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Gremlins and Storms - Session

Session: 20

A look at what happened during Session 20.

Session Entry

Game Date: 5/29/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael, Miss Majestic, Prime

Adversary: "Gremlins", Sturmgräfin, Sturmpanzer

The Knight returns from his sabbatical and is reviewing activity logs from while he was away to catch up on what had been happening in his absence. He is very upset to find that Prime has created a tunnel from Wardens headquarters on Alcatraz to a pizza parlor in San Francisco. He is headed to confront Prime when an alert sounds. The FSS reports a conflict at a South San Francisco office park between a robot and "gremlins."

The group boards the Pegasus and heads out. Delta-Vee says that he will be flying directly to the scene. Prime tells everyone that the robot is harmless. The Knight asks him how does he know this and Prime replies that he built it. He goes on to explain that the robot is a scout model and is only equipped with non-lethal weaponry.

Delta-Vee is upset to only be learning information about the robot after something has happened and replies sarcastically via communicator, "Prime, those of us who are not super-evolved, engage in an activity called 'communication.' Try it some time. I know it will be difficult for you, since we operate on different levels. Please, try to stoop to our level."

Delta-Vee arrives at the scene and after listening, he heads for the sounds of combat. While trying to locate the robot and "gremlins," Delta-Vee asks Adam to check the GPS coordinates for any events of previous events involving the Wardens. Adam responds that the location is very near where Void and the Kronians had had a conflict.

Prime comments via communicator that that makes sense as the robot was programmed to investigate sites where there had been dimensional or temporal rifts. If it found an open rift it could investigate and if it encountered hostiles it could close the dimensional/temporal portals using a new version of the D-Ray.

Delta-Vee spots the robot surrounded by little black creatures. The robot is trying to engage the "gremlins" with its rubber ball guns and net projectors but does not seem to be having any success. Delta-Vee asks Prime if there is any way to turn the robot off. Prime says that there is, but the robot will only respond to him. Delta-Vee mumbles a few choice words about his super-evolved teammate.

The Pegasus lands the Wardens near Delta-Vee's GPS signal and the group scrambles to the scene. Prime is the first on the scene and gives a description of the "gremlins" to the team. He then asks Melinda to research the description for possible previous encounters with the "gremlins." Based on the description the Knight and Amethyst recognize them as smaller versions of the Obsidian Stalkers that the Wardens had encountered twice previously and they warn the other team members.

While the team is closing in, the "gremlins" surround the robot and start to close in.

Prime steps out of the shadows next to Delta-Vee and greets the little black creatures, "Greetings, beings from another dimension. If you'll calm down we'll peacefully discuss your visit here."

The "gremlins" attack and quickly dismember the robot leaving it in pieces on the ground.

Prime looks up at Delta-Vee and comments, "What an interesting approach to first contact."

The rest of the team arrives on the scene and battle with the "gremlins." Delta-Vee pins them in by flying a tight circle around them. Prime entangles one of the creatures. It breaks free just in time to be skewered by the Knight. Miss Majestic blasts another before Amethyst jumps in amongst the small creatures and in an explosion of violet light fells all the remaining "gremlins."

Amethyst turns to Prime and asks him if he wants any of the bio-polymer ceramic pieces that had comprised the "gremlins." When he says no, she turns the Knight and asks him to collect up the pieces while commenting, "I asked Prime first, since we never get anything back once he gets it."

Prime, after a quick search of the area by himself and the Knight turn up no more "gremlins," comments that the robot seemed to have contained the threat. To which the Knight replies, "Yes, they were and you may thank Delta-Vee for doing your containment for you! I want you to buy Delta-Vee a steak dinner in appreciation."

Prime then states emphatically that Amethyst's attackers are from another dimension as the robot had discovered. Delta-Vee asks that if that is true, which one? Prime says that he will have to analyze the sensor data from the robot. Delta-Vee comments that the data will then be open to Prime's interpretations and Prime replies, "Yes, my interpretations." Delta-Vee insists upon a review of the sensor data by an unbiased third party. Prime dismisses his request by saying that non one else would be able to understand the data nor interpret it.

