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Research - Magic or Science? - Session

Session: 18

A look at what happened during Session 18.

Session Entry

Game Date: 4/14/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Prime

Prime is in his lab researching dimensional portals, he believes the Grand Empire is being supplied with other dimensional technology and is trying to find a way to locate its source or at the least find a way to seal the portals being used bring the technology into this Wardens' home dimension.

Lazarus trying to take advantage of his latest change in appearance's resemblance to John Battle, decides to work on his tan. He lays down in an area where he can be seen from a distance by the tourists touring Alcatraz and the Wardens facilities.

Kore visits Prime at his quarters, he does not let her in. She asks him about working to find some way that their abilities could work together. Prime looks at her and says she uses playing cards, so no. He tells her she should be trying to turn lead to gold or something or other along those lines. Prime also explains that he is very busy working on a satellite that can close dimensional portals from orbit using a concentrated beam of cosmic energy that he has named the D-Ray. He finishes by telling her that magic and technology just won't mix. As he turns to go she steps into his residential suite doorway and presses the matter.

The Knight is walking by Prime's quarters and stops to listen to Kore and Prime's exchange.

Kore while standing in the doorway to Prime's quarters notices all of the items Prime has collected. She comments on them and Prime looks around then sensing an opportunity says she can take a look at the "magic" ones. When he hears the comment about magic, the Knight steps into Prime's suite following Kore as she crosses the room. He says, "Wait," as she continues on he says, "Wait," again and when she still does not stop he repeats, "Wait," for a third time. Ignoring the Knight, Prime starts discussing some pre-Columbian jewelry with Kore. She takes a look at it and after a quick once over, says it detects as magic. They continue their discussion about what to do with the amulet.

The Knight huffs and step between them.

Kore steps back then looks at Prime, pointing toward the Knight she asks, "What's wrong with him?"

Prime replies, "Maybe he doesn't get enough iron in his diet."

The Knight laughs causing his chainmail to jingle and makes a comment about Prime's statement about a man wearing armor having an issue with iron in his diet.

Prime is a bit dumbstruck. Looking at the Knight, he states, "I didn't know you ate your armor."

The Knight mentions the danger involved in bringing magic items of unknown origin into the Wardens headquarters. Prime says that with Miss Majestic being a Wardens member that the magic amulets are no more dangerous than the cell phone of interdimensional origin that he had recently brought into the base.

"What?!" yells the Knight.

Prime goes on to explain that when he found the cell phone walking around in the base that he had smashed it with a mallet. He then incorporated some of its parts into his latest robot. When he sees the stunned look on the Knight's face, Prime attempts to reassure him by telling him he was sure he had re-programmed the chips from the cell phone before he put them in the robot.

Kore interjects that she could secure the amulets in the Sanctum. There they would be magically warded and unable to harm anyone while she checked them.

Kore and Prime head toward the Sanctum with the Knight following. As they near the Sanctum, Kore senses a disturbance in the magic aura of the area and traces it back to Prime. She explains the problem and Prime returns to his quarters. Once in the Sanctum, Kore checks out the amulets. In each she detects a presence and relays this information to Prime. Prime tells her to open the amulets. The Knight asks her what she means by presence and Kore tries to baffle him with mystic mumbo-jumbo. He just stares at her. When she tries to open the amulets, she finds that each of them has a fake face of cosmetic jewels under which are brilliant unscratched gold amulets. Kore recognizes the symbols on them as pre-Columbian runes/pictographs.

Prime asks her to bring the amulets back to his room. Kore and the Knight return to Prime quarters.

While they are discussing what to do with the amulets, Kore decides to do something rash and puts one of them on. The Knight senses a malevolent presence starting to seep from the amulet into Kore. She is stunned by a sudden onslaught on her mind. The Knight pulls his sword and handily slashes the chain holding the amulet around Kore's neck. The amulet falls to the floor and Kore returns to her senses. The Knight and Kore both agree that the amulets need to be put away somewhere safe. Prime takes the amulets and puts them in a paper bag then places then on the Knight's outstretched shield.

The disturbance in Prime's quarters causes Melinda to sound an alert. Lazarus and Amethyst arrive on the scene shortly after the bagged amulets have been placed on the Knight's shield.

Lazarus, seeing no immediate danger, treats the Knight's shield as a serving platter and grabs the bag sitting on it. He smiles and jokingly says thanks for lunch then opens the bag. Kore snatches the bag from Lazarus' grasp and heads for the Sanctum. The Knight and Amethyst follow. Kore stores the amulets in a warded area of the Sanctum while the Knight and Amethyst look on.

Afterwards, the team meets in the common area and Amethyst tells them of four other amulets like the ones that Prime found and that the Wardens have encountered were associated with either the Olmetecs or Olmetecs' adversaries. The first one they encountered was worn by Rock, a former associate of the Wardens, who now lived with the Olmetecs. The second and third ones were worn by Hellfire and Brimstone, who attacked the North Bay estate accompanied by Olmetec Jaguar and Eagle knights. The fourth was worn by Dr. Rosa Melendez, a former professor at UC-Berkeley, who was now an Olmetec adversary. Dr. Melendez also ended up with Hellfire and Brimstone's amulets by stealing them from the Wardens.

