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Here We Go Again - Session

Session: 26

A look at what happened during Session 26.

Session Entry

Game Date: 3/15/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Prime

Delta-Vee is visiting the base for daily workouts with the team and sees Prime in the breakroom. He starts speaking to his diminutive teammate in French and calling him Monsieur Bonaparte. He also says that Bonaparte was a perfect fit for Prime as the Frenchman also had been called the 'petite corporal.' Prime is confused and asks if he has ended up in the United French Provinces of America and Delta-Vee tells him no that he was in the United States of America.

Prime looks around suspiciously and asks, "Do you eat kittens?" Delta-Vee smiles and replies, "Only on the high holidays."

The Knight is walking by headed for the gym and overhears Prime and Delta-Vee talking and injects "Why did you tell Prime you ate kittens? He is already confused enough after the lab accident."

Delta-Vee responds by listing some of the things people around the world eat like squirrel, rabbit, kittens and dogs. He states that the Knight being from the Louisiana bayou had surely ate squirrel before and is somewhat surprised when the Knight replies negatively. Delta-Vee then asks, ""Never ate squirrel, what about gator?" To which the Knight replies, "Yes, but only on the high holidays, so to speak."

The Knight continues on to the gym. Delta-Vee follows and is joined by Amethyst and Lazarus.

At the gym, the Knight and Judah limber up as Amethyst and Delta-Vee watch. The Knight begins to instruct Judah on the footwork used when fighting with sword and shield. Delta-Vee jokes when Judah about practicing disarming him then turns serious and asks the Knight about letting him practice disarming an armed opponent. The Knight says maybe later as Judah starts practicing some of the footwork he had just received instruction on.

Prime enters the gym and not paying attention to the other he heads towards one of the practice dummies. Delta-Vee greets him with "Bonjour, Monsieur Bonaparte." Prime looks in Delta-Vee's direction and sees the Knight and Judah practicing. He questions why they are using wooden swords.

Judah replies, "So the Knight can beat him, piŮata style."

To which the Knight adds, "Unfortunately, he does not come filled with candy."

"He has to go to the gift shop like everybody else," quips Delta-Vee

Prime turns his attention to the practice dummy. He stares at the target and concentrates. It starts glowing and changes from a cloth covered, padded striking dummy to a leather covered combat dummy with spikes protruding in all directions. He starts his staring and concentrating routine again only to be interrupted by Delta-Vee asking him what he is doing to which Prime replies practicing. Delta-Vee asks about the dummy and how Prime changed it and if had only changed or if Prime had opened a dimensional rift and swapped the original with a similar one from another dimension? Prime replies that he is not sure how it works but believes that it just changed appearances.

The Knight overhearing part of the conversation chides Prime for using the practice dummy saving that they are expensive. He tells Prime if he wanted to play around with something, maybe he should try changing oranges to apples. The Knight also requests Adam to monitor the energies from Prime's practicing.

Prime thinks about what the Knight said then replies, "Do you know that apples aren't carnivorous in all dimensions?" then goes on, "Just let me experiment."

"Last time we did that we lost a lab," saying Delta-Vee shaking his head in objection. "How long were you in the hospital?"

"I don't really remember," answers Prime.

The Knight says that Prime is like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew from the Muppet Show. Prime returns to practicing over Delta-Vee and the Knight's objections. Delta-Vee tells Prime that he might cause dimensional instabilities and asks Susan to send an email to Dr. Kensington. Frustrated, Delta-Vee asks, "Prime can you name five things you do that you ever worry about."

Prime stops and with all seriousness responds, "I take into account all of the consequences of all the things I do." He goes on to explain that he is full of dimensional energies after he partially successful experiment.

"Partially successful?" queries the Knight.

"I figured with your super-evolved intellect that the lab explosion was what you had planned," chides Delta-Vee.

Prime goes on saying he had opened a small dime sized opening into another dimension when the lab exploded. So the explosion gave you new powers asks Delta-Vee. Prime replies several new powers and that he can now manipulate dimensional energies. "That is why I am practicing," states Prime.

"Delta-Vee you can be a live experiment," interjects Judah.

"Let him do that, when he decides to try and teleport himself," says Delta-Vee.

"I'll give that a try," says a gleeful Prime and everyone runs for the exits. There is massive rush of air towards Prime and then away from him followed by a loud pop. The group looks around and finds themselves surrounded by dense jungle.

"A successful example of teleporting, good power there, Prime" deadpans Judah.

After scanning for radio signals and finding two modulated carrier waves, the Knight looks off in the distance and through the trees sees a volcano. He turns and looks at Prime accusingly, "You have done it again."

"Done what?" replies Prime innocently.

The Knight shakes his head before tells the orange primate that he had brought them back again to the Kronian future just as he had brought a group of Wardens two years before. Then the Knight tells the group about what had happened on the trip before and how they had got home. Then looking at Prime, he says, "Just take us home."

Amethyst chimes in with, "Yeah, you got us here"

"Just do what you did in reverse...," says Delta-Vee before continuing, "Cancel that. Nevermind. Donít do anything."