The discussion devolves into an argument between Prime, Delta-Vee, Miss Majestic and the Knight over Prime irresponsibly releasing the robot upon an unsuspecting public. Delta-Vee and the Knight chastise Prime repeatedly while Miss Majestic tries to defend Prime by saying she worked with him on the robot and it was safe. Delta-Vee tells Miss Majestic that she should have warned the Wardens about what Prime was doing.

The Knight then comments on Prime other irresponsible acts specifically the tunnel into the base from a pizza parlor in San Francisco. Prime quickly corrects him saying that the tunnel does not lead into the base, it leads into the prison. The Knight continues to chastise Prime before concluding his diatribe with an oath of rebuke, saying, "I swear by Almighty God and Saint Michael, if I find an unauthorized pizza delivery boy within the confines of Alcatraz, I shall thrash you soundly!"

After listening to the others carry on for a while, Amethyst asks Prime if there are anymore robots and he replies, not here. She asks where and Prime replies South America. Amethyst asks how did they get there? The Knight interjects, "Walk? Fly? Teleport?" watching Prime shake his head to each option as it is said the Knight look at the furry orange primate and says, "UPS?" Prime nods and admits to sending the robots to South America via UPS.

Amethyst resumes questioning Prime about the robots in South America and he reveals that they are scout-bots. More heavily armed that the one that was running around San Francisco. Delta-Vee says that what Prime has done could be considered an act of war.

The Knight shakes his head in disbelief and exclaims, "You are the first super-evolved being to deliver his doom to another nation with its own UPS tracking number."

Prime insists that the robots will not cause a war as they are programmed to hunt down and destroy Grand Empire installations as well as look for the Professor and cosmic meteor fragments.

The Knight once again chastises Prime shouting "Prime, for a super-evolved being, you have a remarkable lack of foresight when it comes to the repercussions of your own actions!"

Prime still does not seem to realize the possible consequences of releasing the robots and remarks that the robots will be able to complete their mission without detection as they use stealth technology.

Delta-Vee pleads with Amethyst while looking at Prime, "Amethyst can I please take him to the moon?... No, maybe Io."

The Knight throws in, "Prime with your idea of stealth, the robots will be international celebrities within the week!"

Prime says that the others are being "completely unreasonable." Prime insists that he has been forthcoming in providing the Wardens with information of his experiments and had even warned them not to press the red button on the microwave in the headquarters common area kitchen. "Just because you don't listen to what I say doesn't mean I didn't say it."

The Knight again questions him about the tunnel.

Prime says that the tunnel is hidden on the San Francisco end and can be sealed soon, because it will not be needed when the microwave is finished as they will be able to teleport pizza in. Delta-Vee questions how this will be possible and Prime says, "Via the unified microwave theory, all microwaves are one and the same." Delta-Vee looks at Prime and says, "Explain it to me... remember... I don't have a highly evolved intellect." Prime launches into a lecture on how the microwave once modified will be able to get pizzas from other microwaves. He goes on to explain that it will not be limited to pizzas, but that is the first test snack. Delta-Vee clarifies that the microwave will be able to take things from other microwaves and Prime says that is the desired result. Delta-Vee then questions what if someone puts a pizza in a microwave and then just before the red button is pressed replaces it with a nuclear device. Prime ensures him that there is no danger of that happening due to the "tastiness gauge, a nuclear device wouldn't taste good and therefore would not be fetched by the microwave." He goes on to explain that he has started work on the tastiness gauge but would as soon as the microwave is able to fetch snacks. Prime says it will be wonderful, "tasty snacks at the push of a button." Delta-Vee says that it sounds like the modified microwave would be stealing, depriving hungry folks of the food they bought and paid for, it would be stealing. The Knight pipes in that stealing cannot be condoned and that stealing from the poor, which the microwave could do, was even more deplorable. Prime said that that would not happen, in addition to the tastiness gauge, the device would also have an evilness gauge that scanned for microwaves used by evil persons and took from them, "theft is justified if stealing from evil."

The team boards the Pegasus and returns to the base.

Delta-Vee flies ahead arriving at the base before the others. He goes to the common area kitchen and takes the modified microwave to Prime's quarters. He leaves it just inside the door and instructs Susan to notify Amethyst and the Knight if anything is attempting to be removed from Prime's quarters whether it is being removed by someone or is moving on its own. He flies to his apartment in Berkeley.

