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Hydes, Hydes, Everywhere - Session

Session: 16

A look at what happened during Session 16.

Session Entry

Game Date: 2/16/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Miss Majestic, Prime, Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Helga Kohler (Die Kampfmaschine).

Adversary: Multiple Hydes and an Obsidian Stalker

As Lazarus is healing the injured San Francisco policemen, a series of new alerts come in. Police are reporting three more locations with "Hydes" on the rampage. Two of the locations are on the waterfront, one with three "Hydes" and the other with six "Hydes." The third is in Japantown with reports of three "Hydes" on the rampage. Thunder, Mr. Gray, Shockwave and Volt of the Wardens Reserve respond to the waterfront locations with three "Hydes." The Wardens along with Lazarus and Delta-Vee rush from near the War Memorial to the other waterfront location where six "Hydes" were reported.

Delta-Vee arrives first and keeps four of the "Hydes" busy with a high speed game of tag. He cannot find any sign of the other two reported "Hydes." Miss Majestic flies in with Amethyst in hand and after setting her down, the two start combating the "Hydes." Prime is the next to arrive and joins the foray. Shortly after Prime's arrival, two more "Hydes" come busting out of two of the waterfront shops bringing the total at the scene to six.

As Lazarus and the Knight are arriving at the scene, they spot a Stalker like the one that had attacked Amethyst in Golden Gate Park charging into the area of the combat. The two of them move to engage the Stalker. After sustaining some damage the two of them are able to take down the Stalker.

The Wardens have there hands full with the "Hydes" but slowly start taking them down. In the course of the combat, Amethyst lands a devastating blow that caves in a "Hyde's" chest. The team receives unexpected help from a female paranormal with blond hair and dressed in a dark red bodysuit. She is using a dart gun that seems very effective against the "Hydes." With the unknown paranormal's help, the Wardens quickly wrap up the combat with the "Hydes."

After the combat is over, Prime asks if anyone wants ice cream and then scampers off.

The unknown paranormal starts giving orders trying to secure the "Hydes." She orders Delta-Vee to get two of the unconscious "Hydes" out of the water before they drown and then rushes over to the "Hyde" that Amethyst had injured. She asks if anyone is a doctor. Lazarus takes exception to the way the unknown paranormal is ordering around the team and voices comments to that effect. The unknown paranormal insults Lazarus in German. When Lazarus replies to her in German, she apologizes for her remarks. She asks again in English for heal for the injured "Hyde." Lazarus steps forward and heals the downed man's injuries. After seeing the toll the healing takes on Lazarus, the unknown paranormal again apologizes for her insulting remarks and thanks Lazarus for his help.

A conversation is struck up with the unknown paranormal and she identifies herself as Die Kampfmaschine. Her identity is verified by Adam along with her extensive criminal record. Die Kampfmaschine says that she needs the Wardens' help saving her home from the Grand Empire. She says that she will put herself in the Wardens custody and they can listen to her plea then decide if they will help. She says that they need to leave the area before the authorities arrive because she will not let herself be taken into to custody by anyone but the Wardens.

The Wardens find out that an unknown male paranormal and a group of agents captured the three "Hydes" that were rampaging in Japantown. The group was all wearing dark red bodysuits and combat armor. Helga tells the Wardens that that was her husband, Der Kampfkoloss, leading the Kreuzfeuer team who had captured the "Hydes" in Japantown.

A quick discussion amongst the team leads to the decision to take her to the Alcatraz Island headquarters to further discuss her plea for their help. Amethyst contacts the security force at the headquarters and puts them on alert. She also has the base locked down to prevent access to all areas but the conference room in first level configuration. She also asks for the Erne to be sent to pick up the team at their current location. After preparations are made Delta-Vee flies Die Kampfmaschine to the headquarters.

Lazarus says that he wants the "breastplate" of the Stalker. The Knight agrees to talk with the FSS about Lazarus' request.

The Erne arrives at the scene. Amethyst, Miss Majestic, Lazarus and Prime board for the short trip to the Wardens' base.

The Knight speaks with the FSS field commander about getting the Stalker's "breastplate" for examination by the Wardens. After field recordings of the "breastplate are completed, the FSS field commander gives permission for the Knight to take it.

Der Kampfkoloss and the Kreuzfeuer team send the three former "Hydes" in an ambulance to the FSS infirmary for treatment as they are comatose.

Back at the base, a rather heated debate breaks out between Prime and Delta-Vee over Die Kampfmaschine's motives. Prime insists that she is a "super-villain" and should not be trusted. Delta-Vee tells Prime that the real world is not a comic book story. Prime chides him and says that he would make a better "superhero" if he read more comic books. Delta-Vee shakes his head in disbelief.

The discussion turns to who is creating the "Hydes" and why?

