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Rogue Prime, Part 2 - Session

Session: 28

A look at what happened during Session 28.

Session Entry

Game Date: 4/21/2006
Location: San Francisco, California; Orlando, Florida

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Miss Majestic, Prime, Freddie Lawrence, Leif Thorrsen (Thunder), Jaxton Gray, Dr. Andrew Kensington (Surge), Blaine Kirby (Gauss).

Adversary: Alt-Prime

Freddie after bringing up the systems at the Wardens Alcatraz Island headquarters determines that the damage to the systems will restrict the ability to analyze the data from the dimensional energy sensor network. He reports his findings to Miss Majestic. After some discussion with Leif, she contacts Dr. Andrew Kensington about the situation with the sensors. He sends his assistant to work with Miss Majestic and they setup the sensor network to interface with Huginn and Muninn, the expert computer systems at the Wardens Estate at North Bay. Once the sensors are online with the North Bay systems, Miss Majestic and Dr. Kensington begin analyzing the data.

Karalyn opens a new round of negotiations with the FSS and the Orion tribunal legal staffs on where der Kampfkoloss, die Kampfmaschine, Kriegstochter and Panzer will be held while in San Francisco to enter their pleas before an Orion tribunal. The authorities renew their position that the defendants should be held at the FSS' Western Region Headquarters detention center and do not seem willing to compromise on the issue. Karalyn indicates that the deal is in jeopardy of falling apart due to their unwillingness to compromise and leaves the negotiation session.

The data from the dimensional energy sensor network shows Prime's teleport from the Hippogriff to the office building as well as a series of teleports at a location that maps to a local Radio Shack. The readings indicate multiple instances of Prime popping in and out of the store from a location in the parking area by the store. The team visits the store and finds that an unknown paranormal vandal/thief had popped around the store scattering stuff everywhere as he came and went. Several of the staff are sure that he took merchandise but are not sure what. They are currently conducting an inventory for insurance purposes. The Knight asks for a list of what was stolen once the inventory was completed and the store manager said he would send the insurance claim to him as well as the Alcatraz Foundation Insurance Fund.

Judah checks the hospitals during his 'rounds' on the look out for any patients suffering injuries that could be related to Prime's flight. He also checks psych wards for patients reporting being attacked by or seeing an orange monkey.

The Knight makes a point to check in at local pizza places when out patrolling. He asks about missing foodstuffs, supplies and equipment as well as unexplained after hours use of the kitchen facilities. His investigations turns up nothing.

'The Sludge Report', a new website with a surprising amount of popularity and credibility due to the accuracy of its initial stories on corporate malfeasance, publishes a trio of stories about the Wardens and some questionable activities by the group. The first story is about the team working with a South American based fascist organization with historical ties to Nazi Germany. The next details the recruitment of members of a fascist society in a battle-torn neighboring dimension, the Kronians. The third is about the recruitment of a paranormal created by a Secret Society of Eugenics Scientists that are/were experimenting on healthy normal college students in their quest to create a race of super-men, Delta-Vee.

William makes a trip to Notre Dame des Victoires for confession, prayer and meditation. While he is praying and meditating he has a vision of teens in combat against each using some type of energy weapons. He stops by the library on his way home and finds pictures similar to the ones from his vision. The kids weren't really in combat, they were playing a combat game called laser tag. William read about the game and found it was very popular including having a national chain of 'arenas', The Laser's Edge, that provided equipment and playing areas for league and tournament competitions.

Kore continues to analyze data from the dimensional energy sensor network. She cross checks some of the coordinates for some of the readings and is surprised to find that there are more antennas in the network than just the ones in San Francisco. There are three other major nodes in the dimensional energy sensor network. Their coordinates map to Vancouver, British Columbia; a mountain in northern Nevada; and the town of Milledgeville, Georgia but the biggest surprise is that is a mobile sensor platform operating in southern Texas.

