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Faith and Chaos - Session

Session: 23

A look at what happened during Session 23.

Session Entry

Game Date: 8/26/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Karl Keilman (Asenblut), Käthe Keilman (Vanenspeer).

Adversary: Edweard Ragnarsson the Dissenter and his band of brigands

The relative quiet of the Wardens headquarters is shattered by the alert signal going off. Susan relays to all personnel that there is a disturbance in the infirmary. Something is happening with the female patient that had been brought to the base by Amethyst and the Knight.

The Knight and Miss Majestic are the first to the infirmary followed closely by Lazarus and Amethyst. Just as they arrive, the glass observation wall and doors to the girl's room explode outward sending glass flying across the infirmary. The nurses of duty suffer injuries from the flying glass.

The girl blots up in her medical couch and starts screaming in terror. The Knight charges towards her only to be stopped by an invisible wall of force. Miss Majestic studies the area around the girl and identifies a mystic ward. The ward is not originating from the girl and has a very powerful magic signature that is very similar to the girl's magic aura.

Lazarus rushes to the nurses station and heals the injured nurses.

Miss Majestic flips one of her deuce of diamonds at the ward collapsing it with ease. The girl stops screaming and crumples into a heap on her medical couch. The Knight moves forward to check the girl but is stopped by Miss Majestic. She tells him that she senses another presence within the girl. The presence was the originator of the magical ward.

Lazarus and Amethyst join the conversation with the Knight and Miss Majestic. They are discussing how to proceed when the girl sits up in bed and speaks.

"I speak to you through my sister, Khara. I wish to speak to the Knight."

The Knight replied that he was present.

"There is a great darkness that is about in the city. My sisters and I need your help it stopping it. I wish to met with you, at a place of your choosing to discuss the predicament they will all face if this dark one is not stopped."

The Knight and the others discuss the invitation. They fear a trap but in the end agree to meet with the sister at Henderson Park in the Presidio.

With the spirit of her sister gone, the girl slumps into unconsciousness. The team argues what to do with her. Leaving her in the infirmary poses a danger to the staff and possible access to the base if she is "possessed" again while the Wardens are out. After some debate, Miss Majestic says that she will secure the girl in one of the residential suites in the "mystic" wing of the headquarters. She will be under wards to prevent "possession" and will also be able to be monitored by Susan as well as the security and medical staffs.

Amethyst tells the others that Delta-Vee is back in town and that they should invite him to the meeting. The others agree, so Amethyst calls Delta-Vee and asks him to come to the Wardens' headquarters. When he arrives, the Knight briefs him on the meeting. Delta-Vee likens the strange communication of the possessed girl to Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. The Knight tells him, "Delta-Vee, you should get out more." When Delta-Vee explains and then offers a retort, the Knight replies, "Maybe I need to stay in more."

With the discussion winding down, Delta-Vee gives the Knight a gift. It is a bottle of Calvados. Delta-Vee says he picked it up in Las Vegas. The Knight comments on Las Vegas and Delta-Vee replies that you can get almost anything in Vegas, "After all, they know how to keep the whales happy." The Knight is a bit puzzled by the whales comment as he knows that Las Vegas is in the desert but does not push for an explanation.

The Knight, Delta-Vee, Amethyst, Lazarus and Miss Majestic go to the park for the meeting. They are happy to see that the park does not have that many visitors, leaving less bystanders in case trouble should break out. The Knight goes to the agreed upon meeting place while the others keep watch over him.

When he arrives at the meeting place, the Knight sees a woman sitting on a bench with her back turned towards him. When she turns around he recognizes her as the Welsh witch from his dream. She greets him and introduces herself as Cara. The Knight is not at all pleased and looks around for signs of a trap. His uneasiness draws the other members of the group closer as they too look for signs of a trap.

Cara seeing their reactions assures the Knight and the others that it is not a trap and that she is alone. She says that all she wants to do is talk with the Knight about the prophecy and warn him about the great evil that is currently roaming the city.

