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Visiting Hours - Session

Session: 31

A look at what happened during Session 31.

Session Entry

Game Date: 8/2/2006
Location: San Francisco and Oakland, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Jaxton Gray.

The Knight tells Amethyst that he has turned over the data on Prime and his experiments to Freddie for analysis.

The Knight contacts Dr. Andrew Kensington and they discuss the cosmic crystals and getting them analyzed. Dr. Kensington agrees to perform an analysis of the crystals and says that he will have Gauss flight down to San Francisco to pick them up.

Vanenspeer brings Judah's note to Amethyst and tells her that one of the security staff gave it to her. Amethyst reads the note and tries to call Judah on his communicator. When he does not respond, she calls the Knight to discuss the note. They meet in the lounge and the Knight reads the note.

"How typical, he tells us he is going to the local coffee shop in a town filled with coffee shops," quips the Knight.

Amethyst reminds the Knight about the 'stakeout' at AC, a local coffee house and says she thinks that might be the one that Judah is referring to, as he did order 'my usual' when he placed his order. They call Delta-Vee and inform him about the note. They tell him that Judah is not answering his communicator and ask him to meet them at AC. Delta-Vee tells them that he can do a quick check of things at AC and see if Judah is there before they have arrived at the waterfront. They agree and decide to coordinate the search from the base while Delta-Vee does the 'legwork.' Amethyst calls Prime and updates him on the situation with Judah. Prime makes his way to the lounge.

Delta-Vee arrives at AC and finds no sign of Judah. He reports this to Amethyst and the Knight asks him to do an aerial sweep of the nearby area. Delta-Vee flies a search pattern of the blocks around AC looking for Judah.

Prime says he remembers seeing Judah on television recently. A quick search turns up a news report about wait times at local hospital emergency rooms and it shows Judah in his doctor's guise in the background. His face is blurry but the telltale lighting bolt streak in his red hair is all too obvious.

Amethyst mentions a report about an accident involving a bus loaded with members of a high school band that was hit by a semi truck. Melinda finds a news report about the accident and plays it on the lounge's data wall. "The St. Martin's High band members on the bus miraculously escaped with only minor cuts and bruises even though witness' statements indicate that the bus rolled several times after a collision with a tractor-trailer rig. An unidentified man who was found at the crash site and appeared to badly injured was taken to St. Vincent's Charity Hospital."

Delta-Vee reports no sign of Judah in the vicinity of AC and the Knight decides privacy can be moved to the wayside in this case. He orders Adam to activate the emergency locator on Eon's communicator. The GPS coordinates on the signal indicate that the communicator is located at a police station a couple of blocks away from the bus accident scene and St. Vincent's.

In the midst of the search for Judah, Prime asks the Knight if he has turned the cosmic crystals into the government. The Knight says that he is working on it.

Prime comments, "We probably should have turned them in six months... or maybe even a year ago. They will probably forgive us though."

Delta-Vee goes to the police station and speaks with the Duty Sergeant. They discuss the accident and Delta-Vee asks to see the personal effects recovered from the accident. The Sergeant summons the Lieutenant and she comes down and talks with Delta-Vee about the accident. She tells him that a John Doe with long red hair with a yellow lightning bolt running down the middle was found at the accident scene. He was badly injured and was taken to St. Vincent's Charity Hospital. Delta-Vee tells the Lieutenant that Eon is a healer like the girl from the original Star Trek episode and that he heals others by taking their wounds upon himself. Delta-Vee reports to the other Wardens that Eon was probably the unidentified man that was taken to St. Vincent's.

"So he did want he normally does, he tried to heal everyone at the scene and succeeded," comments the Knight.

The Lieutenant approves Delta-Vee's request look through the personal effects for Eon's communicator. Delta-Vee has Adam send a signal and is quickly able to locate Eon's communicator amongst the various personal electronics recovered from the accident scene. Delta-Vee asks the Lieutenant to tag the phone as Eon's and thanks her for her help.

Amethyst, Prime and the Knight head for St. Vincent's. The Knight asks for a stop at the Calvados shop which is on the way there so that he can pickup something for Eon.

