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Night Quest - Session

Session: 21

A look at what happened during Session 21.

Session Entry

Game Date: 7/3/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Prime, Shane (Mystic).

The Knight goes to Prime's lab to meet with him. He tells Prime about seeing Displacer grab Lazarus when he jumped in front of the D-Ray device. Prime shakes his head at the new information and replies, "He was still incredibly stupid."

Prime then changes the subject telling the Knight that he has some new research ideas and would not be building anymore mechanical robots. The Knight is somewhat relieved until Prime mentions building energy robots out of stable energy and that they will be like the 'gremlins' only better. Prime then goes on to exclaim that it will be a simple matter for the 'Master of Cosmic Energy' and that there are no others in the world like him.

Prime continues to ramble on about his experiments. He tells the Knight that he is almost done with pizza and snack fetching microwave. It is only a matter of time before it is perfected and is completely safe, "After all, we don't want anymore irradiated pizza boys." "You irradiated a pizza boy!?," yells the Knight. "No... I didn't... a professor at the university did, but he still delivers pizza," replies Prime. William shakes his head wondering at the behavior of the intellects. As he heads for the door, the Knight hears Prime mumbling something about fighting crime and a green frog.

The Knight speaks with Kore about the injured girl he had found and the taint of evil from her wounds. They go to infirmary where Kore examines the girl. She senses magic on the girl, not very powerful and earth-based as well as some type of protective aura. Kore tells the Knight and they decide to call Armstrong about the girl and their findings. Armstrong invites them up to the estate where they discuss the girl. Based on Kore's findings, Armstrong says that the girl practices witchcraft and is probably a member of a local coven. The evil taint to her wounds is death magic, possibly necromancy. The protective aura is most likely her coven leader trying to protect her from the wielder of the death magic.

Lazarus runs into Prime in the break room and Prime tells him about the Knight's revelation about Displacer. The Knight and Kore returning from the Moorland estate walk into the breakroom as Prime is talking with Lazarus. The Knight confirms the information about Displacer grabbing Lazarus and also reveals that Displacer is a mercenary criminal for hire. Lazarus says if that is the case he wonders who hired him and that it can probably be tracked by following the money trail. Miss Majestic suggests that the Grand Empire hired Displacer to get rid of "John Battle" as Lazarus had borne a resemblance to him when he was attacked.

Kore and the Knight invite Prime and Lazarus to help them find a witch. They go on to explain about the injured girl and needing to find her coven leader. Prime asks, "Isn't true that if you dunk a witch she turns into a toad?" Lazarus and Kore both reply, no, at the same time. Kore queries Lazarus, "How do you know?" To which he replies, "I was there."

The plan is for Lazarus and the Knight to search from the ground while Prime working with Miss Majestic will search from the air. The Knight will be alert for any "evil" auras that might indicate the presence of the being that attacked the girl. Miss Majestic will be on the lookout for any magics in the area.

Lazarus asks about what the girl was wearing when she was brought in and the results of any testing done on her. Melinda replies that her clothing had no labels and appeared to be homemade sewn from hemp and linen fabrics. There are no fingerprints on record for the girl and she was not carrying any id when found.

Lazarus suggests some type of deception to lure the coven leader out of hiding. Miss Majestic dismisses the idea saying that people who deal with magic aren't dumb and wouldn't fall for such tricks. Miss Majestic goes to say no deception is needed just a straight forward patrol, we will either find her or she will find us.

While patrolling, Miss Majestic senses magic nearby. It is different from the witch or death magic wielder and she starts tracking its source. She tells the others then points out a boy who looks to be in his teens as the source of the aura. The Knight looks at the boy and sees a flash of evil then it is gone. The boy seeing the interest the group is taking in him runs into an alley. Lazarus follows and says to the boy, "Come with me if you want to live." The boy replies, "Take my money... please don't shoot me!" The boy then starts to shake and jerk as he features begin to change. Lazarus hears him say, "You're going to regret this."

Lazarus watches as the boy transforms into a 'demon' with blue skin and hair, glowing yellow eyes, a long pointed tail ending in some kind of stinger, sharp teeth and sharp claws on his hands and feet.

