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Rogue Prime, Part 1 - Session

Session: 27

A look at what happened during Session 27.

Session Entry

Game Date: 4/17/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Prime, Leif Thorrsen (Thunder).

Adversary: Alt-Prime

One night while at the coffee house, Judah finishes his book and picks up a copy of Bay View, a local counter-culture paper. He finds an article about medals with the coat of arms of the Knight of St. Michael and a Latin inscription that roughly translates to 'you have a second chance, live it well' being found by people that had suffered serious injuries and had had miraculous recoveries. On his way out he grabs a few extra copies to take back to the base. He slips one under the Knight's door with a note about him being a celebrity.

Judah analyzes the recordings from his visits to the coffee house. He does not find any evidence showing someone taking an inordinate amount of interest in him. He does notice a pattern of static, maybe from some sort of jamming, appearing on several different days. He feels it is worth investigating and decides to recruit his teammates to help him out.

Judah explains his findings to Amethyst and asks her to help with his coffee house investigations. She agrees and helps him recruit Prime, Delta-Vee and Miss Majestic to help as well. They formulate a plan of operations to try and find the source of the static/interference. Judah will visit the coffee house as per his regular "schedule." Miss Majestic as Kore will join him for some coffee. Prime will monitor the area for an electronic signal source that might be causing the static/interference while Amethyst and Delta-Vee stay outside and keep an eye on things.

Amethyst takes up a position in the alley outside the coffee house and Delta-Vee flies high guard over the scene above the reach of the lights below. Prime realizing that stealth is the key to the mission dresses in a ninja outfit and fills a small backpack with the vital equipment he will need to do his part, a bag of banana nut muffins. At the scene, Prime takes up a position out of sight on the wall near the front door of the coffee house.

Judah arrives and gets a table near the front of the coffee house. He places his order and starts to read his book. While Judah is waiting for Kore to arrive, Prime sneaks into the coffee house without being noticed and takes up a position in a dark corner near the ceiling. Using the wireless Internet connection in his goggles, his taps into the coffee house's network and starts monitoring transmissions.

Kore arrives at the coffee house. She is wearing dark clothes and a dark wig with her face painted a bright white The pseudo-Goth look fits right in with some of the coffee house's patrons. Kore sees Judah and goes over to his table after greeting him she has a seat and looks at the menu.

"Don't drink the coffee, it will stunt your growth." says Prime via his communicator.

"What age did you start drinking coffee?" responds Miss Majestic.

"About seven," replies Prime.

"That explains it all," comments Miss Majestic.

After conversing for a while, Kore excuses herself and heads for the ladies' room. On the way back, she falls and pretends that she is hurt. Judah goes over to her and makes a bit of a scene healing her. The coffee house is abuzz over the incident and Prime intercepts several emails being sent about a paranormal, maybe Starling, being at the coffee house. A quick analysis of the emails reveal nothing suspicious with most appearing to be friends sending to friends a "you're not going to believe this story." Judah leaves the coffee house shortly after the incident and heads for Golden Gate Park. Delta-Vee follows him staying on high guard and watching for anyone following him. Kore stays to finish her coffee and finds herself the center of attention with many people looking and pointing at her as they talk in hushed tones. Shortly after Judah leaves the coffee house, Prime picks up an energy pulse but is unable to identify its source. He sneaks out of the coffee house to see if he can locate the energy pulse again or identify its source.

Amethyst almost runs into a man, literally, in the alleyway. The man ducks his head and quickly heads in the direction he had been headed. Amethyst asks him to stop and he does. She asks him who he is and what he is doing there. He shows her his camera and press credentials that identify him as Mick Jackson. She recognizes his name as freelancer photographer who has made his reputation on his photos of paranormals. They converse and Mick reveals that he got an email from a friend indicating that Starling might be at the coffee house. He was a few blocks away and hurried over but just as he was arriving he got another email saying that Starling had left the coffee house. He said he was in a hurry because he was hoping to catch up with Starling to get a few shots. Both Amethyst and Jackson realize that Prime has arrived during their conversation when he asks to see Jackson's camera. Jackson declines indicating that his camera is digital and Prime has an energy field around him that would mess up his pictures or the camera itself.

