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The Real Johan Doyle - Session

Session: 25

A look at what happened during Session 25.

Session Entry

Game Date: 2/11/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Prime, Jaxton Gray.

Karalyn meets with Dieter and he says that the council believes that the reason the FSS and Orion are balking on the "house arrest" is that der Grüne Ritter and Jagdpanzer are included in the current deal. He asks her opinion about removing them from the plea deal. She says that it would better the chance that the FSS and Orion would approve the plea deal for der Kampfkoloss, die Kampfmaschine, Kriegstochter and Panzer. She tells Dieter that she would discuss a possible alteration of the plea deal with the lead attorneys for the FSS and Orion before the next meeting to feel them out on it.

With Kore staying at the estate, the Knight conducts the daily check on Cara and Khara. When he enters their room, he sees a ghostly aura pass from Cara to Khara and soon after Cara stops breathing. The Knight calls for the medical staff and tries to reach Kore. When she does not answer, he calls Amethyst. The medical staff responds to the alert from the Knight.

Khara regains consciousness while the medical staff is working on Cara. She tells Amethyst and the Knight that they will not be successful as there is nothing there to revive. "Cara is gone, she gave her last life energies so that I could recover from the wounds inflicted on my body and psyche by the Dissenter."

Amethyst tells the medical staff that they can stop resuscitation efforts and to move the body to the infirmary so that Dr. Miller can examine it when she arrives. Amethyst also tells one of the nurses to have Dr. Miller contact her if there are any questions about the paperwork for the authorities. Khara tells Amethyst that the sisters will claim the body as well as Cara's possessions from the authorities.

Khara turns to the Knight and tells him that Cara had a last message for him. She sensed the Knight's return and believed that since he was back that the evil has not yet shown itself. The Knight's return was also the reason Cara decided to give up her last life energies, that way the Knight and his companions could have an ally rather than two comatose burdens. Khara then proposes an alliance with the Knight. He tells her that that is something they can discuss at a later time once Khara has had time to fully recover.

Prime has grown bored of life in the lab and decides it is time to get out. The task he has chosen is to find out what is going on with the man claiming to be Johan Doyle. He has the Erne take him to the mainland and then borrows one of the Alcatraz Foundation response vans. He heads for his old office at San Mateo State University where the other Johan Doyle had taken over Prime's former duties as a research assistant for Professor Herbert.

An alarm alerts Jaxton that Prime is at San Mateo State University and he notifies the others that Prime is about to cause a lot of problems if they down stop him. Amethyst and the Knight head for the university in the Hippogriff. Along the way, they pick up Lazarus from San Francisco General Hospital.

Prime speaks with the security guard at the lobby desk in his former lab building. The guard tells him that he is not allowed to admit Prime and that Mr. Doyle had a restraining order that forbid Prime to be at the university. Prime argues with the guard for a couple of minutes then englobes him in a cosmic force bubble and heads upstairs.

Prime enters the office of Johan Doyle. Prime confronts the "imposter" and Doyle tells Prime that he is breaking the law by being there. Prime activates his glow globe to determine if Doyle is from another dimension or time and sees that Doyle is actually a Black Prime. He is just about to confront him when the other Wardens arrive. The team talks with Johan Doyle and he advises them of the restraining order. Amethyst contacts Adam and it is verified that a legal order has been sworn out that prevents Prime from visiting the San Mateo State campus and also forbids him from approaching within 500 yards of Johan Doyle when Doyle is not on the university campus. As the Wardens continue to discuss the situation with Johan Doyle, the campus police arrive. The Wardens agree to take Prime from the premises but before they leave, Judah introduces himself as the Wardens' liaison and apologizes on behalf of the team. Judah also arranges a teleconference with Johan Doyle to further discuss the matter. Judah then takes Prime to the Hippogriff.

The Knight and Amethyst meet with the guard that was englobed and apologize on behalf of the Wardens. They also meet with the campus police and make assurances that Prime will not return to the university.

On the Hippogriff, Prime tries to explain to Judah that the "imposter" Johan Doyle is a Black Prime from the future. When he seems to be making little headway with his explanation, Prime launches into the full blown tale of his origin and the explosion throwing him and the Wardens through a temporal-dimensional rift to the future time of the Kronians. He also explains that in the future there was a group of Black Primes that were being persecuted by the Kronians and that a Black Prime came back to the Wardens time by accident. That Black Prime is now pretending to be Johan Doyle. The Black Primes' have abilities to manipulate cosmic energy so the one pretending to be Johan Doyle must have found a way to alter his appearance but was found out when looked at with the glow globe.

The Knight arrives at the Hippogriff at the tail end of Prime's story.

Judah, the Knight and Prime discuss ways to try and prove that Johan Doyle is actually a Black Prime. After banding about some ideas, Prime settles upon a scheme to try and lure Johan Doyle out using one of the cosmic energy crystals. Then he can be captured and shown to be a Black Prime. If he doesn't fall for the trap then as long as he doesn't cause any problems things can continue to go along as they currently are. But if Johan starts causing problems, Prime says that he can send a robot after Johan to send him to another dimension, maybe even send a part of the building with him as well to make it look like another lab accident. Then Prime concludes that Johan can be left alone for now.

Judah asks the Knight to speak with Johan Doyle and see if he can find out anything that does not match with Prime's accounts of his life as Johan Doyle. The Knight agrees to talk to Johan Doyle and try to get him to reveal his real identity or at least say or do something that is not consistent with Prime's stories.