Delta-Vee arrives at St. Vincent's and goes to hospital gift shop. He buys a white teddy bear with its arm in a sling with a 'Get Well Soon' message on it for Eon then waits for the others to arrive.

Amethyst, Prime and the Knight arrive at the hospital and meet up with Delta-Vee. They meet with Eon's doctor, who advises them that Eon is in the intensive care unit and in very bad shape. After some more discussion the doctor leaves and the team goes to the ICU visitors' lounge to discuss what to about Eon.

"I wonder if I'll need to treat him?" interjects Prime.

"I'm sure that that will not be necessary," responds the Knight.

"You may want to make sure Prime doesn't try to 'improve' any equipment on the fly," says Delta-Vee to the Knight.

"Good idea, you keep am eye on him. You're faster than he is," replies the Knight.

"I told you, he isn't my problem. You watch him," states Delta-Vee rather coolly.

The discussion turns to having Dr. Rebecca Miller check out Eon. There is some minor squabbling of the semantics of what to call the doctor. While the others are arguing, Delta-Vee asks Melinda to call Dr. Miller.

As the group waits for Dr. Miller's arrival, Prime pipes up. "You sure you donít want me to transform him?"

A chorus of "No!" is the reply given by his teammates.

"It might work," responds Prime.

"You might turn him turn him into something from a dimension where slugs are the sentient species," chides Delta-Vee.

Amethyst questions, "Why did the wounds not kill him so that he can regenerate."

There is a quick tÍte-ŗ-tÍte as the team tries to hash out why Eon's wounds did not kill him in an effort to divert attention from other visitors in the lounge to Amethyst's statement.

While the discussion continues, Prime comments "You are a little scuffed right there," then pulls out a cloth and buffs area on the Knight's armor.

The Knight realizing that the team is still drawing a lot of attention from the others in the visitors' lounge and also annoyed by Prime's constant interruptions, says that he is going to the chapel to pray. He also suggests that Prime come along for a private discussion. Delta-Vee supports the Knight's suggestion to get Prime out of the area. There is a short discussion then the Knight and Prime head for the chapel.

At the chapel, the Knight is relieved to see that he and Prime are the only ones there. The Knight then turns to Prime and lectures him on the need to pray both for Eon and maybe even some personal guidance. After Prime does not seem to pay any attention to his suggestion the Knight sighs before kneeling and starting to pray.

"Are you feeling alright Knight, you have been acting weirdly lately," inquires Prime.

"I have just been doing my job as the security officer," responds the Knight then returns to his praying.

After a short while, Prime interrupts again. "I don't know who 'Johan Doyle' is now, he is probably a shape-shifting alien. There is a very small chance that I am one, too."

When the Knight stops and looks questioningly at him, Prime continues, "Well the reporter's comments made sense."

The Knight asks Prime what he is talking about and the orange furred one launches into a diatribe about his new theories on his origin and how the comments the reporter had made at the convention opening his eyes to the truth. The Knight questions what convention and what reporter. Prime explains the BayCoMa Sci-Fi Festival and a reporter from the local community access sci-fi channel. Prime then tells about attending the convention to introduce his new role-playing game about aliens that had invaded or subjugated Earth in other dimensions.

The Knight starts to tell Prime about his folly in introducing such a game, then huffs and tells Prime to pray. The Knight then once again returns to praying.

A few minutes later, Prime asks the Knight if he had stolen Johan Doyle's computer data. The Knight tells him that knights don't steal. Prime goes on to state, "It would be the best source of data on the alien artifacts we have at our base. It would be a prime target for someone wanting to steal the crystals."

The Knight continues to pray as Prime prattles on.

"I have read over two hundred versions of the Bible. In one, Jesus took over the Roman Empire. You would be surprised at what he could have done if he had not been crucified."