The Knight senses no evil about her and Miss Majestic find no signs of magical deception, so the Knight asks the Welsh witch about the prophecy.

Cara tells him about the prophecy that foretold that the Knight would return when there was a great darkness. He would defeat the darkness and bring peace to her sisters and the Order of Rowen. She says that she believes that the darkness is the great evil that is currently roaming the city, the Dissenter. If he is allowed to continue unchecked, he will be as a curse upon the land heralding an age of darkness. She goes on to tell the Knight about the origins of his sisters, the Daughters of Cara, and their adversaries, the Order of Rowen. The daughters were descendants of Caira Glynfydd, the Welsh witch of his past and the brothers of the Order of Rowen were descendants of the priest of Great Oak and his acolytes. The two sides had stood in opposition to each others since Guillaume's disappearance. Both sides knew that Guillaume was not dead but neither had revealed the secret to Guillaume's family. As time passed, the two groups migrated where they felt led and in the end their treks brought them to San Francisco. The energies of this area told them that this would be the place of the Knight's return.

The other Wardens are taken aback by Cara's story.

The Knight quickly deflects talk away from him and to the matter of dealing with the Dissenter. After some discussion and with Cara's consent a plan is formulated to draw the Dissenter into a trap using Cara as bait.

The group accompanied by Cara return to their headquarters on Alcatraz Island. They take up positions from which to watch the Knight and Cara as she attempts to draw out the Dissenter. The Wardens do not have to wait long before Miss Majestic senses the approach of a strong source of necromantic magic. She is about to warn the others when the Dissenter and his band of brigands come riding out of a fog and on to the island.

The scene is eerily familiar to the Knight and he reaches out to grab Cara just as a black bolt of energy from the Dissenter strikes her down. Just as the Knight had seen in his vision sometime ago.

Delta-Vee streaks out from cover, grabs the downed woman and heads for the Wardens infirmary.

As the Dissenter, his lieutenant and four brigands ride towards the Knight, he recognizes that the Dissenter is his old foe Edweard Ragnarsson. The Knight radios that the Dissenter is his and for them to engage the others. As the Dissenter and his band close on the Knight, the evil one issues the same command to his followers.

As the range closes, one by one the Wardens realize that the Dissenter and his band do not appear to be alive. Their decayed flesh and ratty armor shows them to be some type of zombies or undead creatures.

Amethyst, Miss Majestic and Lazarus attack the undead brigands. Most of Miss Majestic's attacks are either off the mark or have very little effect. Amethyst pounds on the foul undead but her attacks also have little effect. Lazarus enjoys a great deal of success using his Healing abilities as an attack which has a very detrimental effect on the zombie brigands.

The Dissenter and the Knight clash as the battle rages about them. Inflicting great damage upon each other.

Delta-Vee returns to the field followed by Asenblut and Vanenspeer. The trio engages the Dissenter's lieutenant and some brigands that have managed to get past the other Wardens.

The Dissenter reacts to the press of the battle around him and erects a bubble of dark force energy to isolate himself and the Knight from the others. The Knight quickly discovers that the field not only isolates him and his foe from the Wardens but is also draining away his life essence. The Knight presses his attack hoping to down the Dissenter before succumbing to the effects of his adversary's strikes and the dark force.

The battle continues to rage around the dark force bubble. The Wardens and their allies begin to gain the upper hand but not without some casualties as Asenblut goes down when his sword is shattered and explodes in an attack on the Dissenter's lieutenant. Delta-Vee swoops in, grabs the wounded warrior and takes him to the infirmary.

The dark force bubble has turned the tide of combat against the Knight and as he starts to collapse under the onslaught of his enemy, he prays for respite so that he might regain his strength and stand again to smite his foe. A field of holy light surrounds the kneeling Knight and there is a great explosion as the opposing forces darkness and light intersect.

As the Wardens recover from the blast, they find that both the Knight and the Dissenter are gone. All that is left is bits and pieces of their weapons and armor scattered about the battlefield.

Run Date: 12/15/2007

Record Last Changed Date: 3/16/2008

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