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A Jury of His Peers - Session

Session: 29

A look at what happened during Session 29.

Session Entry

Game Date: 6/9/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Jaxton Gray, Karl Keilman (Asenblut), Kšthe Keilman (Vanenspeer).

The Knight calls a meeting to discuss Prime. He also Dr. Kensington via teleconference to join the meeting and report what his analysis of the recordings of the sensor readings had revealed. Judah points out that Prime had stayed in his cell for the last three weeks not escaping when he could have teleported out at any time. The Knight says that was part of the plan to test Prime and see if he would accept his confinement without trying to escape. Dr. Kensington reports on his findings about Prime energy signature. Although there is a high level of extra-dimensional energy readings, Prime no longer has a cosmic aura. The dampener collar is not restricting anything as there is nothing to restrict.

The team thanks Dr. Kensington for his report then decides to pay prime a visit. Amethyst orders a banana pizza for Prime. Once it arrives the three of them head for the confinement area.

On the way, Judah asks "Who is going to be the good cop and who is going to be the bad cop?"

To which the Knight replies, "I am going to be the bad cop and you two will be the silent cops."

The three Wardens arrive at the confinement area and tell the on duty security staff they can have a break. Prime hears the door of his 'cell' opening and looks up to see the Knight who greets him, "Good Afternoon, Prime."

The passive primate replies, "Hello are you feeling better?"

Based on the Knight's neutral look, Prime continues saying that he is sure Amethyst had told him everything about the cosmic energy experiment. The test was to see why he had blacked out and woke up in Florida a couple of months ago. Prime says that he was going to expose himself to one of the artificial cosmic crystals and see what happened. Amethyst would monitor the experiment in case something went wrong. Prime says that something must have happened and he assumes that Amethyst had him locked up for his own safety.

The Knight explains that Prime stole the Pegasus and committed some criminal acts before the Wardens captured him and brought him back to the base.

"It's obvious another Prime from a different dimension replaced me," states Prime matter of factly.

Amethyst checks with Kensington via communicator and he assures her that Prime's energy signature is consistent with the energy signature of this dimension. She relays the information to the Knight and Prime.

The Knight starts to explain in more detail what had happened over the last month. He tells of the theft of the Pegasus. The damage to the Wardens' computer systems.

Prime has a hard time believing anything that the Knight is saying happened as he has no recollection of the events.

The Knight starts over going more slowly and explains that Prime had said that he needed to go to the hairdresser and was acting strangely.

Prime interrupts saying that Amethyst should have stopped him. Then looking at her and then the Knight he adds, "she did her best, donít treat her too harshly."

The Knight returns to his narrative of events and explains that after abandoning the Pegasus in midair over the city, Prime raided an electronics store stealing parts for making a satellite uplink.

Prime once again interrupts and continues to insist it was a version of him from another dimension. He goes on to question if he should be held responsible for the other Prime's actions. Prime starts arguing he has no consciousness recollection of these events and that he should not be held responsible.

The Knight keys in on Prime's mentioning of being held responsible and starts question the furry orange one's irresponsible actions and experiments.

Prime tries to explain that Amethyst and Miss Majestic should have been able to stop him during the experiment when they saw that he was acting strangely.

The Knight returns to explanation of events picking up where Prime had robbed the electronics store.

Delta-Vee arrives and gives Prime an apple then asks him if he had paid for the stuff he took from the electronics store.

Prime continues to deny any recollection of the events.

The Knight continues saying they down know how he did but suspect he stole a ship and traveled to Florida. The trail picked up in Orlando where the team found that Prime was arming teens with advanced blaster weaponry then endangering the teens even further by sending them to combat the Wardens.

Prime continues to deny any recollection of the events.

Delta-Vee then explains about the inane letter about his 'creation' by the frozen re-animated head of Walt Disney.

Prime interrupts, "Do you have any evidence that you were not created by the re-animated head of Walt Disney?"

Delta-Vee retorts, "No more evidence that you have been controlled by the re-animated head of Walt Disney."