The Knight, Delta-Vee and Amethyst discuss the group's options. It is agreed that Delta-Vee will scout from the air and that the Knight will check out the trail the group is on. Amethyst will wait with Judah and Prime until they report in. Then they will decide how to proceed. The Knight rides off and Delta-Vee takes to the air. Delta-Vee does a long range radar scan and then a short range one. His findings are consistent with what the Knight had said was here the last time the Wardens had "visited," so he heads back to the group. The Knight does not find anything in his searches and heads back to the group.

While they are gone, Judah looks at his wooden practice sword and smiles. Whipping it through the air as if slashing at an enemy he jokes, ""If it comes down to it I can defend us with this wooden stick."

Prime looks at the wooden practice sword and says, ""I can transform it into something else."

"No, no, noÖ," says Judah then shaking his head goes on "Well why not? Go aheadÖ Just let me put it down first." Judah says while quickly laying the practice sword down and stepping back away from it. Prime looks at wooden practice sword and concentrates, it begins to glow then changes into a petrified wood practice sword.

Delta-Vee and the Knight return and the group discusses what their next course of action should be. Prime again volunteers to teleport them home. When asked if he was sure he could get them home, Prime assured the others he could, even if it took a few tries.

"How much experience do you have with dimensional navigation," queries Delta-Vee.

"I've never done it before," responds Prime.

Delta-Vee starts a diatribe about the possible negative consequences not to mention outright danger that would be inherent in randomly hopping from dimension to dimension

"I would say that he was successful in navigating dimensions," interjects Judah.

"Except he wasnít trying to navigate to another dimension," replies Delta-Vee.

Prime realizing that the others were not ready to accept his solution says, "Let's try and find that machine to get us back then, I wouldnít what to abandon you here. I've grown quite found of some of you."

As the team gets ready to head out, the Knight sees Judah pick up the petrified wood practice sword. The Knight turns to Prime, "You turned a perfectly good wooden practice into stone. Why?

"Because he asked?" replies a puzzled Prime

Delta-Vee takes to the air again and gives directions towards the facility that housed the machine when the Wardens were last here. The Knight continues to discuss his last "visit" to this future and some of the things the team encountered to prepare the others for what might be ahead.

"If we need it, the universal translator survived," states Prime. "The cosmic computer survived, it is imprinted on my naturally occurring cosmic aura."

"So you are saying that the computer that you have been mentally interfacing with is now part of your aura?" questions Delta-Vee via communicator.

"Nothing to worry about," responds Prime.

"Didn't it have an AI?" asks Delta-Vee.

"Very limited," Prime replies.

"An AI with your mental imprint and memories?" continues Delta-Vee.

"That is correct," states Prime.

"Isn't it possible that your actual memories were wiped out and you are using the computer's memory?" asks Delta-Vee.

"It is also possible that I am a Prime from an alternate dimension since a large dimensional rift opened just before the explosion," posits Prime.

A debate ensues with Delta-Vee, the Knight, Judah and Prime arguing the possibilities. The discussion comes to an end when Prime gets a case of sensory overload from all the jungle's scents and sounds... the trees, the animals and finally, the overwhelming scent of ripe fruit, and rushes off in search of food. The others discuss going after him but decide to stay on the trail and give him sometime to return before going in after him. The Knight and Judah take the break to explore a short distance off the trail and get adjusted to their surroundings. Amethyst stays on the trail pretty much oblivious to what is going on around her, the city girl lost in the jungle. Prime returns with some fruit for the others and the group moves on.

Delta-Vee continues to keep an eye on things from above the trees. He sees what appear to be signal flashes, from possibly mirrors, on the lower slopes of the volcano. When he relays his sightings to the Knight, he remembers Parmon telling them about a village at the foot of the volcano whose inhabitants were enemies of the Kronians. It is decided to avoid contact with the volcano village.

The trees thin out some and the trail widens from the air Delta-Vee speculates that the trail might be the ruins of I-280 and Highway 1. The thinning of the trees makes it easier to keep an eye on the trail below allowing the group to travel faster but their progress is soon called to a halt when Delta-Vee spots something ahead. The something turns out to be a roadblock being guarded by a metallic figure. When Delta-Vee gets closer to get a better look, the metallic figure fires a blast at him. It misses and Delta-Vee quickly puts some distance between himself and the roadblock's guardian.

The group discusses their options and the nature of the metal man. Prime concludes that it is a robot, the others are not sure. As for how to deal with the situation, they can try to negotiate with the metal man but based on current knowledge it would most likely result in combat rather than negotiation or they can take a side trail and bypass the roadblock but at the cost of a much slower travel time due to the smaller trails being mostly overgrown.

Prime tires of the discussion and makes his opinion known, "Clearly the best option is to go to the robot, take it apart and see how it works."

The group decides not to oppose the roadblock's guardian and start talking about taking a side trail. The Knight expresses his reservations about slogging through the jungle in search of another trail. Prime chides the Knight for not wanting to go "off road." A third option is proposed the group can make a beeline through the jungle to the coast then they can travel north on the beach until they reach the cliffs just south of the Presidio.

