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Tourist Invasion - Session

Session: 13

A look at what happened during Session 13.

Session Entry

Game Date: 1/10/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic

Lazarus disembarks from the plane and steps out into the waiting area by the gate. He relaxes a bit after a quick check of the lounge area reveals no sign of his pursuers. He had lost them in Rio and had decided to seek out an old friend, his search for John Battle had brought him to San Francisco.

Randy decides it is time to find out if the Wardens know anything about Mark's whereabouts. He dresses as a tourist and takes one of the tour launches over to Alcatraz Island. Once on the island, he goes to the Wardens headquarters and tells the receptionist, Frances, that he would like to talk without the Wardens about Mark Owens. Frances pages the Knight, Prime and Amethyst and tells them they have a visitor. Amethyst asks Frances to have the visitor shown to the conference room.

The Knight, Prime and Amethyst meet with the visitor who introduces himself as Randy McLeod, Mark Owens' friend.

Amethyst and the Knight start a discussion about Mark with Randy. Prime walks over to Randy and looks him over very carefully. When Amethyst asks why he is studying Mark so intently, Prime says that since Randy is a visitor he is trying to determine if Randy is a lizard. Amethyst and the Knight continuing trying to converse with Randy and Prime continues to interject with inane statements. The Knight finally loses his cool with Prime and launches into a tirade, in Norman French. Prime looks at the Knight and says that you should always be on the lookout for aliens, its what the comic books advise. The Knight stops yelling in Norman French, looks at Prime and in English yells, "You are a paranormal, you are supposed to be immune to the effects of comic books." Prime just shakes his head and comments that the Knight doesn't have a super-evolved intellect and therefore cannot understand the importance of the information contained in comic books.

Prime walks over to the pantry, grabs some fruit and starts snacking.

Lazarus boards the tour launch to Alcatraz Island. His black trench coat and hat serve him well keeping out the damp, cold weather. After arriving on the island, he starts observing the tour guides and quickly identifies the one providing security for the group. Lazarus walks over to him and asks him to give a message to the Wardens. He then gives the code phrase that John Battle had given him for these types of meetings.

Adam quickly confirms the code phrase and relays to the Wardens that there is a visitor outside with a tour that had just given a code phrase that was authenticated as being given to a member of John Battle's network.

Amethyst excuses herself from the conversation with Randy and heads out to meet with tour security and the mystery guest. She catches up with them outside the entrance to the Wardens headquarters. She is introduced to the guest who calls himself Lazarus. He asks if she knows where John Battle is and the two begin discussing why Lazarus is looking for John Battle. He repeats his code phrase and says that the fact that he knows it should be enough to at least get him in the door. Amethyst invites Lazarus into the Wardens headquarters and escorts him to the conference room.

After Amethyst leaves, the Knight apologizes to Randy about Prime's behavior. Randy comments on how formal the Knight is and he says that courtesy should always be extended to a guest. The two continue talking. They discuss Mark's thoughts about the Knight and Mark's self-esteem issues.

Amethyst leads Lazarus into the conference room and introduces him to the others. Lazarus surveys the room's occupants and when Prime starts speaking, looks in his direction and comments, "Ah, a talking orange monkey." Prime rebuts with his standard advanced being reply and the two go back and forth. Finally Lazarus stops replying and when Prime continues on, Lazarus asks if anyone has a remote control to shut him up. Prime replies, "Yes, I do." then realizing what Lazarus had said goes on to add, "nope, it is for the cosmic toaster." Amethyst manages to halt the "debate." While Randy looks on shaking his head and thinks that Mark was correct, Amethyst is the only Warden close to normal.

The Knight takes Lazarus aside into a press alcove where they converse in private before returning to the main room.

Randy, Amethyst and Prime continue their talk about Mark and the Wardens. All the while, Prime is snacking which makes his interjections a little more subdued as he focuses on eating.