An argument about Walt Disney erupts with Prime vociferously spouting several different conspiracy theories about including the one about Walt Disney head being removed and frozen after his death.

"So, where is the head?" questions Delta-Vee.

"Everyone knows that the frozen head of Walt Disney is kept in Cinderella's castle at Walt Disney World," replies Prime incredulously.

Delta-Vee provides a full detailed version of the events that happened after Prime stole the Pegasus.

Prime and Delta-Vee argue about the experiment and what happened. Delta-Vee points out that Prime has been exposed to cosmic crystals many times without ill effects. Prime points out the only time that he had been exposed after dimensional pinhole generator he had blacked out and woke up in Florida. Prime explains that was the reason for the experiment and so goes the argument.

It continues until Prime interjects, "Lets get back to the basics, I behaved in a totally responsible manner."

"Prime in all the time that I have known you, you have never acted responsibly," states Delta-Vee emphatically.

The Knight defends Prime saying he did act responsibly by inviting Amethyst to monitor the experiment. Delta-Vee says it was not responsible because Amethyst has no knowledge about cosmic or extra-dimensional energies. Amethyst mentions that Prime may have known what was going to happen and chose her as an observer because of her lack of knowledge.

The Knight explains his theory that Prime may have been under an outside influence.

Prime says that the experiment was to determine what happened when he was exposed to cosmic radiation. Amethyst had been around him enough to act as an observer to determine if his behavior changed.

Delta-Vee says they all know the result of the experiments and "since we donít have all of the cosmic crystals, the only way to keep you from being exposed to their cosmic energy again is to lock you in a lead box and put it somewhere safe, preferably 500 feet underground."

Prime once again states, "I have no recollection of what happened."

"I am not convinced that you have no recollection of the events," retorts Delta-Vee.

Prime once again starts to espouse the theory that he was replaced by an extra-dimensional version of himself. He relies on the third person to try and distinguish between the other Prime and himself.

Delta-Vee grows tired of the histrionics and asks, "Why are you using third person?"

Prime replies, "It gets complicated when talking about multiple dimensions."

"Just say him," states Delta-Vee.

Delta-Vee expresses his opinion that Prime has had a psychotic break and is no longer in touch with reality. He says that Prime may even be delusional and should submit to an examination. Prime says that he will submit to examination performed by a paranormal mentalist.

"I would not mind an interview with a competent psychoanalyst," states Delta-Vee.

"Why would you want to subject the psychoanalyst to that?" queries the Knight.

Prime agrees to see Dr. Miranda Saveda, the Winslow Institute member psychiatrist/psychoanalyst assigned to the Wardens and she is called in by Delta-Vee. The team returns to the headquarters when she arrives turning guard duty back over to the security staff members on duty when they had arrived.

Dr. Saveda interviews Prime and he is totally honest in answering her questions.

The team meets in the conference room to discuss Dr. Saveda's interview with Prime.

The doctor explains that Prime has "a totally rational presentation of a completely alien way of thinking." He is not delusional and in her studies she has found that most paranormals think "outside of the box" due to their abilities giving them a different view on life. She also noted that he is calmer and more rational now that when he first joined the Wardens. Her conclusion is that he just makes some immature decisions.

To which Amethyst responds that the doctor is right, "he acts like a child."

The team thanks Dr Saveda and after she leaves they get down to the task of determining what to do with Prime.

Amethyst mentions before the meeting adjourns that the team also needs to discuss a request by the Alta Verde Defenders legal counsel for them to stay at Alcatraz during an Orion Tribunal. The Knight says they will discuss the matter after they decide on what to do about Prime.

The Knight suggests that they ask Prime to stay in his 'cell' for another week as a continued show of good faith then welcome him back into the fold. Judah suggests letting him out now saying that he has demonstrated good faith already by staying in the 'cell' for the last three weeks. Amethyst suggests letting him out during the day then have him return to the 'cell' at night.

Delta-Vee asks who is going to monitor him if he is released? Then continues demandingly, "you have to convince Prime to submit to oversight from a competent scientist."

