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and the Aftermath - Session

Session: 2

A look at what happened during Session 2.

Session Entry

Game Date: 5/2/2004  - 5/3/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Mr. Gray, Alacran, Kika, Nexus, Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Kitsune, Boost, Cynthia Miles (Scorpion), Solana Amendola (Fortaleza), David Starling, Amanda Amayeta Ravenschild (Litonya).

Back at the base, Starling asks the team and guests to join him in the conference room. Sinjin says he will be there after he takes Cynthia to the infirmary. At the infirmary, Cynthia is sedated after being examined by Dr. Saveda. Nexus is also taken to the infirmary where the medical staff hooks him up to the monitors that we used the last time that he had been in a coma. Mr. Gray declines Starling's invitation and goes to his room.

Kika, Sara, Mark, Amethyst, Sir William and Litonya join Starling in the conference room. Starling comments that once Sinjin is there he wants to talk to the team before the debriefing begins. Sir William asks if the debriefing will consist of removing one's underwear or a sharing of information. He is assured that it will be a sharing of information by Sara.

Mark asks Sir William where his horse went. Sir William says that he is sure that a stable hand had taken the steed. Sir William also thanks Mark for reminding him so that he can see that the stable hand is compensated for his work. A debate ensures between Sir William, Mark and Sara about the horse and its "ghostly" nature. Sir William assures them that the horse is nothing out of the ordinary, while Mark and Sara stress the "ghostly" appearance of the beast. Sir William amends his previous statement says that the horse is not ordinary, but a fine example of a prime warhorse. Sinjin enters the conference as Mark and Sara start to press Sir William on his claims and the matter is dropped.

Starling stands and addresses the group. He explains that he and Litonya were in the city to visit the Wardens. When they were notified by Adam about the alert they responded to render assistance. Now that the immediate crisis was over the purpose for their visit could be revealed. Starling tells the team that he and Litonya are going away to attend to some personal business. The nature of the business is very dangerous and he wanted to notify someone in case they do not return. A coded time locked file has been transmitted to Adam with the details. If the time that the file is coded for passes, then the contents will be accessible to group and they can take whatever action they deem necessary. Starling says that he and Litonya will spend the night at the headquarters and that he will make rounds to heal the injured before he retires for the night. Starling turns the meeting over to Sinjin then he and Litonya leave the conference room.

Sinjin starts to talk about the missing Wardens. He mentions that their communication set locators are not transmitting. He concludes that either they have been turned off, destroyed or, knowing Void's abilities, taken to another dimension or time. Adam has run several scans and based on the nature of the signals disappearance, Sinjin concludes that the third possibility is the most likely. Sir William says that he will render whatever aid he can in apprehending the felons and seeing that they are hanged. Sara looks and Sir William and states that, "We don't hang people." She then go on the explain that criminals are captured and turned over to the authorities for a proper trial and appropriate punishment. Sir William nods his head and say, "Yes, that is what I meant." Sinjin starts to press on with the meeting when Sara suggests that they call it a night. Everyone needs to rest and they could resume in the morning. Sinjin starts to protest then looks around the table at the others and agrees with Sara. The meeting is adjourned.

Sir William and Amethyst are asked to stay the night and attend the meeting in the morning. When they agree, each is shown to a guest residential suite and given a quick tour of their accommodations.

Sir William asks about visiting a chapel. Raul, his security force escort, explains that there is not a chapel in the headquarters. Sir William asks if there is one in Alcatraz. Raul says there is and, after getting permission from his superior, escorts Sir William to the chapel. The knight spends about an hour praying before returning to his quarters.

Amethyst taking advantage of the computer access in the suite does some research on Void. When all Melinda's searches return are newspaper articles about Void, Amethyst is very frustrated. She thought that the Wardens would have better access to information on one of their foes. Then she realizes there probably is better information but she is not cleared to access it.

Sara stops by Jaxton's room to visit him and is informed by Susan that Jaxton does not wish to be disturbed. Sara then goes to the infirmary to check up on Cynthia and finds that she is sedated and resting.

