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Darkling Encounter - Session

Session: 3

A look at what happened during Session 3.

Session Entry

Game Date: 5/14/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Boost, Knight of Saint Michael, Nexus, Alacran, Fortaleza, Kika

Adversary: Nekros-like Being

After getting a list of the new active status member roster from Alacran, Alberto Ruiz, the Wardens Head of Public Relations, calls a team meeting to prep everyone for an introductory press conference. Everyone is pretty distracted during the meeting and don't want to make a big deal about the changes in the membership roster. Alberto insists that this is the best way to present the changes and everyone reluctantly agrees to the press conference.

About thirty minutes before the press conference, the team receives an alert from the FSS. A "Thing" is rampaging through the area near Lafayette Park. Amethyst, Boost, Knight of St. Michael, Nexus, Alacran, Fortaleza and Kika scramble for the Pegasus. On the way there, more information on the "Thing" comes in giving the group something to ponder. The "Thing" is described as Nekros like. Boost and the Knight relate to the group what they know about their adversary.

The group gets to the scene and they disembark from the Pegasus across the park from the Darkling Creature. Amethyst leaps to the ground. Nexus flights out of the plane with Boost while Fortaleza takes Alacran and Kika takes the Knight. The combat is short but intense.

Nexus attempts to keep the Darkling Creature tied up using his force manipulation ability while Amethyst, Alacran and Boost close with it. Kika closes and starts loosing blasts at the creature while Fortaleza hangs back. Nexus manages to keep the Darkling Creature off balance as Amethyst, Alacran and Boost press the fight. The Knight makes a couple of mounted passes with his lance before drawing his blade. Kika and the others receive some assistance from range when five bullets rip into the creature. The Darkling Creature goes down but before the group can make sure it stays down, it nails Amethyst with a mighty kick. As the combat continues it is clear that the Wardens have the upper hand and the secret sniper continues to fire when opportunity presents a clear target.

In the end, the Darkling Creature falls to the assault of the Wardens without inflicting much damage. When the creature hits the ground, the grass beneath it shrivels and dies then the ground turns black.

Once the creature is down, Boost moves to make sure that it does not get up by drawing the creature's strength away. As he continues to tap the creature's vitality, it starts to shrink and slowly turns into a man. The man is obviously in bad shape with ten bullet holes in his chest and abdomen. FSS paramedics start working on the man.

One of the paramedics asks who has the gun. Boost tells him an unknown sniper. Nexus tells Kika to do a reconnaissance of the area and attempt to locate the sniper. He advises her to be discreet and to not look like she is searching for something. When Nexus goes to check on the creature, Kika flies over to the FSS response vans. She does not go looking for the sniper.

The Knight comes over to his downed foe and starts to speak of repentance, Boost says "Maybe you should save it until he wakes up." Boost and the Knight enter into a short debate on evil and demonic possession.

The paramedics stabilize the man after determining that most of the wounds are superficial. They consult with their commander and Nexus before deciding to take the man to the FSS infirmary rather than the nearest hospital.

The Wardens escort the ambulance to the FSS infirmary. Boost and the Knight go into the infirmary with the patient. Nexus follows behind but stops in the waiting area. Amethyst, Fortaleza and Kika wait outside and Alacran heads back to the Wardens headquarters.

While the watching the doctors working on the patient, Boost questions the Knight about his extreme interest in the man. The Knight replies that the man needs to be absolved of his sins. Boost questions if a knight can grant absolution. The Knight and Boost enter into a discussion about absolution and the Order of St. Michael.

The doctors exam turns up some damage to the man's liver that will require surgery. The patient is move from the emergency room to the surgery suite. Boost and the Knight take a seat in the gallery to keep an eye on the man. They continue their debate on absolution and knightly orders.

Seeing a chance to still have the press conference and take advantage of the publicity opportunity presented by the victory over the Darkling Creature. Alberto arrives and the FSS infirmary and starts handling press inquiries. He introduces Amethyst as a new member of the team as well as telling the press about Kika's decision to move from reserve to active status. He points out Nexus in the waiting area and announces that he has moved from reserve to active status and would be replacing Mr. Gray as the team's field commander. Alberto also indicates that a press release would be sent out that detailed the changes in the Wardens' membership.

The surgery is a success and the man's liver is repaired. The man is moved to a recovery room with Boost and the Knight keeping him under a watchful eye. Boost suggests that the Knight take a break as the man will be under the effects of the anesthesia for several hours. The Knight replies, "I'm patient." To which Boost replies, "That's one way of putting it."

Tiring of the dog and pony show, Nexus, Kika, Fortaleza and Amethyst return to the Wardens headquarters.

Back at the base, Nexus takes Kika aside. Nexus asks "What part of look for the sniper was ambiguous?" Kika explains that she thought it was a request. Nexus says it was an order and that he expects orders to be carried out. Kika looks at him a moment before lowering her eyes. She says that she understands and apologizes.

Back at the infirmary Boost and the Knight continue their discussion of St. Michael. When the Knight mentions that the saint was one of the patrons saints of Normandy, Boost starts talking about the patron saints of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The Knight comments, "We don't worry about the Welsh."

Run Date: 7/2/2005

Record Last Changed Date: 7/17/2005

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