Judah replies, "I can do it."

Amethyst suggests, "bring Johan Doyle in maybe?"

Judah chides, "sure he only has a restraining order against Prime, I am sure he will be glad to help."

Amethyst looks at him and smiles responding, "keep your friends close and enemies closer."

The team continues to discuss what to do next regarding Prime. Judah once again points out that he has stayed in his 'cell' when he could have left and he is sure that Prime will agree to having an observer for his experiments. Delta-Vee interjects not observe but override, Prime has to agree to someone telling him 'no' in the lab. Delta-Vee goes on to question the group's readiness to forgive and forget. He asks what will happen when he has another lapse and is 'taken over?' What then? He then suggests that the team needs to cut Prime loose. The Knight agrees in a way saying that Prime needs to submit to the group's will or they will let him go.

Delta-Vee states flatly Prime thinks he is already being responsible then adds, "you decide what you decide, but from now on out I will not work with him alone, ever."

Judah explains that the Wardens need to help Prime grow up.

"What do you think we have been doing since each of us met him?" questions Delta-Vee.

"Sticking him in a room with lots of toys and telling him to go play," retorts Judah.

The Knight nominates 'Dr. Eon' as Prime's new ethics counselor. Judah says he is not qualified. Delta-Vee says since the Wardens have been going about things wrong up to now were Prime is concerned in Judah' sight then Judah can be in charge of teaching him ethics. The Knight says Judah will be allowed to have any resources he needs.

Delta-Vee once again makes it clear how he feels by stating, "as for me, I am out of it. I will waste no more effort on him."

Judah explains that everyone needs to take time with Prime each day, patrolling with him, hanging out with him, talking to him, etc..

"I am not going to do anything with the Prima Donna," states Delta-Vee flatly.

"We have a new member named Prima Donna," inquires Judah jokingly.

"Prime Donna if you prefer," replies Delta-Vee.

Judah points out that they can't just leave Prime in jail. Delta-Vee says that they should have taken action before he hoisted himself on his on petard.

The Knight replies, "him hoisting himself on his own petard would have had worse consequences for us."

"Then perhaps we deserve it," retorts Delta-Vee.

The Knight points out that they cannot bring in the FSS now and that that decision had already been made in the past. He goes on to admit that maybe they need to give Prime another chance. Judah says they need to layout a plan having Prime be responsible each day, patrolling and other duties. Place restrictions on his lab activities, monitoring him when he is in the lab and let a scientist watch his experiments and say 'no' where appropriate.

Sensing a need for a change of topics, Amethyst suggests that the team take a break from discussing Prime and review the request from the Alta Verde Defenders, the others all agree to a break from the Prime discussions.

Amethyst explains that Joachim Hyradi, the attorney for the Alta Verde defendants has asked for the Wardens to allow them to stay at the Wardens Alcatraz Island headquarters for the duration of the Orion Tribunal. When asked what the FSS thinks about the matter of them stayed at Alcatraz, Amethyst says that it is what was negotiated with the FSS and Orion. The Knight announces his wholehearted support for the plan.

Amethyst says that Prime should visit the tribunal to see what might happen the next time. The Knight reminds her that they had agreed to put Prime out of the discussion right now

The Knight says that the Grand Empire is poised for another attack on Alta Verde and that the matter of the Tribunal needed to be expedited so that the paranormals could get back to the valley to defend their homes. Delta-Vee expresses that he has no opinion on the matter one way or the other. Everyone else votes for letting the Alta Verde group stay at the base during the Tribunal, so the request is approved 3 votes for and 1 abstention.

After the vote, Delta-Vee comments, "I am sorry Coach Michael, I donít have an opinion but I do have a suggestion. We need to make an announcement to the public on this."

The team decides to advise the media relations staff to prepare a statement on the Assistance being provided to the FSS and Orion in keeping the accused under guard at Alcatraz during the Tribunal. It is also decided that the Knight will deliver the message at the press conference.

After the matter of the Alta Verde visitors staying at the base has been decided, the discussion turns back to Prime.