As he had promised earlier, Starling makes rounds attending to the injured. Sara, Jaxton and Kika are almost fully healed after his visit. Starling makes one more round in the morning and bringing everyone back to fully strength.

The next morning, Kika, Mark, Sara, Amethyst and Sir William arrive at the conference room for the meeting. They find Jaxton sitting at the head of table with his back turned to the table with Sinjin sitting to his left and Fortaleza to his right.

Everyone takes a seat and the meeting starts.

Jaxton turns around to face the table and those who have seen him before are shocked to see that he has aged and now looks like an old man. He explains that his aging is a result of the encounter with Void. Jaxton goes on to explain that he is no longer physically able to continue as a member of the Wardens and resigns from his role as field commander. Jaxton then turns the meeting over to Sinjin and leaves the room.

Sinjin tells the team that Cynthia will be unable to continue in her role as leader of the Wardens. He also says that he will not be able to continue in an active role with the Wardens. He then looks at the others seated around the table and tells them that they are the future of the Wardens. It will be up to each one of them to decide if they are ready to assume the mantle of the protectors of San Francisco. Knowing that the public would be more comfortable with a known team member as leader of the group, Sinjin volunteers to be the public "leader" of the Wardens. He then goes on to say that someone would have to take the role of field commander and that they would be the real leader of the group. Sinjin turns the meeting over to the others so that they can decide what they want to do then leaves the room.

After Sinjin leaves, Kika, Mark, Sara, Amethyst and Sir William agree to take up the mantle of the Wardens. They then begin discussion of who should be the field commander. Kika, Mark and Sara say that Nexus is the most experienced and would probably be the best field commander, if he wasn't in a coma. Amethyst admits that she is new to her power and would not be a good candidate to be leader. Sir William tells the other that he has lead men in combat and would be willing to do it again.

Thus began the grilling of the knight by Mark and Sara. When asked if he had been in the service by Mark, Sir William replied that he had and then replied the Army. "Cavalry?" asked Mark. To which Sir William replied yes and that he also learned to ride a horse. Mark mentions that the Cavalry no longer uses horses. Sir William replies that that is correct and the information about learning to ride horses was just an additional thing he learned in his spare time while in the Army.

During the questioning, Sir William reveals that he is from Louisiana and that his parents were killed in a car accident. But will not reveal specifics. Mark and Sara seem to feel that Sir William is hiding something and comment on this several times during the questioning. There seem to be several times that Sir William has to stop and think about his answers and also some inconsistencies in his answers. Sara comes very close on several occasions to calling Sir William a liar.

Finally when she has had enough, Kika steps in. She tells Mark and Sara that they should lighten up. If Sir William wishes to keep some secrets then he should be allowed to, "after all I still wear my mask around everyone." She goes on to say that it all comes down to trust and trust is something that should be earned. Sir William should be judged by his actions and not his words. If he has secrets then he has secrets, as long as those secrets do not harm the group then they are his to reveal or not reveal. Kika then looks around the room at the others before sitting down.

Sara says that the group needs to know each other better when it comes to actions. She suggests that the team take a break and get together for a workout that afternoon. Everyone agrees and the meeting is adjourned.

Sir William wants to order a pizza for lunch. Mark suggests that Sir William might want to try some other types of food and invites him back to his residential suite. When Sir William walks into Mark's suite, he sees a gymnastics competition playing on the viewing wall. Mark points out that his boyfriend is one of the competitors and identifies Randy. There is a little bit of discussion about lifestyles and offending the other and in the end Sir William states, "I am not offended, I just don't swing that way." Mark and Sir William try some of Mark's snacks including wasabi peas. Sir William after noticing the variety of snacks tended toward healthy foods asks Mark if he is a health nut. Mark explains a little bit about his background and how the accident changed him, going from a little bit of fluff to buff. Mark says the one thing that he regrets about his powers is that he cannot go to Randy's competitions. When Sir William asks why, Mark explains that he does not want to be accused of cheating, aiding Randy or hindering his competition.