When the Knight leaves to talk with Johan Doyle, Judah orders some pizzas including a banana pizza for Prime.

The Knight talks with Johan Doyle asking him about what he does at the university. Johan Doyle explains that he is a research assistant for Professor Herbert then launches into a passion filled discourse on the Professor and his theories on evolution as well as how they explain the sudden transformation of individuals into paranormals. Having listened to Prime speak of the Professor and his theories with this type of passion, the Knight is sure that if nothing else this Johan Doyle is a good actor and well versed in his role. The Knight thanks Johan Doyle for his time and leaves.

Upon his return to the Hippogriff, the Knight tells the others about his conversation with Johan Doyle. Judah asks about the Professor's theories and Prime launches into a sermon about the Professor and his alternative theory of evolution. It is also mentioned that the Professor is missing in the Amazon basin where he was searching for shards of the cosmic crystal meteor.

Judah turns the conversation back to trying to lure the Black Prime into a trap. Prime once again expresses his reluctance to any plans to trap the Black Prime. He argues that the Black Prime may be trying to avert the apocalypse that lead to the dark future that the Wardens visited. Prime also asserts that it is possible that the Black Prime knowing that he cannot stop the apocalypse is trying to super-evolve others to be like him so that they can act as a force of hope and recovery in the future. "The future that the Black Prime is from is truly a horrible place."

Judah suggests using fingerprints, retina scans and DNA samples to prove that John Doyle is an imposter. A comparison of the records of when Prime was Johan Doyle, with Prime's current data and the imposter Johan Doyle's data should be enough to prove who is the real Johan Doyle.

Prime points out that since it is a fact that the being claiming to be Johan Doyle is from another dimension, he could actually have the same fingerprints, retina prints and DNA. It is possible however, that the data does not match says Prime as he produces some hair samples he had collected while in Johan Doyle's office.

Judah fixates on Prime statement about Johan Doyle being from another dimension and mentions that there could be a myriad of other dimensions with their versions of Johan Doyle. "Multiple dimensions and multiple Johan Doyles."

The Knight looks stunned and crosses himself then prays "Hail Mary, full of grace..."

Judah seeing the Knight reaction continues that it would be like an army of clones. He then stops and asks about the possibility of cloning more Primes.

The idea piques Prime's curiosity and thinking out loud he says, "I could grow another from the tip of my tail then use the cosmic computer to download my memories into him."

The Knight calmly interjects, "No... absolutely not"

Prime continues his line of thought, "multiple Primes would make the city safer," then says to Judah "Thank you for the excellent idea."

The Knight glares at Judah and says, "Now look what you have done."

Prime babbles on, "Just imagine how safe the city would be with 20 Primes... maybe 200, no 2000... a Prime on every corner helping keep the city safe."

Judah tries to divert Prime's attention saying if the city would be safer with more Wardens then maybe Prime could clone the Knight. Prime stops talking for a few seconds then replies, "He has no regeneration, but if he would be willing to sacrifice a finger or two, I could see what I could do."

Amethyst boards the Hippogriff and Judah says to her, "You should hear our latest idea."

The Knight advises, "Take some Pepto Bismol first"

Prime explains to Amethyst the discussion about cloning more of him.

Amethyst looks at him like he is a misguided child and says, "No, we don’t need another Prime. One is enough."

Prime starts trying to convince Amethyst to let him experiment with cloning himself and trying to reassure her says "All my experiments have worked perfectly."

"It amazes me that you can say that with a straight face," huffs the Knight.

As the Hippogriff takes off for the base, Amethyst and the Knight bring the discussion back to Johan Doyle. The team discusses what they have learned and what type of follow up is required. Prime comments that as long as there is no threat then no action is needed. Judah brings up the possibility of using one of the cosmic shards to lure the Black Prime into a trap or maybe follow Johan Doyle on his next trip to the Amazon.

The team arrives back at the base and heads to the team lounge/break room to further discuss the matter. Prime is curious as to what process the Black Prime uses to look human. With Melinda's assistance the team determines that Prime's fingerprints and retina scans when adjusted for changes in morphology match those on record with the state university system for the pre-accident John Doyle. The Knight suggests turning the matter over to the authorities for follow up investigation on the "new" Johan Doyle. They should be able to make the fingerprint and retina scan analyses necessary to resolve the claims being made by Johan Doyle. Prime once again points out that the Black Prime is no threat and as long as he is not evil then no action needs to be taken.

Prime then goes on, "Now if he were trying to evolve the city into super-evolved beings...," then changes the subject by questioning the accuracy of the tests that the authorities would run. Their methodology and equipment could be easily compromised and as an example he offers, "The sensors here at the base can be easily subverted."

"Why? Have you subverted our security systems, thus allowing our enemies to spy on us?" questions the Knight.

"I did not say I was doing it, I just said someone with my heightened intellect could easily do it," replies Prime.

Judah and Amethyst discuss the possibility of neutralizing the Black Prime's paranormal abilities. Prime says it would not be possible then states emphatically that it would be truly impossible.

When the conversation starts to stagnate, Prime says "I will run the genetic tests and checking into the cloning." As the furry orange primate heads for the labs, Amethyst commands "Genetic tests, yes... cloning, no."

Run Date: 3/1/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 4/12/2008

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