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The Grand Raid - Session

Session: 22

A look at what happened during Session 22.

Session Entry

Game Date: 7/25/2005
Location: San Francisco, California; Southern Utah

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Prime, Mortisha (Mortisha), Shane (Mystic), Karl Keilman (Asenblut), Käthe Keilman (Vanenspeer), Eldon Walker Sawyer (Shockwave), Leif Thorssen (Thunder), Dr. Arron Jensen (Volt).

Adversary: The Grand Empire

The code had been broken and covert scans had shown that the locations were still in use. Everyone knew they could be walking into a trap, but it was an opportunity that could not be passed up. Coordinating all the raids to happen simultaneously would be very difficult, but it was an opportunity that could not be passed up. Making sure that there were no leaks of any kind would be nearly impossible, but it was an opportunity that could not be passed up. The opportunity was to there to take out all of the major Grand Empire bases in the Unites States thus crippling Grand Empire operations in North America, it was an opportunity that could not be passed up.


The Wardens start training as soon as the plans are finalized. Grand Lord Norden's compound, an underground fortress carved into a mountain in southwestern Utah, is their target. It is the team's reward for their vigilance in keeping the Grand Empire from establishing a base of operations in the San Francisco Bay area.

The Knight puts them through drill after drill. Almost all of the current Wardens, a few of the reserves and some associates as well as visitors Asenblut and Vanenspeer prepare for the raid. Miss Majestic even coaxes Prime out of his lab with the promise of possibly finding more information on Professor Hebert in the lair of the commander of Grand Empire operations in North America.

The Wardens discuss various attack plans and finally decides on a two prong attack to neutralize the facility. The main strike force composed of Amethyst, Lazarus, Miss Majestic, Prime, Mortisha and Mystic lead by the Knight would enter the compound on the level where the agent barracks, staff quarters and command center were located with the goal of capturing Grand Lord Norden. The second team, lead by Thunder, with Shockwave, Volt, Asenblut and Vanenspeer would attack the hangar and vehicle bay with the aim of disabling the aircraft and vehicles stored there to cut off the escape of any personnel attempting to flee the compound.


The team flies into Las Vegas and boards a chartered tour bus for the trip into Utah. As night fell the tour pulls into a rest area and the team takes to the air with the flyers carrying the non-flyers. Near the site, the two teams split up and head for their objectives.

The Knight was not at all sure about the transponder they had been given and Amethyst tried to assuage his fears by assuring him that Prime had not had access to the transponder since it had arrived at the Wardens headquarters. The Knight, Amethyst, Lazarus, Miss Majestic, Prime, Mortisha and Mystic take up their positions without any sign of setting off any alarms.

The team waits for the signal from the second team and when given launch their attack on the facility. Lazarus opens the exterior door using the e-key that had been designed using the information gained from the captured database. There is a moment of silent anticipation before the door slides open and the team enters the facility.

Prime wanting to ensure that the door stays open and that the team is not snuck up on from behind puts up two cosmic force globes that block the entrance as well as keeping the door open.

The team members pair up as they enter the facility and start systematically checking the rooms in the agent barracks. The Knight and Amethyst cover each other, Lazarus and Mortisha renew their ages old partnership and Miss Majestic and Prime continue their strange pairing of magic and technology with Mystic bouncing around alternating between freelancing and supporting the others.

Miss Majestic, Prime, the Knight, Amethyst and Mystic encounter an agent team in one of the agent barracks. They quickly overwhelm the overmatched agents knocking them all out.

Lazarus and Mortisha check the barracks across the hall and find it empty then continue own to another barracks where they encounter a second agent team. With Lazarus and Mortisha leading the charge then being joined by Miss Majestic, Prime and Mystic, the agents are quickly subdued.

Miss Majestic develops a strategy of using several of her explosive deuce of clubs before opening a barrack door. The team sweeps through the remaining barracks without encountering additional resistance. As they are about to exit the barracks area and head towards the staff quarters and command center, the large double doors in front of them swing close and then the doors through which they entered the barracks area slam shut behind them.

As the group ponders their situation, a mist starts to fill the area. Miss Majestic, the Knight, Amethyst and Mystic find that the gas is deadly as their lungs start burning and they all start coughing up blood. Lazarus, Mortisha and Prime are not affected by the gas. Lazarus and Mortisha search for gas masks or other protection for their wounded comrades. Prime tries to use his cosmic globes of force to tunnel through the wall only to find that he cannot penetrate the area's armor.

Amethyst charges down the hall and putting all of her effort into it rams the armored doors. The doors are badly deformed and part slightly but in the end they are still standing restricting egress from the barracks area.

The Knight charges atop his ghostly steed, lowering his lance he aims for the deformation that resulted from Amethyst's effort. The lance contacts the door and breaks. The Knight's ghost steed vanishes and the Knight slams into the doors which still hold after the two attacks.

Mystic is the next to try his luck at opening the doors as he bounds down the hallway and slams into the door that Amethyst and the Knight had previously struck. The third time proves to be the charm as the door gives way and Mystic lands in the hallway.

Miss Majestic, the Knight, Amethyst, Prime and Mortisha escape from the barracks area into the hallway. Lazarus brings up the rear making sure that all of his teammates get out of the gas filled deathtrap first. As he is leaving, he sees the agents that the team had encountered when they had first entered the area convulsing on the floor. He decides to pull them out of the area to the safety of the hallway when his attention is caught by the sound of explosions in the hallway.

As they are catching their breath, the Wardens in the hallway are attacked by agents in Russian battlesuits. The agents open the attack with a barrage of mini-rocket fire. The attacks leave the Wardens relatively unscathed and lead by Amethyst and Mystic, they subdue the battlesuit agents with minimal effort.

Shortly after subduing the battlesuit agents, Thunder reports that the hangar and vehicle bay has been secured.

Using an alternate route, the team proceeds to the staff quarters and command center. They capture several technicians but their target, Grand Lord Norden, has managed to escape. When the technicians are questions, they explain that the Grand Lord fled the facility with Sturmgräfin and Sturmpanzer.

Once the entire complex is secured, the Wardens call in the FSS. Reports from the other raids on the Grand Empire's U.S. bases reveal that they too were successful. The operation had been an overwhelming success.

Run Date: 11/17/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 3/16/2008

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