Karalyn, after thinking about the situation for a few days, feels that the plea deal is slipping away. Without Dieter at the negotiating sessions backing her, she feels she is in over her head. He had walked out of the negotiations and pronounced them over. It was only after her pleas to not let the deal die that he had reluctantly given her a couple of weeks to work out some kind of compromise to keep the negotiations on track. Now, she needed to turn things around and fast. She looks through her notes and comes across an entry from when she first got feedback on the 'test case' that she had presented to her colleagues for review. It said, 'talk to Joachim Hyradi.'

Judah creates the identity of Eon and submits an application for Radley-Gold credentials to the FSS. Special Agent Michael Pierce, the FSS' liaison to the Wardens, checks with Amethyst about Eon. She tells Agent Pierce that Eon has been assisting the Wardens for several months and was under consideration for membership. Agent Pierce has the application sent to the Office of Credentials for review.

'The Sludge Report' posts a partial story detailing a history of poorly concealed private donations and foundation grants from the Wardens and the Alcatraz Foundation to neo-nazi organizations throughout North America. The story is removed after a few hours with an apology from the editorial staff of the website. It states the story was part of a mockup page that had been published in error and was not factual.

The Knight and Miss Majestic arrange a meeting with Johan Doyle. He agrees to the meeting when they explain that they need someone with his expertise to help with a problem. His ego stoked, Johan Doyle agrees to meet with them at his office. On the way, Miss Majestic picks up a banana pizza. Their talk with him yields some possible insights into Prime and his motivations. During the conversation, Miss Majestic offers Johan Doyle a slice of the banana pizza and he accepts. When the Knight and Miss Majestic are leaving, Johan Doyle asks if he can have the rest of the pizza and Miss Majestic gives it to him.

Judah dons his 'outfit' and heads out to his normal 'rounds' of the trauma wards. On his way out, he grabs a stack of papers off his printer. During his rounds he stops and staples them to telephone poles, buildings, wherever. The top of the paper reads, 'MISSING PERSON - JOHAN DOYLE - A.K.A. PRIME.' It has a picture of Prime and below the picture reads, 'If seen, please contact the FSS or 911! - REWARD $10,000.'

Detective Iola Chung on the SFPD contacts the Wardens during their daily team meeting and asks about the missing person's posters with Prime on them that have been appearing around town. The detective questions if the posters are real or is some kind of a prank/hoax? The Knight explains that the team is looking into who is behind the posters and would follow up with the police once they had found something out. The Knight goes on to explain that Prime is on sabbatical and that the poster maybe a joke by the little orange primate. Detective Chung says such a prank would fit Prime and asks the Wardens to let her know what they find out.

After the meeting, Delta-Vee flies to his apartment and composes a note to Detective Chung. It is he explains that Prime is indeed missing and could be a danger to others. He signs the note a concerned citizen, places it in an envelope then seals the envelope. He sits staring at the envelope for a while then leaves it on the desk when he heads out to the community center.

Special Agent Michael Pierce, the FSS' liaison to the Wardens, contacts Eon and tells him that his application for Radley-Gold credentials had been approved. After Eon tells Amethyst, she notifies Agent Pierce to add Eon to the Wardens' roster with probationary status.

Kore takes her flight backpack that Prime had several times been a passenger in to Armstrong Moorland. She tells him about Prime's 'escape' and asks him if he can use the backpack to find Prime. After casting a detection spells, Armstrong tells her there is a strong enough psychic signature from Prime on the backpack to allow a finding spell to be formulated. Armstrong agrees to help locate Prime and he, Rhiannon and Wythe start working on the finding spell.

It takes Freddie most of the week to get the systems running at near previous levels. There is some damage to some of the custom elements of the systems that need to be repaired to bring the systems up to full performance specs. Freddie contacts Tesla to find out if Tesla has spares available or if the custom replacement parts will need to be newly fabricated.

The Wardens have a meeting with Dr. Kensington. They discuss the dimensional energy sensor network and he admits that the initial network had been greatly expanded including adding mobile vehicle based scanners and portable backpack scanners. Judah and Kore ask the doctor if he can make some adjustments to some of the sensors so that they could pick up the energy emissions from the cosmic crystals. After seeing some of the energy readings that Prime had compiled during his experiments with the cosmic crystals, Dr. Kensington says that he can make the sensor adjustments to detect them. He says it will take him a couple of days to make the necessary adjustments. Dr. Kensington returns to Vancouver after the meeting.