The Knight as he rides into the alley, sees another flash of evil as he confronts the 'demon.' Prime looks at the 'demon' and asks, "Is this what a coven of witches look like?" He then leaps from Miss Majestic's back to one of the alley walls above the Knight, Lazarus and the 'demon.' Lazarus steps in front of the Knight before he can bring his lance down to strike the 'demon.' It jumps into the air and starts skittering along the wall. The 'demon' stops abruptly just short of running into Prime. Who says, "Hello, are you from the infernal reaches of hell?" To wit, the 'demon' retorts, "Maybe... want to find out?" Miss Majestic tries to grab Prime as she flies by and misses. Lazarus yells, "Stand down!!! Wait!!! Let's talk about this first!" The Knight points his lance at the 'demon' and yells stop. Expecting a blast of 'holy light' to issue forth from the end of his lance, the Knight is confounded when nothing happens.

Lazarus tries to talk the 'demon' down. He remembers seeing a similar creature a long time ago in Glasgow, Scotland that the huntsmen pursuing it had referred to as a gargoyle. The creature was being hunted after being spotted in the vicinity where several sheep and a child had disappeared over the last few days. The huntsmen found and killed the creature. Then the child was found alive several days later. Lazarus did not want another misunderstanding to lead to the death of this gargoyle.

The 'demon' leaps down to the fire escape and hangs upside down by his tail in front of Lazarus. Prime follows it down all the while talking very slowly to the 'demon.' It looks at Prime and says, "I'm not stupid." Miss Majestic hovers above Lazarus and begins conversing with the 'demon.' Prime tries to convince the 'demon' that the Wardens are trustworthy by showing it pictures and press clippings of the group, mostly Prime, in action. The 'demon' looks quizzically at Prime and asks, "You want me to trust you, a three foot tall orange fur ball?" Prime replies, "Of course, after all we are superheroes." The 'demon' laughs then says, "I always wanted to be saved by a fur ball."

The tension quickly dissipates and a discussion between the 'demon' and the group ensues. The 'demon' explains that it is a being known as Mystics and is called Mystic. Lazarus explains that the group is searching for a coven of witches that is being pursued by a great evil. The Knight had saved a young woman that was believed to be a witch and they were now trying to find the coven leader.

Prime begins babbling about some of the other adventures that the Wardens have been on and invites Mystic to join with them in finding the witches. Mystic replies, "I will help you if you help me," and goes on to explain that he is looking for information on other Mystics. All the while Prime continues to babble and finally annoys Mystic to the point that he looks at Lazarus and says, "Do you want me to shut him up?" Mystic then smiles widely baring his sharp teeth and Prime shuts up. Lazarus tells Mystic about his encounter with a gargoyle/mystic in Scotland but is careful to leave out the creature's fate. Mystic asks if it was a brother or sister and Lazarus states it was a male.

Mystic says it is probably best if he were to get off the streets before people start to take an interest in him. Prime does not seem to understand Mystic's desire to get out of the public's eye and says, "It is not like you committed a crime. It is not illegal to have a tail and be a bright color." The group offers to let Mystic stay at their Alcatraz island headquarters. The Knight says that they can take him to Alcatraz then continue to patrol in search of the coven. Amethyst asks if they should leave Mystic alone at the base. Prime replies, "He has a tail, sure we can trust him."

The team and Mystic arrive back at FSS Pier 12. When Mystic realizes that the Wardens headquarters is surrounded by water, he announces that he does not want to go on the water. There is much debate over Mystic's fear of water and the safety of the Erne. The Wardens all try to convince Mystic that he will be safe in the Erne during the trip to Alcatraz island. They finally manage to convince Mystic to board the Erne and head for the island.

Just as they are about to arrive at the based, the group receives an alert from the FSS about a conflict involving paranormals happening at the Presidio. Amethyst has the Erne's pilot change course and head towards the Presidio. On the way the group gets more information on the conflict. Two unknown paranormal groups are engaged in combat in the woods near FSS Pier 12. Several teams of security agents are closing on the area with orders not to engage the paranormals. The team discusses Mystic's combat abilities then the Knight formulates an action plan.

As the Erne approaches the Presidio, they notice that the conditions outside are getting very windy. Then very suddenly it is very windy bordering on stormy outside. The Wardens disembark and spot Sturmgräfin flying about the scene. A lightning bolt hits her and the stormy winds cease.

When the Wardens get to the area of the combat, they find Asenblut and Vanenspeer surrounded by the FSS security agents. The duo surrenders and when their fingerprints do not match those on file for Asenblut and Vanenspeer, the FSS releases them to the Wardens.

Asenblut and Vanenspeer tell the group that the defenders of Alta Verde need the Wardens' help. They are given a guest suite at the Wardens headquarters.

Run Date: 10/20/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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