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Hyde and Seek - Session

Session: 14

A look at what happened during Session 14.

Session Entry

Game Date: 1/26/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Eon (Lazarus)

Adversary: "Hyde"

Melinda news summaries flag reports of several incidents over the last few days of a "wild-man" running around the SoMa area near the New Way Center assaulting people and destroying property. Several of the injuries have been severe but no one has been killed. Property damage has ranged from knocking down lamp posts and toppling mail boxes to totaling a car with a piece of pipe. An analysis of the police photographs of the car by Adam indicates that even though the attacker was using a pipe as a weapon, there is a very high probably that the "wild-man" has paranormal strength.

Amethyst and Prime discuss the reports while Lazarus looks on. They decide that they should patrol the area to try and locate the "wild-man." Amethyst decides she will patrol in disguise and Prime decides he will go rooftop to rooftop.

After making plans for patrolling SoMa that evening, Prime asks about how they would go about finding "Lazarius" pursuers. Neither Lazarus nor Amethyst comment on Prime's mispronunciation. Prime proposes that they use "Lazarius" as bait for both the "wild-man" and the mystery pursuers, that way they can kill two birds with one stone. It would be efficient, a sign of a superior plan and intellect. Maybe even add the Knight to the plan as "Lazarius" bodyguard, that way the pursuers would think that he was scared of them, that would certainly draw an attack.

The Knight joins the meeting and asks what the others have been discussing. Lazarus, mocking the tone and style of a newscaster, gives the Knight an update on the discussion about the "wild-man" and drawing out his pursuers.

Prime points out the superiority of his plan and the Knight disagrees. The Knight disagrees and presents a plan where Lazarus is alone. He and Amethyst are following behind and Prime is following rooftop to rooftop. With no bodyguard, Lazarus will look more vulnerable and thus is more likely to be attacked. Prime objects and says that the Knight's plan is flawed if Lazarus is alone his pursuers will expect a trap, protect him and it is more likely to provoke an attack. Much bickering between Prime and the Knight ensues over the two plans. Amethyst once again tries to be the peacemaker but to no avail.

Lazarus grows tired of the bickering and says that he will go it alone as bait. Then after thinking about the changing character of the neighborhood suggests that he escorts Amethyst. That way they appear to be a couple on a date and Amethyst can protect him as well. Amethyst backs the plan when Lazarus comments on her beauty.

That evening, Lazarus and Amethyst, in casual clothing, have dinner while the Knight and Prime keep watch. After dinner the two play the couple on a date part as they walk through SoMa. The Knight follows at a leisurely pace behind them wrapped in a clock and for the most part keeping to the shadows. Prime keeps an eye on them from above as he strolls along the sides of the buildings.

As the near the New Way Center's residence hall, they all hear a scream of pain and rush towards its source. Lazarus out distances the others. He spots a large misshapen man fleeing from an alleyway into the street leaving a man screaming in pain behind him. Lazarus rushes toward the victim and Amethyst follows while putting in a radio call to the FSS.

Prime englobes the "Hyde" thing in a cosmic energy ball while the Knight charges into the area on his horse.

As Amethyst looks on, Lazarus bends over the victim and takes holds of his broken arm. Lazarus' hands begin to glow and as the man's arm heals the damage transfers to Lazarus leaving his arm broken. The man looks at his healed arm and passes out. Lazarus and Amethyst turn to see where the "Hyde" thing had gone.

The "Hyde" thing smashes its over-sized fist into the energy globe but it does not yield. Prime looks down on the scene from his perch on the side of the wall and the Knight seeing that his target is not accessible charges past and wheels his mount around. Coming to a stop, he awaits his opportunity to attack.

Lazarus walks up to the englobed "Hyde" thing and reaches out his glowing hand. Energy passes through the cosmic energy globe and the man-creature howls in pain. It continues to pound at the energy sphere and Lazarus once again releases a gout of energy and another causing the thing to once again howl in pain. The "Hyde" thing pounded at the energy globe and was finally able to breach it. Lazarus seeing that the thing was now free lashes out with a punch, catching it square in the jaw. Prime blasts over Lazarus' head bathing the creature in cosmic energy. The Knight lower his lance and charges striking the "Hyde" thing in the right upper chest spinning it towards Amethyst who brings the creature down with a mighty blow to the solar plexus.

The "Hyde" thing starts to change and in the end a well-muscled, young man with an olive complexion and dark black hair lays where it had fallen.

Lazarus checks the young man and finds no visible signs of damage but he does have a very weak pulse. After he is finished checking the downed foe, Lazarus stands up and shakes the stiffness out of his arm which is no longer broken.

Prime scans the young man's face with his video recorder and asks Melinda to run it against criminal databases.

The Knight still mounted patrols the area around the square checking for other adversaries and Prime heads back up the side of a building to scout the high ground.

Amethyst standing guard over Lazarus and the downed man asks, "Are your powers new?" Lazarus looks at her and says, "What powers?" Amethyst looks at with a puzzled look on her face, then smiles and says, "Okay."

Prime, after looking around a little bit, comes back down to the ground and says "Nice job zapping it," just as the FSS response van and ambulance arrive.

The FSS senior agent on site looks at the Wardens and then at Lazarus. While stills looking at Lazarus, he motions towards the Knight and says, "Who is he?" The Knight replies, "One of us." Prime looks at the Knight and asks, "He's a Wardens, now?" Amethyst shushes Prime with, "We're discussing it." The senior agent seems to take no notice of the Wardens exchange as he gives orders to his men and the paramedics to check out the area and tend to the wounded.

Lazarus goes over and checks out the "Hyde" thing's victim. As he is searching the victim for some ID, an FSS agent asks what he is doing when Lazarus tries to explain that he is trying to identify the victim, the agent comes over and says leave that to us.

Seeing that the media is starting to arrive, the Wardens take there leave. They are picked up by their response van and head back to the headquarters.

Back at the headquarters, the Wardens talk with Lazarus. The Knight compliments Lazarus on his zapping on the adversary and asks how long he had had the ability. Lazarus replies as long as he can remember and that is over 5000 years. The Knight asks if he had it at the court of William Rufus and Lazarus just nods.

Prime starts talking about a conspiracy involving the Grand Empire, the Professor and his cosmic energy experiments. He is sure that is why the Grand Empire took the Professor.

Amethyst starts talking with Lazarus about his long life.

Prime realizing that no one is paying attention to him, comments to Lazarus that as old as he is that he must be very bored.

To which Lazarus replies, "You have no idea."

As the meeting is breaking up, Amethyst talks to the Knight about offering Lazarus membership in the Wardens. The Knight says they should wait a few weeks more before deciding and if all goes well then they can complete the necessary "parchments... ah, paperwork."

Run Date: 6/2/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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