Using both her father's technical and mystical codes, Kore enters his residential suite at the Wardens headquarters. A computer alert is passed to the Wardens in the conference room. They ask Randy and Lazarus to stay in the conference room while they respond to the alert. When Lazarus tries to leave the conference room, Corporal Smith of the Alcatraz Security Force bars his way and asks him to stay in the room. Lazarus sits down and starts talking with Randy.

Kore sits down at her father's computer and begins typing. The screen lights up with text in response to her queries. As the doors to the suite open, she continues typing with a big smile on her face.

Amethyst, the Knight and Prime enter Mandrake's suite and find Kore sitting at the computer. Amethyst tries to read the screen but it goes blank. Kore gets up from the computer, runs across the room and starts jumping on her father's bed. The Knight recognizes her as the Moorland's granddaughter.

The three Wardens try talking with Kore. She continues to jump on the bed and doesn't give any meaningful answers to their questions. Prime grows antsy and englobes Kore with a force bubble. Kore relaxes and answers a few of the Wardens questions. The Knight convinces Prime and Amethyst that Kore is not a threat and that he will take responsibility for her. After Prime leaves the room, the Knight calls Armstrong Moorland. He advises the Knight to take care of Kore and see that she does not get hurt.

As Prime heads back for the conference room, he passes a security team that asks for a status update. Prime responds, "Apparently there is something in there with human eating apparel, but it has been contained." The security team looks puzzled as Prime continues on his way.

After the phone call to Mr. Moorland, Amethyst leaves the Knight and Kore and heads back to the conference room.

Prime upon his return to the conference room realizes that he has been a poor host and offers his guests some refreshments. During the ensuing conversation, Lazarus tries to trick Prime into getting into the microwave.

The Knight and Kore talk about her decision to break into the headquarters rather that arriving via the front door. Kore asks what would be the fun in that. They also converse about her grandfather and the Knight offers to take her back to the estate. Kore declines but the Knight insists saying he would be remiss in his obligations to both her and her grandfather, if he did not escort her home. They take the Anhinga over to the Wardens wharf facilities but before the Knight can help Kore into the waiting limousine, she flies off.

Amethyst and Prime talk with Randy and Lazarus. While they are talking Melinda reports that there have been no reports of arrests or hospital admissions involving Mark in any US jurisdictions. The Knight returns to the conference room and the discussion turns towards Mark last known whereabouts. Randy says that from what he knows Mark was last seen in New Orleans and stayed at the Grand Marinet Hotel. Researching the hotel, they find it to be a dive located in the warehouse district on the waterfront. Prime calls the hotel and talks with Beau. He is very reluctant to talk about guests and the stays and finally tells Prime that the records the hotel has on Mark's stay will be turned over to the Wardens if a request is made through the proper legal channels.

Kore arrives home to find her Grandfather waiting for her. He tells her that he will not stop her if she wishes to join the Wardens but he wished that she would have come to him first rather than sneaking into the headquarters.

Lazarus and Randy are offered guest suites at the headquarters.

Randy declines and heads home but not before leaving a message with his contact information with Melinda. He asks that the information only be released to Amethyst.

Lazarus accepts the offer and is escorted to his guest suite by Corporal Smith. They talk and Corporal Smith gives him an overview of the suite and its features. Before he leaves, Lazarus asks Corporal Smith to have the leader of the Wardens stop by as he has something he would like to discuss him.

Amethyst meets with Lazarus and he tells her a little about himself and his pursuers. Lazarus is sure they are paranormals but does not know who they are or why they are pursuing him. With the help of Melinda, they are able to put together a very good likeness of his pursuers. When Melinda cross-references the image with the Wardens databases, there are several matches including former members of the Wardens and Wardens Reserve. The former Wardens are "the cats," clones rescued by the original Wardens from a Grand Empire research laboratory. Based on this information, Amethyst and Lazarus surmise that the Grand Empire is behind the paranormals pursuing him.

Run Date: 5/19/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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