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Base Urges - Session

Session: 19

A look at what happened during Session 19.

Session Entry

Game Date: 5/14/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Prime, Mortisha.

Adversary: Grand Empire

Kore asks Prime about the amulets and where he found them.

Prime dodges her query and starts bragging that he is preparing for possible problems from extra-dimensional portals opening in this dimension. Instead of putting the D-Ray on a satellite, Prime is mounting it in a robot for further testing. To ensure that it does not harm anyone around the area while it is performing tests, the robot will be equipped with devices to restrain the curious. If it should happen to find an open portal, it will release small animals and monitor them to determine if the dimension the portal is open to can support life forms from this dimension. He assures her that such procedures would cause no harm to the other dimension's ecosystem.

Kore again asks Prime about the amulets. Prime tells her that they were found in a flea market but he does not remember which one. But since they were found in a public place, he has had Melinda running searches for the appearance of people wearing the amulets in various local media sources. She questions how the search is going and Prime asks Melinda how the search is going. The preliminary results show only known individuals such as Rock and Professor Melendez wearing the amulets in pictures in the local media. Prime asks Melinda to extend the search to the national media, focusing on politicians, government officials and other VIPs.

Kore suggests a search of the flea markets that Prime has visited recently to determine if there are more of the amulets awaiting discovery. Kore suggests that the search could be expediting by using Delta-Vee as transport. He could fly slowly over the rows of the flea markets while Prime and Miss Majestic are using their abilities to locate other extra-dimensional items. Prime humors Kore by telling her that her suggestion is a good one but is interrupted before he can finish his statement by Kore saying good and calling Delta-Vee.

Amethyst receives a page about a call on the Wardens tip line and has Susan patch her into the tip line. A male voice says that he can provide extensive information on the Grand Empire. He wants a promise of Wardens' protection before he will consent to a meeting. Amethyst invites him to the headquarters but he says he would not survive the trip to Alcatraz because the Grand Empire would be looking for him to run there. He says that he wants to meet at the War Memorial. He gives her a time and place at the Memorial and asks that she come alone.

Lazarus gets into a tiff with Prime about the device test. Prime chides Lazarus for jumping in front of the D-Ray. Lazarus tells him he did not get transported to another dimension but did get an up close look at the front of a semi just before it hit him. Prime insists Lazarus was transported to another dimension. Lazarus questions why he ended up in front of a truck then and Prime responds if it was there in the other dimension then it would have hit Lazarus just as he had described being hit.

Amethyst interrupts their discussion by calling for a meeting in the common room to discuss the call from the tip line.

Kore, Prime, Lazarus and Delta-Vee meet with Amethyst in the common room. She tells them about the call to the tip line and the chance to get detailed information on the Grand Empire. The tipster wants the Wardens' protection in exchange for the information.

Prime says he is not sure they should take Lazarus with them because he might be possessed by the spirit from the amulet. The strange readings from Lazarus' "death coma" may have been because the amulet spirit had taken over Lazarus' body. Prime says that the spirit was very dangerous and he was not sure where it had gone after it had hopped out of Kore.

Delta-Vee looks at Prime and says, "Prime, if it hopped out of Kore, I'm sure if it tried to possess you that your super-evolved immune system destroyed it."

Lazarus assures everyone that he is Lazarus and not some spirit from an amulet. To further his case, he looks and Delta-Vee and says, "monkey in the microwave." Delta-Vee nods his head remembering his first encounter with Lazarus.

After a short discussion, it is decided that Amethyst will meet with the informant at the War Memorial while the other Wardens will dress in civilian attire and keep an eye on the meeting. Prime will monitor the meeting from one of the Wardens SUVs. Amethyst puts on a track suit over her costume then dons a baseball cap before heading out for the meeting.

Amethyst meets with the informant. He says that he is Charles Bennett, the aide to the Lord that holds San Francisco as his territory. He shows Amethyst a PDA and says that it contains the files that were downloaded from the Lord's command and control computer. The C&C computer is the one with direct links to the Grand Empire's databases and self-destructs when a Grand Empire base is raided. The PDA will be turned over to the Wardens when he is under their protection and has been paid $500,000. He says that they have been in the open for too long and need to go. Amethyst offers to take him to the headquarters but he says no, they will be looking for him to go there.

The team debates over their communicator link where to take Bennett. Prime tells the others that he has a secret tunnel that leads from Momma Mia's Pizzeria to a solitary cell in the prison on Alcatraz. The other just ignore him and continue debating. Prime is baffled that no one has reacted to his admission of having a secret tunnel from San Francisco to Alcatraz Island. He continues to babble on while the others finally decide to take Bennett to the North Bay estate.

Amethyst escorts Bennett into her SVU then heads for North Bay. The second SVU falls in behind her. After they have crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, Bennett has Amethyst stop. He gets out and insists that Delta-Vee fly him to North Bay. It is agreed that having Delta-Vee fly Bennett to North Bay would be faster and less open to attack than continuing the trip in the SUVs.

Delta-Vee takes off with Bennett headed for North Bay.

Amethyst calls in the Pegasus to take them to North Bay and bring drivers to take the SUVs back to the garage. She also places a call to North Bay to let Leif know to expect visitors.

Prime, suspecting a trick, calls the security force commander at the headquarters and warns him of a possible attack on the base by the Grand Empire. The security force commander puts the base on alert.

Once everyone has arrived at North Bay, the group questions Bennett.

