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Lazarus and the Three Hydes - Session

Session: 15

A look at what happened during Session 15.

Session Entry

Game Date: 2/11/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic

Adversary: Man-Creatures dubbed "Hydes"

Lazarus goes the infirmary at the Wardens headquarters. He speaks with the nurse on duty and asks her if the infirmary has any drugs used as euthanasia agents. Remembering the brief she had read about Lazarus being a guest of the Wardens because he was being pursued by paranormals working for the Grand Empire, she declines to discuss the issue. When Lazarus presses the issue, she recommends that he talk to both of the staff doctors, Dr. Miller and Dr. Saveda. Lazarus shakes his head and returns to his room.

Lazarus writes a note and places it in the middle of his empty desk. He then takes several small electrical appliances into the bathroom with him. He starts the tub filling and entwines the iron, radio and blow dryer's cords before plugging them in and turning them on. Lazarus sits down in the tub and pulls the iron, radio and blow dryer into the tub electrocuting himself.

Susan sounds an alert indicating that there has been an electrical overload in Lazarus' guest suite.

Prime is the first team member to arrive at Lazarus' quarters but the Knight and Amethyst are right on his heals. Prime activates his glow globe and enters the guest suite. The Knight and Amethyst follow Prime into the suite. Prime finds Lazarus in the tub. He pulls the plugs on the iron, radio and blow dryer then pulls them from the tub. Apprising the situation, he quickly comes to a conclusion on what has happened. Prime sounds an intruder alert and tells the base's security force to be on the look out for an invisible mentalist that has used his mind control abilities to make Lazarus kill himself.

Susan restores power to the guest suite.

The Knight pulls Lazarus out the tub and into the adjacent bedroom. Amethyst calls for a medical team then begins CPR. Prime suggests that he could use his cosmic energy to start Lazarus' heart. The Knight tells Prime not to try it.

Prime begins looking around the guest suite and continues to babble a mentalist sneaking into the headquarters using his mind control abilities to make Lazarus commit suicide. Hearing Prime's rantings the Knight asks why the mentalist would make Lazarus commit suicide in a tub of water. Prime sticks he head into the bedroom looks at the Knight and says simple, electricity and water don't mix. He then continues his search of the guest suite.

Amethyst continues to administer CPR but without any success.

Prime finds Lazarus' note. He brings it into the bedroom and tells the others what he has found. The Knight tells him to read it. Prime starts reading, "Dear Team... Team? He's not part of our team, is he?" The Knight glares at Prime and states sternly, "read the note." Prime starts reading the note again. When he reaches the derogatory comment directed at him, he replaces the reference to himself with the Knight then rubs out his name with his wet thumb.

Dear Team,

I can no longer bear the bane of my existence. I do this to end my curse, really.

Actually, I will be okay. Just leave me be for a day or two. I will be as good as new, well kinda.

DO NOT cremate me. DO NOT defile my corpse - this means you ***smudge***.

See you in 24 hours or so, peace out.


The nurse from the infirmary arrives. When she sees Lazarus lying in the middle of the floor, she panics and mumbles, "Oh no, he didn't..." then faints.

Seeing that the nurse has fainted, Prime decides that action is needed and he is just the advanced primate to do something while everyone else stands around just thinking about it. The Knight, seeing Prime with his hands glowing approaching Lazarus, tries to dive between the two of them. Prime slips by the Knight, lays hands on Lazarus and discharges a small amount of cosmic energy. The energy discharge has no visible effect, positive or negative, on him.

Both the Knight and Amethyst glare at Prime for his rashness.

Prime seeing that his attend to "charge up" Lazarus has failed, quickly hits upon another idea. He runs out of Lazarus' room mumbling something about his lab, cosmic shards, DNA and infusions.

Paramedics arrive with a medical couch from the infirmary. Lazarus is placed on the medical couch and as they are taking him to the infirmary, Amethyst tries to revive Lazarus using the couch's built-in defibrillator. She tries three times to restart his heart without success.

As they reach the infirmary, Amethyst, the Knight and the paramedics are met by Dr. Miller. She explains that the nurse had called her about a guest's request drugs used as euthanasia agents. She checks Lazarus and tries the defibrillator again as well as giving him a shot of epinephrine both of which has no effect. After consulting with the paramedics about their and Amethyst's efforts to revive him, she pronounces Lazarus dead.

Amethyst asks about the note and Dr. Miller asks what note. One of the security team hands Dr. Miller the note and she reads it. She goes to the infirmary's main control panel and starts flipping switches. The treatment room where Lazarus lays goes dark. Dr. Miller puts on a pair of goggles, picks up a plastic case and goes back into the room with Lazarus. She sets the case on the console table next to Lazarus' medical couch. She plugs a data cable from the case into a data outlet and then places several electrodes from the case on Lazarus' head and chest. She returns to the infirmary's main console, seals Lazarus' room and starts calibrating the monitors.

"Who is he?" asked Dr. Miller.

"Lazarus," replied the Knight.

"Like in the bible?"


Dr. Miller returns to calibrating the monitors. As she works, she explains to the Knight and Amethyst that the special sensors she has hooked up to the patient are much more sensitive than standard monitors. Some paranormals that she has studied can go into a state that seems very much like death. She points to the monitors and they show very low level activity. Dr. Miller says that the patient is in a suspended life state, if his note is correct he should "wake up" in a few days.

"You said his name was Lazarus? I have always wondered if the Lazarus from the bible was a paranormal."

"Could he have been a paranormal," queried the Knight.

"Based on the story, I would say yes. Maybe Jesus, too."

The Knight restrains himself from responding harshly to the doctor's blasphemous statement.

