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Faith and Order - Session

Session: 24

A look at what happened during Session 24.

Session Entry

Game Date: 12/31/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Prime, Karl Keilman (Asenblut), Käthe Keilman (Vanenspeer).

Adversary: Vetex, Vetexus, At-Urze, Two Vetex-Arens

Delta-Vee asks Susan to notify Prime that he has found a cosmic radiation modified item and would like him to check it out. It is not safe to bring into the headquarters so he asks Susan to have Prime meet him outside. Susan relays the info to Prime, who grabs some test instruments and a video camera to relay information back to Alt-Prime.

When Prime steps out the door of the headquarters, Delta-Vee swoops down, grabs him and rushes skyward. Freaked out by Delta-Vee's actions, Prime sounds an alert indicating that Delta-Vee has been mind-controlled and is kidnapping him. Amethyst, Miss Majestic and Lazarus head up to the surface to see what is going on.

Once at high altitude, Delta-Vee turns off his flight ability and the two of them begin falling. While they are falling, Delta-Vee asks Prime if he or any of his experiments have been unintentionally exposing team members to cosmic radiation. When Prime replies no, Delta-Vee asks what about on purpose? Prime again replies no and says that all he has been working on was a computer. Delta-Vee reactivates his flight ability and lands next to the wardens on the ground out the headquarters.

"What kind of computer?" queries Delta-Vee.

"Just a computer, a perfecting ordinary computer," says Prime.

"Not super advanced computer?" chides Delta-Vee.

"Oh yes, right... perfectly normal for a super-evolved being." replies Prime

The team goes inside to the headquarters' break room and lounge.

Prime and Delta-Vee continue their discussion about cosmic radiation causing changes while the other listen in. Prime points out that Delta-Vee has also been exposed to energies of dimensional rifts and the strange energies from the bio-ceramic creatures as other possible mechanisms that could have induced the changes. Amethyst asks what the discussion is about and Delta-Vee explains that his doctors told him that he has mutated more.

"For the better?" asks Miss Majestic.

Prime continues with his argument suggesting that Delta-Vee check with the scientists and doctors that worked on him. They may be hiding stuff from him and not telling him everything about their activities.

Delta-Vee replies to Miss Majestic question that the changes have not been negative so far except for the constant glowing but he is not sure of what will happen if he continues to change.

Seeing a chance to stick it to Prime, Delta-Vee mentions that perhaps he has developed a super-intellect like Prime. To which the diminutive primate responds that he didn't think that that had happened but it could be easily measured. Prime continues saying that intellect is easily measured by what you have built. When Delta-Vee mentions that he might have developed a super-intellect in something like Math. Prime replies that a super-intellect in Math could easily develop formulas, getting rich in the process then retire to a tropical island and have woman waiting on him hand and foot.

Delta-Vee asks "Why would..." and Prime interrupts, "Men, oh yes, I keep forgetting."

Delta-Vee once again takes the chance to prod Prime, "Tell me, do super-evolved intellects still have an interest in sex?"

Prime huffs, "Let us not go into that, I am much too busy."

Miss Majestic once again brings up Delta-Vee's new abilities asking if he has developed any new offensive talents. Delta-Vee mentions some more about his new capabilities and about the fact he never seems to get tired anymore.

"Why is it such a bad thing then?" inquires Miss Majestic.

Delta-Vee replies that it is bad if it was because of someone unknowingly experimenting on him.

"I have not been experimenting on anyone," states Prime and once again reiterates that he has only been working on the cosmic computer. Then he says that he can show everyone the computer and maybe even uses it to find some answers for Delta-Vee's questions about what mutated him. "But, I am the only one that can interface with it."

Delta-Vee consents to a search for answers on the cosmic computer as long as it does not involve being poked, prodded or even touched. Miss Majestic touches Delta-Vee "Miss Majestic even if I swung that way, you are a little young for me."

Prime takes Delta-Vee's statement as a prompt and warns everyone not to tamper with the cosmic computer then after a pause tells everyone, "Don’t even touch it."

"Why would it super-evolve the whole city?" asks Delta-Vee

"Have you been reading my notes?" replies Prime

Aghast Delta-Vee looks at the mad scientist wannabe, "Prime, tell me and let me remind you when I say tell me, I want you to lie to me. Have you ever considered evolving a large number of people to be like you?"

Hesitantly Prime replies, "No... of course not."

Miss Majestic brings up what Delta-Vee had said about constantly glowing and Lazarus takes the comment and runs with it. He says that Delta-Vee will no longer have a problem finding his keys in the dark and if he had his own mirror ball he could open a disco. Miss Majestic says that he could pulse in time to the music. Lazarus comments that it could get interesting once the alcohol starts flowing.

"How ‘bout we test it out?" jokes Miss Majestic.

"No," replies Delta-Vee.

Amethyst adds, "Only if Prime joins him."

"Come on, it would be fun to see Prime drunk," encourages Miss Majestic.

Prime and Delta-Vee bring the subject back to the cosmic computer with Delta-Vee asking Prime what it is programmed to do. Prime explains that he was designing an AI for code breaking but that it was currently countering negative comments about him on the Internet. Delta-Vee asks Prime about how he setup the routines for the 'AI.'

"I am not entirely sure, I borrowed most of the code," replies Prime.