As the discussion goes on Amethyst turns to Prime. She has a bored look on her face and tells him, "Send me back the way you got us here..." Prime perks up at her suggestion then Amethyst smiles and says "Nah, just kidding."

The team decides to take the beach route. Delta-Vee scouts out a path under the jungle canopy to the sea. He leads the others to the beach. Once on the seashore, the group starts running along the beach headed north towards the Presidio. Delta-Vee flies along the tree-line keeping an eye out for possible trouble. The Knight also keeps an eye on the tree-line while Amethyst and Judah keep a watch on the sea. As they near the cliffs south of the Presidio, Judah spots something large in the water moving towards the shore. It appears to be some type of sea creature and the team decides to get to the top of the cliffs before whatever it is gets to the beach.

Once at the Presidio perimeter, the Knight reminds the others that the facility they are looking for is a research building. The group decides to head for what would be the FSS' research and testing labs in their time. As they moving down a trail, Judah and Amethyst are blasted by a laser. They quickly locate the source of the laser fire. Delta-Vee descends to assist and Judah remains in the open attempting to draw more fire. Prime blasts it.

Seeing that the energy Prime shoots at the laser turret is different than the balls of cosmic energy he normally throws, Delta-Vee comments, "Prime that didnít look like a ball of energy."

"No, it didnít." responds Prime.

"Didnít you use to when you wanted to destroy something shoot it with balls of energy?" asks Delta-Vee.

"I can't do that anymore," answers Prime.

"What happened to your balls of energy?" queries Delta-Vee.

"Isn't that a personal question?" quips Judah.

The Knight blasts the laser turret and Judah jabs the hole the Knight attack made with petrified wood sword. There is a loud crack and the laser turret fizzles. Prime scavenges some parts from laser turret and analyzes them. He finds the targeting systems and discovers it has a lockout to not fire at metallic humanoids. He tells the others about his findings.

The group continues their trek and soon finds the building they were searching for. Delta-Vee scouts the building from the air and sees where someone had tried to patch the hole in the roof. Delta-Vee decides to determine if the building has guardians or defensive weapons systems. He buzzes the building in an attempt to draw fire, there is none.

Prime once again grows impatient and says, "I can try to teleport again."

The others answer in a chorus of "No."

Prime says defensively, "I think I know what I did wrong."

The others just stare at him.

The group crosses the open area around the building and joins Delta-Vee on the roof. Amethyst removes the wood and woven thatching that was used to patch the hole in the roof that had been made by the Wardens on their last visit to the building. After the patch is removed, they stare down into the darkness below.

Looking around at his teammates, Prime asks "Can anyone see in the dark?"

No one answers.

Delta-Vee looks at Prime and asks, "Your glow-in-the-dark balls of energy are also gone?" As Judah opens his mouth to speak, Delta-Vee looks at him and says, "Donít go there."

Prime shakes his head then looks at Delta-Vee and states, "Wait a minute you glow now, problem solved."

Delta-Vee says that he is not sure if he can produce a strong enough glow for them to see in the dark but after a few tries succeeds in boosting his glow to an appropriate level to provide illumination. Thinking about the energy he is emitting, Delta-Vee asks, "Does anyone have a radiation counter?"

"Why, yes I do..." says Prime and produces the device and scans Delta-Vee, "a little over background."

Delta-Vee looks at Prime and says, "Now that is what you call consideration for others."

A search of the building finds it to be empty, the teleportation device is no where to be found. The team gathers in the room where the device had been and gives Prime the chance to redeem himself by asking him to teleport them home.

The tension builds as Prime starts to concentrate, Delta-Vee holds out a magic marker to the others and asks, "Would anyone like to number their body parts?" Everyone laughs just before there is massive rush of air towards Prime and then away from him followed by a loud pop. The group looks around and finds themselves in the same room. The Knight goes up to the third floor and sees the smoking volcano in the distance. The teleport failed, they are still in the Kronians future.

After some discussion, the group decides that if they are to remain in the Kronians future then they will do it in a place they are familiar with. They head towards Alcatraz Island. Once at the island, Prime spots an area of dimension instability. He tells the others and they decide to give him another chance to get them home.

Prime concentrates and once again there is massive rush of air towards Prime and then away from him followed by a loud pop. The group looks around and finds themselves in the ruins of lab in the Wardens base on Alcatraz Island. Delta-Vee calls out to Susan and everyone is happy to hear her answer. In response to Delta-Vee question, Susan says that they had disappeared from the gym and reappeared in the lab a few seconds later.

It is then that Prime realizes that the area he was practicing in was right above the area of the lab where the dimensional rift had opened. After explaining this to his teammates, Prime says, "I have learned a valuable lesson."

Delta-Vee looks at Prime and says, "I have a suggestion."

"No, no... I am sure I have already learned the proper lesson." says Prime before turning and walking away.

Run Date: 3/29/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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