prime talk about the Professor and his work and suggests that he contact Dr. Andrew Kensington. He might be able to provide some sort of sensor device to help locate the "cosmically" charged meteor fragments.

Amethyst talks to Jaxton about the strange cube she received. He tells her that he has never seen anything like it in his time.

Prime and Kitsune have a discussion with Dr. Rebecca Miller about the Kronians. Dr. Miller after some extensive testing has concluded that the Kronians are mostly likely descendents of those who received the Project: Avenger serum. This is rather puzzling as the only Project: Avenger paranormal that had been able to have children was Star's father, Rayo. This would mean that the Kronians are descendents of Rayo, Star and possibly Star and John Battle's son.

Kitsune performs some environmental tests on the Stalker's head. It shows a remarkable level of resistance to intense heat and flames, intense cold, and both high and low pressure. Overall, the tests results show that the Stalker's "shell" provides a great deal of protection from the elements.

Prime calls a meeting of the Wardens to discuss a mission to find the Professor. Jaxton, Amethyst, Kitsune, the Knight and Kika as well as Hammer, attend the meeting. Prime wants to send a large expeditionary force to the Amazon in search of his missing mentor but says that he will settle upon an expedition to the Amazon by the Wardens.

There is some debate as to whether or not the Wardens should go on a trip to the Amazon versus letting the authorities handle the search. Several members of the team take up positions that the Knight believes are rather shortsighted, so he chimes in with a witty and somewhat embarrassing soliloquy, "And yet you close the drawbridge of the castle of your mind with that look on your face like, 'Oh my God, what is he going to say next?' I know, I've been watching teenage girls at the mall. Just a moment, I shouldn't be admitting that in public."

Kitsune questions why Prime believes that the Professor is in the Amazon. Prime says that he went to South America to investigate recent reports of cosmic energy "charged" meteor fragments to power the Herbert Device to prove once and for all that his theories on evolution were correct. Also, because the Professor sent him a package with a large meteor fragment in it that he used to power the Hebert Device and change into the high-evolved being standing before the Wardens. Although now Prime says he doesn't think the Professor sent the package now and "It really didn't occur to me at the time, but now I realize UPS doesn't deliver radioactive materials or if they do they don't deliver them on Sundays."

A check of the databases reveals no legitimate documentation of anything large enough to be called a meteor landing in South America in the last ten years. Although there are some tabloid reports of giant glowing meteors crashing into the jungle near the Amazon's headwaters causing animals and a tribe of natives to develop paranormal abilities. Prime says it was these "news reports" that drew the Professor to the Amazon.

The Wardens review the most recent reports of Grand Empire and Die Vierte Wacht activities in the area as well as reports on the paranormals both criminal and law-abiding that operate in South America. They also review the current Orion advisories for those traveling in the Amazon basin.

Kitsune and Amethyst suggest that instead of going to the Amazon, the Wardens should be following up on the "Obsidian Stalker" creature that almost killed Amethyst. Prime counters that the creature was vulnerable to cosmic energy and that maybe the person that created it kidnapped the Professor the world's foremost authority on cosmic energy to find a way to counter this vulnerability thus making the creature almost unstoppable.

The debate shifts from whether or not the Wardens should go or leave the search up to the authorities to whether or not the Wardens should go to the Amazon leaving San Francisco unprotected should more "Obsidian Stalker" creatures or some other paranormal menace attacks. It is finally agreed that the Wardens will make a quick reconnaissance trip down to the Amazon to find evidence that the Professor had indeed been in the area. While Jaxton and the Wardens Reserve would monitor the situation in San Francisco and recall the Wardens should their help be needed.

The Wardens head to San Francisco International Airport, board the Roc and take off for the Amazon basin.

On the flight down, Prime starts asking questions of Hammer and the Knight about how to react if the scenario he proposed came to pass. One of the scenarios involves find a Grand Empire base and destroying it, to which Prime replies "Unless we find slaves, then we have to rescue them." Prime continues his babbling until finally Hammer and the Knight grow tired of it. The Knight allows Prime one final scenario. Prime asks "What about giant death rays?" The Knight replies "Destroy," and Prime says, "Got it."

The Roc reaches the area near the last GPS satellite track of the Professor. Kika deplanes and scouts the area from the air. She spots some areas that appear to have suffered damage from falling objects and reports back to the others. The Roc lands at a grass airstrip near the village of Belovale. The Wardens borrow a Land Rover from the local constable, Grevasio Boas and head towards the area that Kika had spotted from the air.

A search of the area finds several sites where someone had dug holes. These areas correspond with some of the damaged trees that Kika had spotted from the air. Prime's instruments pick up some cosmic energy readings near one of the damaged trees that had not been excavated. With the help of Amethyst and Hammer, Prime excavates the spot and finds many crystals and crystal fragments that emit cosmic energy.

As night begins to fall, the team heads back to Belovale. They try and talk with the constable but his command of English is not that good. They do manage to relate their desire to speak to some of the local natives. The constable introduces them to his assistant, Duarte Da Costa who speaks both Portuguese and some of the local dialects. He agrees to help them speak with the local tribesmen. Rather than try and stumble through communications with the locals, the group decides to return to San Francisco to get a translator that speaks fluent English and Portuguese. They tell the constable and his assistant that they will return in a couple of days.

Run Date: 3/25/2006

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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