"You are from what we call a feudal society?" queries Delta-Vee.

"Why do you ask that question?" responds the Knight.

"To establish a common social point of view." replies Delta-Vee.

"Things between Louisiana and California are that different?" asks the Knight quizzically.

Delta-Vee explains why he used the term of coach to refer to the Knight. There is a discussion in which Delta-Vee quizzes the Knight about playing sports saying the Knight strikes him as a football or basketball player. The Knight admits to having played some basketball. Delta-Vee explains that in school the football and basketball where the 'special' ones, the jocks. The Knight mentions that Delta-Vee was an athlete. Delta-Vee says that he was a jock but not really because gymnastics was not a 'real' sport and the 'real' jocks get treated better. He continues by saying to save the team, when trouble happens, the jocks will be shielded. The coach acts as the shield. When the best player gets in trouble the coach shields him, so the star becomes a spoiled brat. The Knight explains that his decision was based on the responsibility of the Wardens charter and they he did not want the other Wardens to suffer for something that Prime had done. He continues by saying that the team let Prime go, so they we needed to find him not pass the responsibility onto someone else.

"So you chose the irresponsible course." states Delta-Vee.

The Knight pauses then replies, "if by irresponsible, you mean choosing to go after Prime without alerting the authorities then yes. We needed to find him without alerting him to the fact that we were after him causing him to put innocents at risk to evade us."

Delta-Vee points out that in the end innocents were put at risk. He points out that Prime was guarded by teens with blaster weaponry. The Knight admits that he is still sorting that out, for instance they were not sure what armed kids. Delta-Vee points out that if someone had been at the least it would have been involuntary manslaughter and he was certain that it was at least criminal negligence to arm under age persons with blaster weaponry. The Knight brings up the fact that surveillance revealed two distinct personalities. Delta-Vee questions when he noticed it. The Knight says upon a second review of the surveillance records.

Delta-Vee tells the Knight to face the facts, "we fucked up, we are not being responsible to those we have made promises to."

"At this point we are past that." reminds the Knight.

Shaking his head, Delta-Vee states "we failed at a responsibility we were given."

"I donít say we have failed yet." replies the Knight.

Still shaking his head, Delta-Vee continues "he was out of our control for three weeks."

"You are correct." credits the Knight.

"Through dumb luck we were able to get out of this without something worse happening," concludes Delta-Vee.

The Knight says that the FSS would have asked for a way to keep Prime held if they had reported it. That was one of the reasons behind his decision to go after Prime alone. The team needed to find a way to stop him. Delta-Vee states that the Wardens needed to find a way to stop him, Eon and Amethyst and that trust only goes as far as everyone's personal agendas.

"If someone dangled Mark in front of me, I would throw all of you under the bus." admits Delta-Vee.

"If you have a problem that involves Mark, please come to us to help you before you give us a grounds eye view of the bus' transmission," quips the Knight.

While the discussion continues, Judah goes to visit Prime. He tells Prime about the team's discussions and the need for him to regain the trust of the team. They discuss Prime's altered personality during his time away from the Wardens. Then reiterates to Prime that they need to find a way to re-establish trust and get him back in the fold. Judah then relates the team's desire for outside observer to monitor Prime's experiments.

While Judah is talking Prime comments, "perhaps my talents could be used by the US military."

Judah mentions that that would probably be a bad decision as the military probably could find a use for him but it would most likely involve dissection.

Prime waves his hand in dismissal at Judah's statement and replies, "I believe that the military would respect my talents."

Prime says that he would be open to observer monitor his experiments and would probably prove to be an asset as an independent authority not involved in the experiments could offer first hand confirmation of the results lending credibility in some areas that others had failed to recognize as legitimate scientific endeavors.

Judah brings up patrolling to get Prime more involved with the public while also learning more about his teammates.

"I once distanced myself from humanity, now I have changed." states Judah. He goes on to state that he thinks Prime had lost contact with his humanity and that it was understandable and that it would be "difficult to maintain touch with your humanity when you are furry and hyper intelligent. You are different." concludes Judah.