Dr Miller arrives shortly after the Knight and Prime go to the chapel. Amethyst tells her about Eon, the bus accident and trying to heal all those injured in the crash. Dr. Miller, Amethyst and Delta-Vee go to Eon's room when one of the nurses tries to stop them, Dr. Miller presents her credentials and say that she is Eon's doctor. Dr. Miller reviews Eon's chart and does a check of his condition. She then goes to the nurse's station and calls the infirmary at the Wardens headquarters. Dr. Miller asks Delta-Vee if he can run an errand for her when he says that he will she asks him to pickup case with some special instruments from the base.

Back in the chapel, the Knight while praying has vision of three kids being beaten up by paranormal the scene then switches to them in the hospital. When the Knight has his vision, Prime sees him surrounded by a white visual glow and an intense white glow of extra-dimensional energy. Prime asks the Knight about the "demon" and what it told him. Prime explains that when the Knight was praying he saw a smoky form that gave off extra-dimensional energies speaking with the Knight.

Delta-Vee returns to the hospital with the instruments pack that Dr. Miller had requested from the base. She hooks up the sensors to Eon and disconnects regular medical sensors. The doctor tells the ICU nurses that she needs to take some base readings and will connect the other instruments backup once she is done.

Prime and the Knight return to the ICU visitors' lounge. When they do not see Amethyst and Delta-Vee they ask the hospital volunteer, Mary Margaret, if they left any messages. She tells them that they went into the ICU ward with a lady doctor. When the Knight and Prime start to head towards the ICU ward, Mary Margaret tells them that there is a limit of two visitors at a time and then looking at Prime she says, "Sorry, no children allowed."

"I am not a child, I am a compact superhero," replies Prime.

"Oh, my apologies, you are a little person," says Mary Margaret.

Prime makes several rude comments and then tells the Knight to be sure to tip her. When the volunteers switch shifts a few minutes later, Mary Margaret points out Prime and warns her replacement, "Watch out for the orange one, he is very rude."

Dr. Miller checks the readings on the special instruments and finds that Eon has no energy readings like previous times when he is healing. She informs Amethyst and Delta-Vee of this and goes on to say that in his current condition he could pass and not return. Delta-Vee asks if it is safe to move Eon back to the base? Dr. Miller tells him that it would be not move Eon right now. Delta-Vee inquires if Prime's abilities could possibly help. Dr. Miller says that she doesn't know and it is possible with Eon being as old as his is that instead of an analog of him, they could end up with a pile of dust. It is something she would not want to risk. Dr. Miller asks Amethyst and Delta-Vee to tell the others and they head out to the ICU visitors' lounge.

Amethyst and Delta-Vee tell the Knight and Prime about Dr. Miller's assessment of Eon's condition.

"Did he completely drain his powers to heal others?" inquires Prime.

"Yes," responds Amethyst.

Prime continues, "It is very simple them. He feels others' pain and uses it to heal himself and others. We just need to find a psionic to feed pain 'energy' into him and he will heal."

"He might have a point there," states Delta-Vee.

There is some more discussion about Eon's condition and not being able to move him. Prime points out that the psionic could be brought to the hospital. The Knight and Amethyst say they should wait a few more days and see if Dr. Miller can figure something out before trying something drastic.

"Well, we can try the easy obvious solution or just leave him to die," says Prime berating the Knight and Amethyst.

Delta-Vee concludes, "Leave it to the pros."

The Knight agrees and states, "That is what I said, leave it to Dr. Miller."

A discussion with Prime's prompting ensues with the Wardens trading views on whether or not they are sure it is Eon in the ICU. Prime mentions that it could be a clone, or a shapeshifter, or an other dimensional version of Eon. All could possibly explain why his healing abilities were not working as they previously had. Delta-Vee points out it is just as easily explained by Eon overtaxing himself by trying to heal too many people in too short a period of time.

The Knight speaks with the hospital volunteer and she checks with the nurse's station in the ICU. They give clearance for the Knight to visit Eon.

Prime follows the Knight into the ICU ward all the while talking about making gates to heaven or a dimension where Jesus is alive. Then the Knight could talk directly to Jesus. The Knight says his prayers work just fine and there is no need to go to the trouble of opening gates.