Karalyn, with only two days before the deadline set by Dieter to end all negotiations with the FSS and Orion, opens the session by presenting Joachim Hyradi as the lead counsel for der Kampfkoloss, die Kampfmaschine, Kriegstochter and Panzer to the FSS and the Orion tribunal legal staffs.

A couple of days later, Blaine Kirby, Dr. Kensington's assistant, arrives in San Francisco. He has with him two backpack portable dimensional energy sensors, a cosmic energy dampening collar based on the technology Dr. Kensington had provided Nexus to help control his cosmic energy abilities and eight cosmic energy dampening grenades. Kirby explains each piece of equipment. He tells them the backpack scanners have been calibrated to pick up both dimensional energies and the cosmic crystals but have lost some of their range in the process. He also takes time to emphasize that the grenades are experimental and will most likely suppress Prime's cosmic energy aura but they might increase it instead. The team thanks him for the equipment and decides that the grenades would only be used in an emergency situation.

Kirby also provides the plans for modifying some of the dimensional energy sensors to pick up the energy signature of the cosmic crystals. He tells the team that Dr. Kensington has already made adjustments to some of the BC based scanners. Blaine works with Kore on calibrating a few of the sensors in San Francisco for cosmic crystal energy signatures before heading to Nevada to work on the sensors there.

Randy starts having bad dreams about Mark. In the dreams, Mark is lying comatose in some kind of medical facility and the staff is speaking some foreign language. They appear to be examining him and pull out a strange looking probe. The doctors open Mark's mouth and just before they insert the strange looking probe, Randy wakes.

Kore is examining the data from the newly adjusted sensors when she comes across a reading that bears investigation. An energy source very similar to a cosmic crystal has been detected in the ballpark district. The slight difference in the readings could be explained by someone trying to shield a cosmic crystal from detection. She tells the others and they decide to checkout the location.

Using the backpack scanners, the team narrows down their search to several old abandoned buildings located down the road from PacCom Ballpark. They are scheduled to be demolished and replaced by condominiums. A comprehensive search of the area finds nothing out of the ordinary other that what could possibly be the residual energy signature of a cosmic crystal.

Randy continues to have the same dream about Mark, always waking at the point just before the strange probe is inserted into Mark. Randy begins listening to language samples and searching medical instrument catalogues to try and ferret out some of the details of his dream.

Karalyn presents a proposal from the FSS and Orion legal teams to Dieter. It details a compromise that will allow the 'Alta Verde Protectors' to stay at a place in San Francisco during the tribunal where they will not be under the control of the FSS or Orion. Dieter, after reviewing the proposal, accepts its stipulations.

As the days drag on, the group's differences of opinion regarding how to handle the Prime matter are starting to cause outbursts of shouting and arguing between teammates. The Knight is very discouraged by the discord in the group and tries to promote some team unity in cause but the arguments over differences in process eventually cause him to admit that smoothing over the problems may take some time. He arranges patrols so that Eon and Delta-Vee are working together while he and Amethyst work together. Kore spends a lot of time around the base analyzing sensor data and when she does patrol she alternates between each of the teams.

Randy continues to be distracted by his dream about Mark, but has no luck in determining the staff's language or the medical instrument used by them in the dream.

The Knight working with Kore spends time going back and reviewing the surveillance footage of Prime working in his lab. The Knight announces to the team that he and Kore believe that Prime was under some form of outside influence whenever he was connected to the cosmic computer via neural interface. Kore goes on to explain that since the cosmic computer was now part of Prime's cosmic aura, whatever was influencing Prime when he used the neural interface may now be influencing him again and would account for Prime's strange behavior leading up to and since the theft of the Hippogriff. The Knight and Kore's theory seems to have little affect on Delta-Vee or Eon while Amethyst is convinced that it more than explains what has happened to Prime.