Amethyst tells the photographer, "He's not going to mess up your pictures."

To which Prime replies, "Actually, it might... I usually use special instruments in my experiments."

Amethyst continues her discussion with Jackson and his pictures. She subtly rephrases some of the questions she had asked him earlier to see if there was any change in his story. While they are talking, Prime poses then uses his tail to trigger the camera and take his picture. Jackson gets upset and says he is leaving. As starts walking away, Amethyst asks him for copies of Prime's picture so that he can put it up on his website.

Prime asks accusatorily, "How do you know about that?"

Amethyst replies nonchalantly, "I stay at the base, I know everything... or Susan, Melinda and Adam do."

Prime apologetically says, "It wasnít supposed to happen like that... how did they find out? I wasn't at the base."

Amethyst seeing that the photographer is now nowhere to be seen states, "He vamoosed kind of quickly."

Thankful for the reprieve, Prime replies, "You were kind of intimidating."

A conversation starts up over the communicators between the team members about Lazarus and his pursuers. Delta-Vee says that no one followed Judah to the park and maybe the pursuers haven't yet located him yet. Judah mentions the static on the cameras and Prime says they have no proof that the static/interference was related to Judah at all. More research is needed on the source and origin of the energy pulse that is causing the static. Judah admits that the other maybe right. He knows that he lost his pursuers when he changed and that they might not have yet found him. Kore makes the point of using his healing abilities to "allow" them to find him again. Judah says that that is the plan because once they are his trail again the team can help him catch them and find out why they are after him.

The conversation then turns toward the photographer. Amethyst mentions that he was acting a little suspiciously for someone just following up on an email lead. She can't put her finger on it, just one of those feelings that comes from being a student of human nature. The group continues to discuss Jackson and Judah mentions wanting to talk to him.

Prime agrees about the need to talk with the photographer then turns to Amethyst and cautions, "Amethyst you should really stop talking about congressional investigations in front of the press."

While everyone is talking, Delta-Vee locates Jackson and follows him. The others ask him if he can see the photographer and he tells them that he is following Jackson. Judah tells him to fly down to Jackson and tell him that the unknown paranormal from the coffee house is there.

Prime says that the photographer would probably be more interested in a picture of Delta-Vee as he is know in San Francisco and offers a statement as evidence, "When there is a rumbling in the city, 'Is it an earthquake or Delta-Vee?' People ask these questions."

Delta-Vee fires back with, "You sure they ask that or do they ask, 'Is it an earthquake or did Prime blow up another lab?'"

"I have only blown up three labs and only two have been associated with the Wardens," retorts Prime.

Prime comments on being bored with the lack of paranormal involved crimes as of late and that the evening had be a bust so far. He suggests that the group go find some regular criminals saying that he has never stopped a mugging before.

"I have." says Delta-Vee.

"So have I," adds Amethyst.

"How come no one tells me we are supposed to be stopping muggings?" questions Prime.

"We donít go looking for muggings, we just stop them when we are on patrol," replies Delta-Vee.

"We are supposed to be patrolling?" queries Prime.

"Mark, you know Boost, said you went on patrols with him," states Delta-Vee.

"Oh yeah, didnít like the cape thing," remembers Prime aloud.

"Besides, you have been given a dispensation from Amethyst as field leader that you do not have to patrol," says Delta-Vee.

"Oh so I am field leader? Lets get in the van and patrol." commands Prime.

"You are not field leader, Amethyst is and we donít have a van with us," replies Delta-Vee.

"Lets take one and patrol," urges Prime.

"Commandeer a vehicle, okay I know a sweet 10 speed we can jack," jokes Lazarus.

"We can just call one," states Delta-Vee.

"Not dramatic enough. Needs more drama. We are superheroes, we need drama!" exclaims Prime.

Amethyst calls for a response van while others are talking about patrolling. When she tells the others that she has requested a response van, Prime's mood goes from excited to blah.

Seeing the perky primate's zeal drain away, Delta-Vee makes a request. "Miss Majestic, can you provide appropriate pyrotechnics when the van arrives so that Prime can have his drama?"

Not one to be stymied so easily, Prime resumes his commanding air and asks "Melinda, can you provide the location of any criminal groups operating in or around the city?"