The meeting adjourns for the evening and everyone goes their separate ways.

Prime spends the rest of the evening and late into the night working on the D-Ray. Kore watches over Prime and his work. From time to time, she brings him snacks and then picks up after the messy orange primate. When he feels it is ready for testing, he stops working and plans an outing to Golden Gate Park where previous dimensional gates had opened. His plans completed, Prime takes a nap to recharge so that he will be ready to tackle the testing later that afternoon. Kore looks over Prime's plans. As she heads for her residential suite, Kore wonders if she should tell him what she knows about dimensional travel and the known dimensions.

After waking, Prime starts getting everything ready for the test. Kore stops by to help get things ready then changes into her Miss Majestic outfit. All of the activity draws in the Knight, Amethyst and Lazarus. The group travels to the mainland in the Erne, then takes two of the team's unmarked SUVs to the park.

Prime sets up the D-Ray cosmic ray device in Golden Gate Park on the site of where two members of the Wardens Reserve had been found after returning from the future. After ensuring that all the power connections have been made and powering up the device, Prime presses the activates it and nothing happens. Prime reaches for a spanner and realizes that he has not brought his tools vest. Miss Majestic volunteers to fly him back to the headquarters to pick up his tools and some spare parts.

While they are gone, Amethyst walks around the park leaving the Knight and Lazarus standing guard over the D-Ray device. The Knight questions Lazarus' reasons for wearing a combat of known Grand Empire design and the two debate the issue until Lazarus mentions getting something to eat.

Lazarus suggests hot dogs and the Knight agrees, so Lazarus sets off in search of a hot dog vendor. He finds one and orders some hot dogs for himself and the Knight. When the vendor says it will be three bucks, Lazarus realizes he has no money. He asks the vendor's name and he says Nathan. Lazarus tries to convince Nathan to give him the hot dogs for his service to the community as a "superhero." Nathan looks at Lazarus for a few seconds and then says, "It that case, it will be three bucks."

Lazarus says he will be back and takes off at a trot. He gets back to where the Knight is waiting, borrows five dollars and heads back to Nathan's hot dog cart. He gets the hot dogs, a drink and some chips before heading back to rejoin the Knight.

Miss Majestic and Prime return to the park. He has brought along spare parts, tools, a crystal meteor shard and a mouse. Prime gives the mouse to the Knight to hold. When the Knight questions Prime why they need the mouse, Prime says it is a canary in a coal mine then babbles some about cosmic radiation exposure and mutational test subjects. While Prime prattles on and starting tinkering with the D-Ray device, Miss Majestic asks the Knight to hand her the mouse. The Knight jokingly asks the mouse if it wants to go to the Purple lady and the mouse shakes its head yes. The Knight gives the mouse to Miss Majestic after holding it for a few seconds she christens it, Picklesworth.

After he finishes tinkering with the device, Prime puts out some radiation warning signs. The Knight questions the need for tests using radiation in a public park and Prime tells him that the rift is here, so the test must be here. Prime turns to the device and activates it. There is a small wailing sound then the device shuts down without emitting any vision energy.

While Prime is trying to figure out what happened, Lazarus makes a comment about it failing again then jumps in front of the device and disappears.

Prime activates his glow globe and looks around. He finds no sign of any dimensional or temporal portal. He looks at the others and tells them that Lazarus is gone, probably to the future, and the portal has closed behind him. A heated discussion breaks out about what to do. It centers around how they could get to the future and rescue Lazarus. As the discussion is going on, it is suggested that this might be some kind of prank that Lazarus is pulling on the group but it is quickly dismissed.

After much discussion, its is decided that Amethyst and Miss Majestic will take Prime back to his lab at the headquarters, where he can start working on some means of getting Lazarus back home. Miss Majestic tries to get behind the wheel of the SUV, but Amethyst stops her. After everything is loaded in the SUV, Amethyst drives back to the Wardens' warehouse and vehicle storage facility at Pier 12.

The Knight decides to stay at the park and take a look around. As he is patrolling, the Knight sees the lower half of a body sticking out from under a hedgerow. Upon closer inspection, he finds that it is a whole body and is dressed in Lazarus' gear. The face is badly crushed, so he cannot be sure that it really is Lazarus. Still he comments, "Lazarus, you fool. You threw a hair dryer into that bathtub, too." The Knight throws Lazarus' body across the back of his horse and rides back to Pier 12, muttering and cursing in French for the duration of the trip.

When he arrives at Pier 12, the Knight calls headquarters and says that he has found Lazarus but he is dead again. He also asks for transport back to the base. Amethyst rides along in the Erne to pick up the Knight and Lazarus.

Once the body is back at the base, Prime examines it with his glow globe and finds no traces on extra-dimensional energies.

Blood is drawn for blood and DNA testing. The blood types as Lazarus' blood type and Dr. Miller tells the others that she will have the DNA test results in the morning.

There is a bit of a squabble and Prime's experiments causing Lazarus to be harmed. Prime shakes his head and comments as he is leaving the infirmary, "A feat of monumental stupidity, such as I have never seen before."

Dr. Miller hooks "Lazarus" up to her monitoring equipment then begins the DNA tests on the blood sample.

Run Date: 8/12/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 8/28/2007

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