Die Kampfmaschine introduces herself as Helga Kohler and tells the team about the long running feud between the Grand Empire and Die Vierte Wacht. She gives them the basics on Die Vierte Wacht and their origin as German and Italian ex-patriots that fled Europe after World War II and their settling in a high mountain valley named Alta Verde in Chile. Their political philosophy is best summed up as Fascism without the racial bigotry. They turned over to the authorities former SS and other radicals that tried to settle in the valley.

The Knight arrives and Adam quickly catches him up on what Helga had been telling the others.

Helga continues with her "history" lesson. Shortly after they settled in the rivalry started to develop with the Grand Empire. Never really any open hostilities until recently. The Grand Empire has taken two Die Vierte Wacht's facilities, one in Austria and the other in Argentina. The Grand Empire has taking the survivors from those facilities and experimented on them making the "Hydes." Now the fear is that the Grand Empire is about to move on Alta Verde. Helga once again makes her plea for the Wardens' help in defending Alta Verde.

The Wardens grill Helga about her criminal and terrorist acts on Die Vierte Wacht's behalf. Helga freely admits to her criminal past and expresses some regrets for her acts. She now blames it on the fanatic fervor of youth. Helga also confesses that for the last fifteen years, she and her husband have not committed any criminal acts. They have also been the targets of Die Vierte Wacht's new paranormal group, Die Wächter, who are under orders to capture or kill them. Even knowing that the leaders of Die Vierte Wacht want them dead does not deter them from wanting to protect their friends and families. She also says that most of the surviving members of Primfaktor would be willing to sacrifice their freedom and pay their debt to society to help save their friends and families' home of Alta Verde as long as their surrender was after the Grand Empire's attack on Alta Verde had been thwarted.

The Wardens ask Helga about the creation of the "Hydes." She says that she and the others believe that the Grand Empire is testing a super-soldier serum. Using the captured Die Vierte Wacht security personnel as guinea pigs and leaving everyone captured so far in a coma. She says her biggest fear is that the men, women and children of Alta Verde would be subjected to the same experiments if the Grand Empire captured the valley.

Helga is given a guest suite and the Wardens adjourn to the common room to discuss her requests.

Miss Majestic expresses concern that the Grand Empire is using Helga's people as test subjects and that it is imperative that the Wardens stop them. The Knight says that it is important to find the facility the Grand Empire is using to create the "Hydes," to both stop the experimentation as well as the threat to San Francisco. A debate starts as to whether the facility is local and the "Hydes" are released after they are produced or in South America and the "Hydes" are created there then transported to San Francisco to be released. A question of how they could be transported safely due to their abilities and Lazarus says they are probably sedated. Prime comments "or in a strong cage, I can produce a sufficiently strong cage." The debate continues about the location of the facility.

Prime grows tired of the back and forth. He says that the "Hydes" are a test and pauses. When the Knight tries to comment, Prime again states that the "Hydes" are a test and that the test will soon become a real threat if not handled. He concludes by stating that it is time to deal with the Grand Empire, a trip to South America is in order. Prime's comments trigger a debate on going to South America to deal with the Grand Empire and protect Alta Verde, or staying in San Francisco to protect against possible rampages by more "Hydes."

The Wardens ask Helga if she has any information on when the attack on Alta Verde will come. She says that Die Vierte Wacht's intelligence suspects within the next four to six weeks. She also says that she could probably provide a day or two's warning if allowed to communicate with Der Kampfkoloss.

Amethyst and Miss Majestic propose a compromise regarding going to South America or Staying in San Francisco. The team can spend the next couple of weeks searching for Grand Empire activity or the "Hyde" creation facility in San Francisco. If no activity has been identified or the facility has not been found when Helga is notified that the attack on Alta Verde is imminent then the team can go to Alta Verde and have the Wardens Reserve look after San Francisco.

Amethyst notices that Delta-Vee has been quiet during the whole debate, so she asks him his opinion on the issues at hand.

He replies "What does it matter?"

"You are a superhero," says Prime.

"But not a member of the Wardens," counters Delta-Vee.

Amethyst turns to the other member and says that it is time to make a decision on inviting Lazarus and Delta-Vee to join the Wardens. She states that she is in favor of asking them to join the group. The Knight and Miss Majestic also state that they support asking Lazarus and Delta-Vee to join the group. Prime says that Delta-Vee would be a good "superhero" but then picks on Lazarus making comments about what type of hero he would make Lazarus fire back a couple of zingers before Prime says it is okay to invite Lazarus to join the group, too.

Amethyst invites Lazarus and Delta-Vee to join Wardens as probationary members.

"Actually, I was wondering if the Wardens wanted to join me?" jokes Lazarus he then accepts the Wardens' invitation to join.

Delta-Vee hesitates a minute, then says he needs time to see if he can fit in with the team and that as long as the probationary part is a trial for both sides then he would accept the invitation to join. Amethyst assures him that it can be a trial period for both him and the team. Delta-Vee accepts probationary membership in the Wardens.

Run Date: 6/30/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 8/28/2007

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