Delta-Vee gets upset over the fact that Prime had indiscriminately borrowed code and had programmed an 'AI' using code that he did not understand.

Prime counters with that is where the neural interface comes in, "I understand when I am connected to the computer."

Delta-Vee replies, "Let's go see."

Prime agrees then tells everyone that they will need to wear radiation suits.

When they reach the lab, Prime sits in his command chair and puts on the neural interface helmet. Delta-Vee asks Prime if the helmet is the neural interface and Prime replies that it is. Delta-Vee then asks Prime if he has been experimenting on his own brain and Prime responds that he was just scanning it.

"It is sending messages directly to your brain?" Delta-Vee says pointing at the computer and then the helmet.

"Yep," replies Prime.

Delta-Vee laughs and after Prime dodges questions about surge suppressors adds sarcastically "Plenty of surge protectors."

"Don’t worry about it, its fine." says Prime defensively.

"I'm not, you are the one sticking your head into the helmet." states Delta-Vee

Amethyst asks if the cosmic computer is connected to Wardens network thus making it possible for it to damage SAM.

"It is not hooked up to the base network," advises Delta-Vee.

"Yeah, that would be much too slow." says Prime as he shakes his head.

The conversation turns back to Delta-Vee's changing abilities and argument breaks out over how Delta-Vee gained his abilities. Prime questions Dr. Martin's morals because he was experimenting on human subjects. Delta-Vee tries to turn it back on Prime by mentioning how a certain lab assistant got his abilities.

"I was experimenting on a plant, not a human," says Prime matter of factly going on to say that his exposure to cosmic energy was accidental but that Dr. Martin was knowingly experimenting on humans. Prime says that he suspects that the doctor is a "super-villain" taking advantage of the emotionally distraught and poor. He also mentions that Delta-Vee's current plight was probably the results Dr. Martin expected. Then Delta-Vee asks why he let him leave and Prime says testing, probably as a super-soldier. Many governments and organizations would want a super-soldier with Delta-Vee's abilities. Prime asks if Delta-Vee is sure that Dr. Martin was a man of science with no backing whatsoever, corporate or military. When Delta-Vee seems hesitant to give an answer, Prime says that he will see what he can find on Dr. Martin and activates the neural interfaces connection to the cosmic computer.

Delta-Vee, Amethyst and Miss Majestic watch as a beam of energy connects the cosmic computer to the helmet that Prime is wearing. Prime goes into a trace like state. They try to communicate with him but he is non-responsive.

Miss Majestic takes a look around the lab. Seeing the mini-frig she is curious as to what kind of snacks that Prime has been eating since she hadn't been catering to his needs lately. She finds the refrigerator is empty and slightly grungy like it had not been used in a while.

Delta-Vee examines the cosmic computer trying to find a way to shut it down. It is a whirling ball of cosmic energy about the size of a basketball with some of the power crystals that the Wardens had recovered in the Amazon mounted on pieces of black bio-ceramics that they had salvaged from the small black energy constructs that had destroyed Prime's robot. He noticed tracings and intricacies within the energy ball that looked like the circuits from a computer circuit board.

Unable to find a way of shutting the cosmic computer down that wouldn't endanger Prime, Delta-Vee asks Melinda to post an Internet message for Prime. He tells her to include the words Dr. Martin and San Francisco and the message that Amethyst wants you to attend the meeting.

After waiting a while for Prime to show up for the meeting, the team does a final once over of the plans for the Wardens Tenth Anniversary ceremony without him.

The next morning just before the ceremony is about to start there is an alert. The sensor net has picked up a massive energy spike similar to the energies used by the Darkling Entity. When the source of the energy is pin-pointed, Amethyst, Lazarus, Miss Majestic, Asenblut and Vanenspeer respond in the Pegasus while Delta-Vee streaks off on his own leaving the others far behind. The Wardens Reserve and a few inactive members of the group escort the guests present for the ceremony into the cover of the Wardens headquarters.

Delta-Vee arrives at the sight of the Darkling Entity energy readings in advance of the others. He sees two large crystalline masses and standing between at the apex of an energy cone is Vetex. Guarding the alien master is Vetexus and At-Urze and helping maintain the cone of energy are two massive Vetex-Arens. Delta-Vee catches their attention with a close fly-by and is sorry he did when Vetexus brings him crashing to the ground. Vetexus is about to finish off Delta-Vee when the Pegasus arrives on the scene. Amethyst, Lazarus, Miss Majestic, Asenblut and Vanenspeer quickly bring down Vetexus. Prime goes after Vetex and finds himself fighting both Vetex and At-Urze. Miss Majestic, Lazarus and Amethyst join him while Asenblut and Vanenspeer keeps as eye of Vetexus and stand guard over the wounded Delta-Vee.

The team is having little effect on the extra-dimensional alien when out of nowhere the Knight arrives on the scene and lands a telling blow on Vetex. At-Urze goes down under the combined might of the Wardens and the two Vetex-Arens escape by tunneling away.

There is much rejoicing at the Knight's return and after Delta-Vee has been healed the team boards the Pegasus and heads for their headquarters on Alcatraz Island.

The Knight sits down next to Prime and asks what he missed while he was gone.

"Nothing much has changed, I invented a new computer, other than that nothing important happened" replies Prime.

Run Date: 1/26/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 4/12/2008

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