Another week passes and the Knight's rearrangement of schedules appears to be easing tensions between the team members but has done nothing to address the issues causing the problems. The Knight resolves to work towards repairing the damage once Prime is dealt with.

Randy receives a message at the Wardens' base from a Dr. Skujans of Linezers Klinika hospital in Latvia. It says that Mark Owens had been found extremely ill, in a semi-conscious state, lying in a ditch along side the Riga roadway and admitted to the Linezers Klinika hospital. Mark had requested his presence during a brief period of lucidity. Randy has Adam trace the call and finds that it did originate at the Linezers Klinika hospital in Latvia. A check of the hospital directory finds several Dr. Skujans on the staff. Making a decision based on a combination of his feelings for Mark, his weird dreams about Mark in a foreign hospital and a chance to fly in and save the day, Randy tells Amethyst that he must attend to a personal emergency and heads for Latvia.

Kore, checking sensor data, finds indications of a cosmic crystal energy signature in Florida. She does some back checking of the data and find very low level cosmic crystal energy readings near Orlando since the sensors had been adjusted to pick up their energy signature. The level was so low it was being dismissed as background level for the area, now the readings strength had increased to a level high enough to really stand out. It is then that Kore remembers that the last time Prime had blacked out he was found at Walt Disney World. Perhaps the entity that is controlling Prime has an affinity for Orlando, after all the entertainment and tourism industries had made the area a hot bed for high tech industries. Perhaps there were resources there that the entity controlling Prime wanted and it also provided a base of operations faraway from the Wardens.

Miss Majestic notifies the team of her findings as well as her thoughts on why the entity controlling Prime would go to Orlando. After some discussion, they decide make the cross country trip to investigate and arrangements are made for Thunder, Volt, Asenblut and Vanenspeer to cover for the team while they are away from San Francisco. Amethyst also contacts Gauss and Surge to provide backup coverage for the mission to Florida. The special equipment is loaded on to the Pegasus and the team heads out.

While en route to Orlando, the team discusses how they are going to catch Prime. Gauss and Surge will maintain a perimeter and use backpack portable dimensional energy sensors to track Prime, if he teleports. The Knight stresses trying to talk to Prime first as he may be unaware of his actions because he is under the control of an outside entity. The first plan is to try and talk to Prime getting close enough to use Cosmic energy dampening collar. If that fails, the plan is to incapacitate Prime and put the collar on him. Eon makes it clear how critical he feels the situation is saying, "Reputations be damned, we can't let him get away." He urges the team to notify the FSS. The Knight says that that will be the plan of last resort and it would most likely be up to Gauss or Surge to make that call if Prime is able to escape from the Wardens.

Miss Majestic takes a break from the discussions to check on any unusual news in recent weeks from the Orlando area. She finds a couple of stories on a new youth gang using high tech body armor and energy weapons. The gang was actively trying to take out their competitors and had been classified as the greatest gang threat in the Orlando area by local law enforcement. There was also mention of the area police forces talking with the FSS about adding agents to the central Florida area. A local company, AnimaTechnics, had started a diversionary program for inner city youths. The program provided equipment and an arena for laser tag tournaments to try and get the teens interested in sports rather than gangs. Miss Majestic reports her findings to the group. The mention of teens playing laser tag convinces the Knight that the team is on the right track.

Miss Majestic leaves the Pegasus as they get closer to Orlando. Using one of the backpack portable sensor arrays she starts taking readings and finds cosmic crystal energy sensors. While on the Pegasus, Eon uses the other backpack portable sensor array compared to Miss Majestic's readings to triangulate the position of the energy readings. They are able to determine that there are actually two cosmic crystals in the area and map the coordinates of the signals to a light industrial and office park on the southwestern outskirts of Orlando. Amethyst checks on the tenants of the park and finds that AnimaTechnics' offices and laser tag arena are located there.

The team has the Pegasus land about a mile away from the AnimaTechnics facilities. The backpack sensors have pinpointed the location of one of the cosmic crystals as well as dimensional energy signals as originating from the area of the laser tag arena. Surge and Gauss notify the Wardens that they are in place and monitoring the area with their sensors and the team moves in.