He gives them the PDA and reveals the first password. It allows access to information on the local Grand Empire base. He tells the team that he will give the second password once he is at his chosen destination and has been compensated.

Prime questions what will happen to the data files on the Grand Empire if Bennett gets shot before he reveals the second password. Delta-Vee replies, "Prime, that information is in the PDA. If he gets shot before he gives us the password, I'm sure your super-evolved computer skills can crack it."

During questioning, Bennett reveals that he was born Carlos and Anglicized his name when he moved to the United States, the local lord is Lord Stevenson and Grand Lord Norden is his liege lord, the Hydes were shipped in from South America, the local base is located in a business park in San Jose under the name of the Stevenson Company and most of the technology used by the Grand Empire is built or designed by DuValren Industries.

When asked why he turned on the Grand Empire, Bennett replies that Lord Stevenson has gone over the edge. Since the failure of Project Salvaje, he lost his grip on reality and has made live very difficult for everyone under his command. His base urges were coming out and it was getting harder and harder to avoid becoming a target for his rages. Bennett finishes with the statement that it was time to get out while he still had some control over his future and to avoid going to prison.

When the questioning is done, Bennett verifies that the funds have been transferred to his numbered account. He then tells Delta-Vee that it is time for another flight. Once airborne, Bennett instructs Delta-Vee to head for Yellowknife in Canada. When they arrive over Yellowknife, Bennett directions Delta-Vee to a hunting cabin northwest of town. At the cabin, Bennett gives Delta-Vee the second password for the PDA.

Mortisha's last memory was of a fight in Japan. She had been fleeing the Beast, one of the ancient ones. A storm was raging around them and the Beast had her backed up against a cliff. She remembered the pain of his claws ripping into her, she remembered falling then she remembered nothing until waking up on the beach of a rocky shoreline. She could see the skyline of a city past the rocks of the shore. Mortisha smiled with recognition, it had been a long time and the skyline had some changes but the pyramid gave it away, she was back in San Francisco.

Delta-Vee and the rest of the Wardens return to their base on Alcatraz. They discover that all of the other files on the PDA are encrypted. In order to get the most out of the data in the shortest amount of time, they disseminate the encrypted files to the FSS, Orion, Interpol and all Radley-Gold groups.

After some time to dry out, she headed into the city. A newspaper she found showed her that she had been "dead at sea" for a little over ten years. It also showed her a picture of an old acquaintance, Lazarus. The article said that he had been seen in the company of the Wardens. It did not take long to learn that the Wardens were the local paranormal group and that their headquarters was on Alcatraz Island. Mortisha set out for Alcatraz, even if Lazarus was no longer around, she thought that she might be of some assistance to the Wardens. A stay with the Wardens would allow her catch up on the last ten years and provide a relatively safe haven should the Beast find her again

Lazarus is summoned from the meeting by a call from Susan telling him he had a visitor in the lobby.

Lazarus is surprised to see Mortisha and invites her to the conference room. He calls the other Wardens and they assemble in the conference room to meet Mortisha. Lazarus introduces her as a long time associate. Mortisha nods and asks how she may be of service. Catching Lazarus smiling, she gives him a sideways glance and says, "not in that way."

Prime asks if she is a paranormal. Lazarus says she has talents. Prime asks if she gives people headaches like Lazarus. This starts a spat between Lazarus and Prime. Lazarus with a look of concentration on his face stares at Prime and comments about given people headaches.

While the banter continues back and forth, Mortisha speaks up "I am in the room, you can ask."

Prime looks at her and tells her if she sees radiation signs around an experimental cosmic ray device don't jump in front of it like Lazarus. He also warns her to not push the red button on the microwave in the common area. Prime then goes back to lambasting Lazarus with Lazarus giving back as good as he gets.

When there is a lull in the exchange, Delta-Vee says to Mortisha, "Prime's super-evolved ways are often hard for us less evolved beings to understand."

Prime replies to Delta-Vee, "A wise precaution to warn her of this."

Amethyst then asks Mortisha if her abilities are like Lazarus' abilities. She replies some are but some are not. Mortisha goes on the explain that unlike Lazarus, she can sap the vitality of a living being and give it to another. Delta-Vee is noticeably distressed by this and asks if she kills people. Miss Majestic comments that she more that likely leaves then half-dead and half-alive. Mortisha states that she does not try to do permanent harm to other living beings and most recover from her abilities with no real lingering effects. After her verbal dodge, Mortisha makes a mental note to be very careful with how she uses her abilities around the Wardens.

At Lazarus' request, Mortisha is given guest quarters at the Wardens' headquarters.

The team returns to the common area and resumes their discussion about how to handle the local Grand Empire base. Amethyst removes her mask and says that she would be willing to go undercover to infiltrate the Grand Empire base. She says that since the Grand Empire is posing as a business her experience as a lawyer could be used as part of her cover. After further discussion, the group decides to move fast and strike now against the local Grand Empire base before they realize that Bennett is missing.

The Wardens request assistance from the FSS to cordon off the building to keep the public out and the Grand Empire agents in. Once the FSS teams are ready, the Wardens head towards the Grand Empire's base aboard the Pegasus. The raid on the building is coordinated with the FSS' establishment of a cordon around the area.

The assault is quick and the Wardens capture Lord Stevenson with very little effort. The command and control computer is found in a secure storage closet with its internal components burned out.

Run Date: 8/25/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 10/14/2007

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