Prime comes into the infirmary with a syringe in hand and announces that he has come to revive Lazarus with an infusion made from both his and Lazarus' DNA that had been exposed to the cosmic energy shards. He turns to go into Lazarus' room and finds it sealed. Dr. Miller explains that Lazarus is alive, although with very low level life signs. Prime is flustered and the doctor has to explain twice more before he relents and leaves the infirmary.

The Knight decides to keep an eye on Lazarus in case Prime tries to administer his infusion.

Prime returns to his lab and puts the syringe away. He then heads out to the prison and his tunnel network. A return to the task he had been working on prior to the alert, the professor must be rescued so it is back to scavenging technology for building the rescue robots.

The next morning after Prime had not returned, the Knight takes a break to get some food and some rest. When he returns to the infirmary, Dr. Miller is still at work monitoring Lazarus and recording her observations. The Knight resumes his post guarding Lazarus' room against intruders.

Kore meets with Amethyst. They discuss Kore joining the Wardens. She feels it is one of the reasons her mother and father sent her here. It would not only give her a chance to learn more about her home world but also practice in the practical uses of her abilities. Amethyst says that she needs to talk to the others before a decision can be made. Kore thanks her for her time and consideration of her membership request.

Randy calls Amethyst. They discuss Mark and Amethyst tells him that there are no new leads. Amethyst invites Randy to train with the Wardens and offers him quarters are the base while they continue working together to find Mark. Randy thanks her for the offer and says that he would like to think it over.

Amethyst talks with Knight about Kore's request. He agrees to her joining the Wardens as a probationary member. Amethyst is unable to locate Prime and a quick poll of the reserve members finds no objections. Kore's request for membership in the Wardens is granted.

The next day after his prayers, the Knight returns to post keeping watch over Lazarus. He notices that Dr. Miller is still working at the infirmary's central console and that she is wearing the same clothes as when she arrived at the headquarters on Friday evening. The Knight strikes up a conversation with Dr. Miller. She is surprised to find that it is Sunday morning. The Knight volunteers to could keep an eye things while she takes a break to freshen up and get something to eat. Realizing what she must look like and maybe even smell like, Dr. Miller takes the Knight up on his offer and heads to her suite next to the infirmary. She returns to the infirmary a couple of hours later.

Amethyst talks to Kore and tells her that she has been granted probationary membership in the Wardens. Amethyst offers Kore use of her father's quarters but she declines. Kore says that she does not want to live in her father shadow, so she would like her own quarters. Amethyst assigns her quarters in the "mystic" wing.

Amethyst has Melinda do a news search and background check on Randy. The background check finds that Randy has no criminal record and the news search reveals that his scholarship has been revoked but he is still interested in finishing his education and starting a career working with children.

When Randy shows up for the Wardens Monday morning workout, Amethyst talks with him about some of the benefits of being a Warden. She dwells some on the fact that Wardens members and reserve members can draw an annual stipend from the Alcatraz Foundation. The stipend is large enough to support a comfortable standard of living in the Bay area.

The Knight and Dr. Miller are the first to find out what Lazarus meant when he wrote "I will be as good as new, well kinda," when Lazarus awakes in his infirmary room looking nothing like the Lazarus that had showed up at the Wardens base about a month ago. The "new" Lazarus had an olive complexion with the physique of a well-muscled athlete. His hair was also quite different. Gone were the stark white locks, replaced by a jet black shoulder-length mane accented by a bright red stripe running down the middle.

Dr. Miller is giving Lazarus a check-up when Adam sounds two alerts.

The first is a yellow alert call from the FSS. The call states that FSS agents are in combat with three man-creatures near the FSS' Western Region headquarters. The description of the attackers matches that of the man-things that members of the Wardens had recently and nicknamed "Hydes."

The second is a red alert officers need assistance call from the SFPD. Several patrol cars are under attack by an unknown number of paranormal man-creatures. Several officers are down several blocks from Fisherman's Wharf.

Amethyst, Miss Majestic and Delta-Vee stop their workout and head for the assembly area.

The Knight heads for the assembly area with Lazarus close behind. The Knight tells Lazarus to go back to the infirmary and he tells the Knight that it sounds like there are people that need his help.

Prime is the last to arrive at the assembly area and is surprised to see Miss Majestic. He points at her and Amethyst explains that Miss Majestic is a new probationary member of the Wardens. Prime looks at her and huffs, "Fine, but no hats." The Knight thumps his helmet a couple of times. Prime huffs again then states, "No top hats." Miss Majestic moves towards Prime. He englobes her in a force bubble then emphatically states, "No touching!"

Prime asks who the "new" man is and the Knight says Lazarus. Prime asks how he knows its Lazarus and suggests it maybe the mentalist that made Lazarus commit suicide, or even an intruder that teleported Lazarus out and took his place. Prime continues babbling more and more conspiracy theories about the "new" Lazarus.

Lazarus grows tired of Prime prattling and yells at him to cease.

Prime englobes Lazarus in a force bubble.

Amethyst glares at Prime and orders, "Prime, let him out NOW and Miss Majestic, too." Prime quickly releases them at the command of Amethyst.

The group decides that the SFPD officers are the more endangered alert callers. They board the Pegasus and respond to the SFPD alert scene. En route, Amethyst calls the FSS and advised that the Wardens are responding to aid the SFPD and to send a red alert if the situation worsens at FSS headquarters.

The Wardens arrive on the scene to find three "Hydes" attacking several police cruisers. The team engages the "Hydes" and after some tense moments of combat manages to neutralize them.

After the combat, Lazarus almost kills himself stabilizing and healing three near-death police officers.

As the Wardens begin to access the aftermath of the combat, several more alerts come in... (to be continued)

Run Date: 6/16/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 6/24/2007

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