Prime heads toward his lab to review the recording that the robot had made during its encounter with the "gremlins." He observes no obvious gate at the encounter site. The recording also shows that the robot was not able to hit the "gremlins" with its capture nets or rubber ball guns. The transmission ends when the gremlins attack the robot.

Prime reports to Amethyst that the robot did not record any data of value in regards to the "gremlins" or their dimension.

Miss Majestic catches up with Prime and they go looking for the microwave. When they do not find it in the common area kitchen, Prime asks Susan where the microwave is at. Susan informs him that it was in his quarters. Prime and Miss Majestic remove the microwave from his quarters and head for his lab.

Susan alerts Amethyst and the Knight that per instructions from Delta-Vee, they are being informed that Prime has removed the modified microwave from his residential suite. The Knight tells Amethyst that he will check up on what is going on.

The Knight catches up with Prime and Miss Majestic. Prime tells him that he is moving the microwave to his lab where it will be safe. The Knight goes along with them and watches as they put the microwave in the cosmic toaster lab area. Prime tells the cosmic toaster to engage guardian mode before closing the door its lab area. Prime reassures the Knight that all is well and good now and the microwave is safe.

The Knight leaves Prime's lab heading for home. On his way out of the base, he asks Susan to monitor the comings and goings from Prime's quarters and lab. After arriving at his apartment, the Knight prays and then retires for the evening. His mind is filled with thoughts of seeing Bridie the next day after being away for so long making it hard for him to rest but eventually he does get to sleep

After the Knight is gone, Prime tells Miss Majestic, "Just so you know, the toaster doesn't actually respond to verbal commands. That was just to get the Knight to go away. He doesn't really understand technology. He is just a poor boy from Louisiana."

The next day, Randy heads to the Ramon Marcel Community Center for the annual Memorial Day neighborhood picnic. He is surprised to find several police cars and an evidence van at the center upon his arrival. He sees Dr. Cho and Mandy talking with a detective that he recognized as a frequent volunteer at the center. When Mandy sees him, she leaves the doctor talking with the detective and comes over. She tells him that the center had been vandalized during the night. Nothing bad just some damage to a few areas of the center. Mandy also tells him that now that he is here he can unleash his cheerleaders to find the bad guys and go Buffy on them. Randy heads into the center and sees that several office and door windows have been shattered. He also finds that the staff lockers have been broke into and several warm-up suits including his are gone.

Amethyst is riding on the Alcatraz Foundation float in the Memorial Day parade when an armored figure with a cannon on his shoulder fires at her from the crowd. The shot misses her, but hits a building across the street. Realizing that many innocents are in danger, Amethyst sends a red alert to the other Wardens and dives off the float to pursue her attacker.

William gets the alert while he is having his reunion with Bridie. He tells her it is an emergency, tenderly kisses her and says goodbye. Once out of sight of the apartment, he changes into the Knight and rides like hell toward the scene.

Amethyst closes with her attacker as his cannon swivels to her left to take aim at the crowd fleeing in panic. She jumps in front of the cannon just before it fires. The shell hits her squarely in the chest channeling most of the blast effects back at her armored adversary knocking him to the ground. As she steps up to grab him, Amethyst is swept into a wall by a very strong gust of wind. Looking up she sees Sturmgräfin hovering above the rooftops.

Randy gets the alert just after the cheerleaders' performance at the picnic, he excusing himself and tells the team that he will back later. He ducks into one of the center's locker rooms, quickly puts on his Delta-Vee gear and flies off.

Amethyst pounces onto Sturmpanzer only to be thrown into the wall again by Sturmgräfin's storm winds. This time the wall gives way and collapses on top of her. She digs herself out of the rubble to find Sturmgräfin flying off with Sturmpanzer.

The Knight arrives on the scene just in time to see the criminals fleeing.

Delta-Vee sees Sturmgräfin carrying Sturmpanzer from the scene. He follows after the pair managing to avoid Sturmgräfin's attempts to force him into the ground. The pair lands at and ducks into a shopping mall in San Jose. Delta-Vee is unable to locate them in the crowd. He reports back to Amethyst that Sturmgräfin and Sturmpanzer have escaped.

Run Date: 9/8/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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