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Saving The Next Generation? - Session

Session: 17

A look at what happened during Session 17.

Session Entry

Game Date: 3/16/2005
Location: San Francisco, California; Alta Verde, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Prime, Der Grüne Ritter, Der Kampfkoloss, Die Kampfmaschine, Jagdpanzer, Kriegstochter, Orlando "Sanchez" Santini, Panzer

Adversary: Grand Empire

The team leaves on a charter cargo/passenger aircraft for Chile equipped for an expedition into the mountain with gear and vehicles to support their cover. As the flight approaches their destination, Delta-Vee exits and flies Prime and Helga directly to Alta Verde then returns to the aircraft. When the flight lands the team disembarks with their expedition vehicle and heads into the mountains. After a few hours, the vehicles are secured at a farm owned by Die Vierte Wacht and the team makes the rest of the trip to Alta Verde via helicopter.

They land near a large farmstead and are escorted to the main house's dining room. Helga introduces the group to Der Kampfkoloss, Kriegstochter, Panzer and Air Marshall Marinelli. She tells them that this is Kriegstochter family's farm. All of the main house's rooms are taken so arrangements have been made for them to use the guest house for the duration of their stay. She says that a strategy meeting is scheduled for that evening and that they can rest up from their flight until it is time for the meeting. Helga cautions that there is some tension between the two groups using the farmstead, Die Vergeltungen and Gruppe Kreuzfeuer, and Die Vierte Wacht's guardsmen so it would be best to stay on the farmstead until after the meeting. She has a soldier dressed in a dark green combat escort them to the guest house.

On their way to the guest house the team notices that the farmstead is being guarded by soldiers dressed as their escort as well as soldiers dressed in dark red combat gear the same shade of red as Die Kampfmaschine. When asked their escort says that the green uniformed troops are Die Vergeltungen and the red are Gruppe Kreuzfeuer.

The team rests at the guest house until there is a knock at the door. The soldier at the door is dressed in steel gray combat gear and says that he is to escort them to the meeting. Delta-Vee is suspicious and radio's Die Kampfmaschine to check on what is going on. She tells him that the soldier is with Die Wächter and that everything is okay.

The Wardens arrive at the main house and are escorted to the dining room. All of the people that they had met that afternoon are there as well as a new man, he is dressed as a Teutonic knight. He introduces himself as Der Grüne Ritter, the Green Knight, and that they can call him Ritter. He says that some intelligence regarding their former facility in Buenos Aires has disturbed the leaders of Die Vierte Wacht and has presented an opportunity for the Wardens. He says that the opportunity will allow them to be heroes instead of soldiers in a battle that is likely to become very messy. He continues explaining that the facility in Buenos Aires is the Victor Kranze Academy. It is a boarding school for the children of the rich and social elite in Argentina with a grand tradition of turning out finely educated young adults. It is also where the young paranormals of Alta Verde are sent to finish their schooling. An intelligence asset at the site has found out that the Grand Empire is preparing to remove the Alta Verde children from the academy. Due to the impending attack, Die Vierte Wacht does not have anyone that they can spare for a rescue mission. Ritter says that he has been sent to ask the Wardens to rescue the children of Alta Verde from the Grand Empire before that can be taken from the Academy.

The Wardens accept the mission to rescue the children. Ritter thanks them and tells them that they will be briefed on the facility on the flight to Buenos Aires.

The Wardens are surprised when the VTOL that is to fly them to Buenos Aires looks just like the Gryphon design that former Warden, Horatio Eon, had said was a design stolen from his father's design database. The interior layout also matches the Gryphon design. This starts a discuss on the high technology equipment in use by the Grand Empire. Prime makes a comment about how easy it is to modify things and that he has modified several things around the Wardens base such as the microwave. When Miss Majestic asks him what he has done to the microwave, Prime tells her nothing really then states "It is something you wouldn't understand anyway. Take comfort in knowing that the microwave still works as a microwave. Just don't push the big red button." Delta-Vee takes exception to Prime's attitude towards Miss Majestic and comments, "Unlike you who have manners so advanced, it seems like rudeness to those with more limited intellects." To with Prime smiles and replies, "Exactly."

The team is briefed on the facility and devises their plan of attack. Prime suggests that he just tunnel into the basement of the building the children are housed in without anyone the wiser. The idea is rejected by the Knight and Amethyst. Once the VTOL is in range of the facility the Wardens execute their plan.

The team enters the facility over the back wall. They encounter a highly-organized and well-armed elite unit from the Grand Empire's agent corps. The accuracy of their weapons surprises the team but is especially surprising to Delta-Vee who is not use to being hit as often by agents based the Wardens' training sessions with the FSS. Due to their superior mobility the group sweeps down both sides of the dormitory neutralizing the defenders as they go.

Lazarus takes the helmet of one of the agents that he had downed. When he attempts to impersonate the agent he took the helmet from on the communicator, someone calls "code doppelganger" and all communications ceases on that channel.