"Just the police," quips Lazarus.

"Prime, you know those weekly meetings we have? We usually go over them then," states Delta-Vee.

"What time in the morning are the meetings?" queries a befuddled Prime.

"Three... in the afternoon," replies Delta-Vee.

"Oh, thatís much too early," states Prime nodding his head.

Delta-Vee continues his mission of following Mick Jackson, the photographer.

"Delta-Vee, what are you doing?" asks Prime.

"Providing air cover," answers Delta-Vee.

"How come I donít see you?" asks Prime scanning the sky.

"If you could see me then I would not be doing a good job of covert air patrol," chides Delta-Vee.

"Okay... right," acknowledges Prime.

Changing the subject Prime starts talking about his new project. He tells everyone that he is working on creating a gate or teleportation device to the future dimension. Miss Majestic questions why and Prime responds to transport supplies to the future dimension so if the Wardens are ever there again they will have supplies there waiting for them. Lazarus asks how is Prime going to keep the supplies from being stolen and Prime replies that he will send an armed robot to guard the supply cache.

"Your latest plan involves sending an armed robot to a dimension where we havenít met the sentients yet?" asks Delta-Vee incredulously.

Prime is about to reply to his teammate that he had just answered the question about sending the robot, when he is interrupted by Amethyst asking about the DNA tests on the other Johan Doyle. Prime replies that he has not finished the test and when Amethyst questions why not, Prime says, "I know who he is." Going on to state that the other Johan Doyle is a version of him from an alternate dimension. The discussion continues with Amethyst trying to convince Prime to complete the test and Prime trying to explain why they aren't necessary.

As the conversation is winding down, Prime says, "We all agree not to mention the website to anyone in the press."

"What website?" question Delta-Vee and Lazarus almost in unison.

"I am the only one that knows about it," states Amethyst.

"What website?" questions Delta-Vee once again.

"Donít worry about it," responses Amethyst.

"Oh, the websites... you mean the ones that say bad things about Prime," states Delta-Vee.

The team's discussion turns back to patrolling. Miss Majestic mentions trying to lure Black Prime out of hiding behind the Johan Doyle identity. The team discusses what could be gained by getting Johan Doyle to reveal that he is the Black Prime and how to go about achieving that goal. Miss Majestic mentions using a cosmic crystal and Prime comments that there are only four left after the explosion. Then Miss Majestic suggests making a fake one. Prime starts to think about how to create a fake cosmic crystal and it hits him, the real cosmic crystals are too uniform in size and shape to be naturally occurring. He mentions this to the group and Delta-Vee makes a comment about where Prime had gotten the first cosmic crystal. Prime starts babbling about the crystals' origin. He concludes with Delta-Vee's 'help' that the UPS delivery man that had brought him the first crystal was probably a time-traveling version of himself from the future and had given him the crystal to set him of the path to becoming Prime. He then tells the others he needs to go back to the base to check on something very important.

Delta-Vee stays out in the field observing the photographer while the others return to the base. Back at the base Judah goes to his quarters, Amethyst and Miss Majestic go to the lounge kitchen for a snack and Prime goes to the lab. A few minutes later, Prime pops into the lounge and tells Amethyst and Miss Majestic that he needs their help in the lab.

Back in the lab, Prime explains that he might have a problem. He tells Amethyst and Miss Majestic he wants them to watch while he exposes himself to the cosmic radiation from one of the crystals. They need to see if he blacks out like he did the last time he worked with a crystal. Without going into further detail, Prime exposes himself to cosmic radiation from one of the crystals and is taken over by the Alt-Prime entity that resides in the cosmic computer. He shivers a little bit like he has a chill then starts looking around and shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Amethyst asks if he is okay and he tries to assure her in an emotionless tone that he is fine. Alt-Prime grabs the crystal from the table and pockets it. He tries to calm down and act as if nothing has happened. His movements become stiff almost mechanical in manner.

Miss Majestic asks, "Do you smell something fishy?"

"Oh yes, it was my lunch... I had fish for lunch," replies Prime in the same almost mechanical manner.