The team scouts the area as they advance. The office/animatronic fabrication facility is a four story building and is located next to a former aircraft assembly and maintenance hangar that had been converted into a laser tag arena. The signals indicate that the cosmic crystal and dimensional energy signatures are coming from a location under the laser tag arena. The other cosmic crystal signature was moving towards the laser tag arena.

With Amethyst and the Knight leading the way, the Wardens enter the laser tag arena. Finding no obvious entry to the floor of the arena, the group goes up into the viewing gallery. Miss Majestic takes to the air to scout the arena floor while the others leap down from the gallery into the combat area on the arena floor. The combat area is setup to resemble several city streets with small building mockups for cover. The sensor backpacks indicate that the signals are under the 'crossroads' at the center of the combat area. As the grounded team members advance towards the crossroads, they come under fire from several teens using lasers. No hits are scored but it is obvious from the damage caused to the building facades that the weapons being used by the teens are not toys. The teens flee after their first volley. Miss Majestic sees a teen pop out of cover near the crossroads and entangles him. She is surprised when an explosion engulfs the entangled teen. The ground team continues to advance while Miss Majestic flies to the top of the arena and provides directions to them. Eon is hit by several shots from the laser armed teens but the shots do not penetrate his protective aura. The teens flee after firing. When Amethyst, the Knight and Eon arrive at the crossroads they are bombarded by several energy grenades but escape with no real damage. The grenades do cause some damage to the streetscape facades revealing an access lift to the underground areas below the arena floor. Amethyst picks up the remainder of the concrete slab that covered the lift and tosses it at several teens who pop up from cover tossing more energy grenades. Two of the teens are hit by the concrete slab and pinned while the rest runaway.

The team takes the lift down into a maintenance area beneath the arena. Once in the tunnel they find a letter on the ground. The letter is from Prime and offers an explanation for his recent behavior. It tells than his need to flee the Wardens base was because the exposure to the cosmic crystal had freed his psionicly suppressed memories of his last visit to Florida where he had had an encounter with Delta-Vee's secret creator, the psionic re-animated frozen head of Walt Disney. The letter notes that everything Delta-Vee sees and hears is being telepathically transmitted back to Disney and that Disney has been kidnapping children for his eugenics experiments from Walt Disney World for years, then using his psychic powers to wipe away all memory of the children's existence from their relatives' minds.

The Wardens are amused by the letter and have a good laugh then continue their search for Prime.

They find him in a control room down the hall from where they had found the letter. The orange primate appears to have been monitoring the combat on his consoles in the control room and turns to face the group when they enter. Prime fires off a blast of dimensional energy at Eon, barely missing his head but hitting the backpack portable sensor system he is wearing. The damage knocks the sensors offline. Miss Majestic erects a force wall between herself and Prime. Amethyst, the Knight and Eon advance. Amethyst misses an attempt to grab Prime but Eon lays him low by sharing the pain of the world with the little orange fur ball. The Knight steps up and slaps the cosmic energy dampener collar on Prime.

The team searches the tunnels below the arena. They find both of the cosmic crystals that they had been tracking. The first is in Prime's lab coat pocket, they quickly take it away and put it in a shielded box. The second is located in Prime's quarters lying on his desk. They discover some papers that detail plans for mass-marketing a toy laser rifle modeled to look like and be targeted like the 'real ones' the Warden's encountered in the arena combat as well as several scripts for a children's show featuring an animatronic version of Prime guiding children from the audience and at home through scientific experiments focused on chemistry and electronics. They also find a stack of form letters threatening legal action if the recipient does not immediately 'desist and refrain' from any activity which negatively reflects on the paranormal known as Prime.

The team returns to the arena floor to find no sign of the teens or their weaponry.

The Wardens, with Amethyst carrying the comatose Prime, return to the Pegasus and find that several websites and news outlets are distributing stories and video of the combat from the laser tag arena. The video casts the Wardens in a very harsh light showing them injuring several of the teens who appear to have been practicing for a laser tag tournament when the Wardens busted in and attacked them.

Run Date: 6/21/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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