Later that afternoon, Kika, Kitsune, Amethyst, Fortaleza, Boost and Sir William gather in the workout room. Jaxton observes from the observation room. After everyone has had a chance to limber up, Jaxton asks Sir William and Amethyst to do a couple of gauging activities to get some measurements of there abilities. Boost notices a faint glow and increase in Sir William's bio-field energies when his sword strikes the wall. Boost sees Amethyst as a powerhouse based on her bio-field.

Sir William suggests capture the pizza as a contest. Put a pizza in the corner and he defends while each of the others tries to get the pizza. Jaxton suggests just trying to reach the corner while Sir William defends. First up is Kitsune, she charges at Sir William and just before reaching him changes into a fox and attempts to dive between his legs. Sir William manages to pin the fox to the ground with his shield. Next is Amethyst, she charges at Sir William. Just before running into to him she jumps. Sir William makes a desperate attempt to grab her legs as she flies over him but misses. Amethyst tucks into a ball, lands then rolls to her feet in the corner. Boost goes next and after a little bit of powering up charges at Sir William. The knight manages to get a grip on Boost, but ends up getting shrugged off as Boost reaches the corner.

The team is discussing what to do next and had almost decided on some one on one combats when Kika says, "Boys against the girls." Everyone agrees and the teams divide up, Kitsune, Kika and Amethyst on one side with Boost, Fortaleza and Sir William on the other. The rules are agreed upon as first hit, then Kika says they should go all out instead. All agree.

A quick strategy session follows amongst the girls and it is decided that Kitsune would neutralize Fortaleza, while Kika took out Sir William and Amethyst tackled Boost. On the guys side, Fortaleza says he will take out Kika while Sir William and Boost take out the grounded girls. Boost warns Sir William about Kitsune's illusion abilities and Kika's tactics.

The fight ensues. Boost attacks Amethyst with an agility drain. Kitsune has an illusions of a bulked up version of herself jump up and attack Fortaleza. Realizing that Kitsune's beast form isnít really hurting him, Fortaleza blasts Kika. Kika blasts Sir William but does no real damage. Sir William closes with Kitsune and tries to shield slam her but misses. Amethyst closes with boost and lands a mighty punch that sends him crashing to the floor. As the combat goes on, Kitsune turns her attention to Sir William and projects an illusion of herself standing naked in front of him asking if he really wanted to attack her. Boost fights a retreating battle against Amethyst using his optic nerve paralyzer to blind her. Amethyst swings blindly and misses him. Fortaleza blasts Kika again with Kika blasting Sir William again. Sir William looks upon the naked form of Kitsune and starts to strike her with his sword. Just before he can land his blow, he feels compelled to hold off. The wanton woman does not need to be attacked, but given a chance to turn from her wanton ways. Sir William offers Kitsune quarter if she will given up her brazen ways. When she refuses, Sir William still finds himself at odds with attacking her. Frustrated he turns his attention towards Kika. He flexes his knees and prepares to jump at the flying girl. Just as he brings his sword up to lead his attack, a blast flies from the sword knocking Kika from the air. Sir William cries out, "What is this, that is not supposed to happen."

Jaxton calls a halt to the exercise and orders Boost to check on Kika. Boost finds that Kika is groggy but does not appear to be injured.

Sir William is dumbfounded and asks who did this to him. Kitsune says that the others did nothing and that the blast came from him. Sir William says that that cannot be for he is not a sorceror. Kitsune says that she is not a sorceror either but she can change into a fox or her Kitsune form and also affect a person's mind. That is the nature of paranormals, Sir William insists that he is not a paranormal but just a man. Boost tells him that the evidence seems to say otherwise.

The discussion continues on with Sir William, Boost and Kitsune while the others watch the spectacle.

After a while, Jaxton calls an end to the session and everyone goes about their way.

Run Date: 6/15/2005

Record Last Changed Date: 6/26/2005

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