Once the agents outside are taken down, the group begins a systematic search of the dormitory. Prime, Amethyst and Lazarus begin on the roof and work their way down. Delta-Vee starts his search on the third floor after making a rather spectacular entrance by flying at high speed through a window then smashing through several interior walls. Miss Majestic and the Knight encounter resistance as they choose to begin their search by entered the front entrance doors for the dormitory. The combat is short lived as the tight quarters in the old dormitory prevent the agents from achieving the massed fire they need to take down the Wardens.

Once the defenders are neutralized and restrained, the Wardens finish searching the dormitory. In the basement they find sixteen high-tech coffin like chambers.

As they are searching, they hear a noise from the shadows. A nervous young man steps out with his hands raised in the air and asking them not to shoot. He is obviously one of the students, so the group identifies themselves as a rescue team sent by Die Vierte Wacht.

Once the young man is sure of his rescuers he tells them that his name is Orlando Sanchez. He tells them that he was able to escape the chamber he was placed in by freezing the controls then he surprised the technicians knocking them both out and tying them up. He says he hid behind a desk when he heard them coming down the stairs.

With Orlando helps, the team frees the other children from the "stasis chambers" as Prime dubs them. Miss Majestic catches Orlando sneaking looks at her throughout the process. When the other team members start searching other areas around the basement, Orlando makes his way over to Miss Majestic and starts talking to her. He tells her that his name is Orlando Santini and asks if there are a lot of younger paranormals in the United States. She realizes that he gave her a different name but does not call him on it.

Amethyst recovers two clamshell computer systems that the Grand Empire techs had been using and some communications gear. She is happy to find that all of the equipment is intact and the self destruct systems have not been activated.

The Knight calls the security squad that they are to turn the facility over to, once the children had been rescued. He speaks with Commander Martinez and they arrange a meeting at the front gate. Several vans arrive at the gate and after giving the proper code phrases they are admitted to the academy grounds.

The Grand Empire agents are stripped of their equipment, loaded into the vans and removed from the premises. Their armor and weapons are secured in another van and taken away.

The security force takes over the security of the Academy going building to building assuring the faculty and staff that all is fine. Commander Martinez speaks with the Knight advising him that the police are on the way and that the Wardens should stay out of sight while the police take a look around. Martinez speaks with the police and shows them around the front dorms all the while ensuring them that all of the students are fine.

While the police are at the Academy, the Wardens stay in the old dormitory searching for more information on the "stasis chambers" and the Grand Empire's recent activities at the Academy.

Prime pulls out his homemade energy scanner and starts scanning the chambers. The scanner blows up leaving Prime with a ring of singed fur around his face. The Wardens and the children all laugh at Prime. He looks at the remains of the scanner in his hand and comments, "Obviously it was damaged in combat."

Lazarus laughs and replies, "You or the device?"

Prime answers the device of course. He continues on saying that he is brilliant and the device was just a simple application of basic scientific therefore the failure must have been a result of damage to the scanner. He continues to babble on about the failure of the device being due to damage.

Delta-Vee and Amethyst continue to snicker at the singed Prime. Delta-Vee signs to Amethyst "as in British for Brilliant."

Prime recovers his composure and goes back to examining the chambers. He looks at them with his glow globe active and is ecstatic to find that they are extra-dimensional in origin. He starts going on and on about them being advanced technology and that by using pieces of them he could make the robots stronger next time. The Knight hears Prime babbling about robots and exclaims, "Robots... Robots? What robots?" Prime looks around innocently and asks who said anything about robots then goes back to examining the chambers. Making sure that no one is watching him, he starts pocketing parts and circuits from the "stasis chambers."

Martinez reports to the Knight that communications with the valley have been cutoff. The last message received before the cutoff said that the Grand Empire's assault had started.

The group debates going to the valley to help but decides against it. The children were their charges and if an all clear was not received in the next few days then it would be up to them to get the children out of Buenos Aires to safety. The Wardens wait for two days before there is word from Alta Verde. The situation has been handled and a plane has been sent to bring both the children and the Wardens back to the valley.

The Wardens and the children board a "cargo plane" in Buenos and several hours later are landing in a field where several vehicles await their arrival. The children are taken to a bus while the Wardens are met by Kriegstochter and Air Marshall Marinelli, who has one of his arms immobilized and strapped to his chest. Lazarus steps up and heals the Air Marshall.

The team is taken into town and hailed as heroes by the people of Alta Verde.

The Wardens spend a couple of days in Alta Verde sharing information on what they had encountered in Buenos Aires as well as learning what had happened in the valley while they were gone. They are told about the Grand Empire's attack and how it had failed miserably. They are also told about Sturmgräfin's treachery and the brief civil war between the various factions in the valley as well as Asenblut and Vanenspeer's, the children of their namesakes, arrival saving the day.

During their stay, Lazarus heals many of the people of Alta Verde as well as several critically injured Grand Empire agents.

The group is flow by helicopter to the farm where they had left their vehicles. After driving back to the airport in Santiago, they load their vehicles and equipment on their chartered plane and fly back to San Francisco.

Run Date: 7/28/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 8/28/2007

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