Once again he tells Amethyst and Miss Majestic that he is fine but that he must leave. He says that he had forgotten that he had an appointment. When Amethyst asks what kind of appointment, he replies, "I must depart. I have an appointment with my hairdresser. I may be gone... for some time."

Alt-Prime leaves the lab headed towards the sub-levels beneath buildings six and seven, the levels that house the hangars for the Pegasus and Hippogriff and the Anhinga's sub bay. Miss Majestic follows him to see where he is going. Alt-Prime enters the sub-level two hangar and sees the Hippogriff parked on the lift, ready for flight. Miss Majestic warns Amethyst that Prime is trying to take the Hippogriff. Amethyst tells her that the security system will stop him. Miss Majestic reports that he seems to have bypassed the security system and that the lift was taking the Hippogriff up to the roof. She flies over to the lift and joins the plane on the trip to the roof. Alt-Prime lifts off in the Hippogriff and speeds wobbly away. Miss Majestic tries to keep up but is unable. She reports to Amethyst that Prime has stolen the Hippogriff. Amethyst alerts Delta-Vee that something is wrong with Prime and he has stolen the Hippogriff. Delta-Vee gets the vector towards the Hippogriff from Adam and begins closing with the aircraft.

Delta-Vee catches up to the Hippogriff and when he sees the erratic maneuvering of the aircraft, he questions Prime about when he acquired his pilot's license. Alt-Prime assures him that he had recently acquired his pilot license after completing a pilot training course.

"You have your pilot license, how come I donít believe you?" asks Delta-Vee.

"Perhaps you are hungry," replies Alt-Prime.

"I'm not... hungry... and haven't been in about a week," says Delta-Vee.

"Perhaps you are thirsty," responds Alt-Prime.

"I haven't been thirsty in for the last week either," states Delta-Vee.

"Perhaps you need a kitten," responds Alt-Prime.

"It is not the high holy days," quips Delta-Vee.

"There is no need to worry, everything is fine," says Alt-Prime but his mechanical manner offers no assurance.

Delta-Vee continues to try and question Prime and "there is no need to worry, everything is fine," becomes Alt-Prime's standard answer to every question. Delta-Vee asks Amethyst to have a pilot be ready on standby at the base because he was going to board the plane. There is no response from Amethyst and after trying all communication channels at the base, Delta-Vee realizes he maybe the only that can stop Prime.

Amethyst loses Delta-Vee communicator signal then hears the lockdown alarms sound. When the security door lock slide into place, she finds herself locked in the hallway outside the hangars on sub-level two. She tries communicating with Susan, Adam or Melinda but receives no response. Her thoughts turn to what might have happened to Prime to make him go off the deep end then they shift to her hoping that Delta-Vee can deal with the situation because it did not look like she was going to be able to assist him for a while.

Judah bolts up in bed dropping the book he had been reading as the lockdown alarm starts sounding. He tries communicating with Susan, Adam or Melinda to find out what is going on but receives no response. He tries his communicator and finds it too does not appear to being working. The echo of the security doors locking tells him that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Alt-Prime turns the plane towards the tall buildings in town and descends toward them. Delta-Vee goes to the aft entrance ramp and enters the override code. The ramp begins to lower and Alt-Prime teleports out of the aircraft. Delta-Vee finds Prime's communicator sitting in the pilot's couch ending any chance further chance of communicating with or tracking him. Delta-Vee activates the autopilot and switches it to emergency mode. The Hippogriff levels out and heads out over the ocean. Once it is about a mile offshore, it goes into hover mode. Miss Majestic catches up with the plane and takes over monitoring the autopilot as Delta-Vee heads for North Bay. On the way, he calls Leif and explains to him what has happened as far as he knows. Leif confirms that North Bay has lost communications with the Alcatraz Island base. He says he will have a pilot ready in time for Delta-Vee's arrival. Delta-Vee grabs the pilot and returns to the Hippogriff. Once the pilot is in control of the aircraft, Delta-Vee and Miss Majestic head for Alcatraz.

At the base, Miss Majestic leads Delta-Vee through the secret tunnel into the "mystic" wing of the headquarters. They are unable to bypass the locked down security doors or establish communications with Susan, Adam, Melinda or anyone at the base. They head for North Bay to met with Leif and determine what their next step will be.

Run Date: 4/26/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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