"Just a little different." admits Prime.

Prime then agrees to participate in patrols with other members of the Wardens.

Prime also asks for a more current copy of the newspaper and states, "I want to find out about what happened to the alien plague that was released from the meteor that crashed in downtown Wyoming." Judah looks at the paper and does not see any such story. Prime explains that it is a story from another dimension he was able to read by altering the papers with his dimensional abilities and then goes on to admit, "it changes back after a while." Judah and Prime discuss his reading and writing ventures involving alternate dimensions histories, scientific theories and other interesting tales.

On his way back to the base, Judah orders the security staff to have current newspapers and a pizza delivered to Prime.

When he returns to the conference room, Judah tells others that he has spoken to Prime. He goes on to explain that Prime has agreed to observation of his experiments and going on patrols with the Wardens. In his absence he finds that they have still been discussing how to protect the public from Prime if he goes rogue again.

Judah comments that you can't protect everybody from every danger, then asks, "how do you protect someone who gets hit by a car or shot by a gun?"

"You donít put them in front of the car or in front of the gun." retorts Delta-Vee.

"I agree with Delta-Vee, that is what you would be doing to them," adds the Knight.

Judah goes on to explain that Prime had talked about selling his talents to military contractors. He questions if the others they want that hanging over their heads. At long as Prime is part of the team they could work on teaching him responsibility. The question is then raised as to who would have oversight of Prime and that the questions could also be applied in an emergency oversight of each team member. The team then launches into a discussion of had to neutralize Prime and in turn each member of the Wardens. As the discussion starts to become tedious, Delta-Vee changes the topic to the Knight's horse.

"Did you ever find the stable where you keep your horse?" queries Delta-Vee.

"Yes." replies the Knight.

"It has paranormal talents?" questions Delta-Vee.

"I prefer to think of it as God's will," responds the Knight.

The question gets raised as to why a Louisiana boy had a horse and not a gator. Then there is jibe about why not a swamp boat or better yet a divine swamp boat that goes anywhere. Next comes a questioning of the Knight motif as a whole and the association with a saint. Is the Knight a saint working miracles? The Knight ends the banter by saying that he is not a saint, just a humble servant of God's will.

Once again the discussion returns to Prime and the question of his irresponsibility.

Judah comments that Prime acts irresponsibly because "Prime has lost his humanity."

"How many irresponsible people have you met?" inquires the Knight.

"Many," responds Judah.

"Interesting, Forrest Gump does shrimp and Lazarus does irresponsible people," quips the Knight.

Judah once again reiterates that Prime has lost his humanity

"Yeah, he thinks he is super-evolved and better than us." retorts Delta-Vee.

"Arrogant, in his own way," adds Amethyst.

Judah says that he plans to help Prime regain lost humanity by taking him on rounds. To visit the wounded and heal those beyond the help of conventional medicine.

"Yeah, it will take him into cybernetics," quips Delta-Vee.

"Speak not the name of the demon, lest he appear." says the Knight as he crosses himself.

"When you get ready to bring him to the community center, let me know so I can tell my kids to stay away," comments Delta-Vee.

"Why? He can teach them to play laser tag." jokes Judah.

"Exactly," replies Delta-Vee coldly.

Amethyst says that Prime needs to see the consequences of his actions. Maybe they could setup a scenario where one of Prime's experiments went awry but actually didnít just to show him how his actions affect others. The team discusses it but does not come to a decision on the matter of 'testing' Prime in that way.

It is finally decided to invite Prime to have dinner with the team.

Delta-Vee says that he will attend but will not be eating. When asked why he replies that he has an "issue with my digestive system, I donít need to eat."

"I haven't needed to eat for the last 5000 years, but I still enjoy it," states Judah.

"I donít know if I should be eating. Don't know if it is safe," responds Delta-Vee.

Prime has dinner with the team. The terms of his return to the base are finalized and he is moved back to his quarters.

Run Date: 7/5/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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