The Knight sets the bottle of Calvados next to Delta-Vee's gift of the white teddy bear on the nightstand next to Eon's bed. He then starts praying for guidance on how to help Eon recover from his injuries. The Knight has the same vision of children being attacked by a paranormal that he had in the chapel. Prime once again sees the Knight glowing both visibly and with extra-dimensional energies prompting him to ask, "did Stormy pay you another visit?" The Knight just shrugs off Prime's comment and continues to pray. Prime starts badgering the Knight about using his weapons that harm unholy foes to check if Eon has been possessed by an evil being. The Knight just glares at Prime and returns to his prayers. After a short time, he concludes his prayers and returns with Prime in tow to the ICU visitors' lounge.

Back in the lounge, the Knight asks the other Wardens if they had seen anything about recent attacks on kids by paranormals. When no one can remember reading anything about paranormals attacking children, he checks with Melinda and finds out about an incident in Oakland where three boys were attacked by a paranormal at a ball game. All three boys were badly injured and were hospitalized at Alameda General Medical Center. The Knight gets the boys' names from the police report and calls for the Hippogriff to pick them up from the hospital.

Prime tells everyone about the Knight being visited by 'Stormy' when he has his visions. A discussion follows about the Knight getting extra-dimensional messages. It quickly devolves into quips about extra-dimensional emails and then extra-dimensional spam emails.

To which Delta-Vee comments, "Yes, that explains it. I must be getting emails from a dimension where I am straight. That is why I keep get emails from women wanting to show me their private parts."

Prime continues by talking about opening gates to other worlds and gives the Knight credit for the idea. When the Knight says it was not his idea, Prime then says it was a collaboration. The Knight says that he needs no credit for the idea. Prime mentions calling the gates several alliterative titles based on Prime before Delta-Vee interrupts him and says, "Alliteration has it limits, Prime." The pretentious primate continues his diatribe about other dimensions and all that he has learned about reading their histories and that with a gate, the team could actually visit and get first hand knowledge of other worlds to compare to and help solve some of the problems of their Earth.

The group takes the Hippogriff to Alameda General Medical Center. Amethyst asks if they should change into their street clothes and the Knight says they are fine as they are.

Upon arrival at the Alameda hospital, the team enters the lobby and the Knight goes over to take to the receptionist. He tells her that the Wardens are looking for information on the three boys, mentioning their names from the police report. A woman walking by starts yelling at the Knight. She screams that it is his fault her boy is in the hospital and when she sees the other Wardens, she points at them and says it is their fault, too. Everyone in the hospital lobby stops to see what is going on. A security guard escorts the Wardens out of the lobby and into a nearby conference room. The guard, Albert, says he will check with the other parents about talking with their boys. He asks the Wardens to stay in the conference room until he returns.

The team discusses their options. Amethyst says they can check for any Alcatraz Foundation victim relief claims filed by the parents. The Knight suggests a more in depth look at the police reports. The team discusses changing to normal clothes again and Prime makes a quip about Delta-Vee turning off his glow. Delta-Vee fires back, "I could to before you mutated me." Prime and Delta-Vee start going at it and Amethyst tells them not here. Prime continues to pipe off at Delta-Vee until the Knight quiets him.

Amethyst goes to the ladies' room and changes into her civilian clothes then puts on her 'legal representative' disguise. Then she goes to talk to the receptionist at the lobby desk. The receptionist will not give her any information and suggests she check with the police or the Alcatraz Foundation if she wants any information.

Albert, the guard, returns and tells the Knight that one of the boys wants to talk to him and Amethyst. When Amethyst returns to the conference room Albert takes her and the Knight to go visit with Jimmy. Outside of Jimmy's room, they meet and talk with Jamal Stevens, who introduces himself as a friend of the family. He tells them to put the fear of God in the boy. Jimmy confesses to Amethyst and the Knight that he did something bad. Steve, Billy and him had pushed Tommy, a boy from school down the stairs and hurt him real bad. Jimmy says that he is sorry for what he did and that he was once a friend of Tommy's and that they use to read comic books together. When asked who attacked him Jimmy says that he wore a black outfit and a full face mask. He punched and kicked them before pushing them down the stairs. Jimmy says that he is not going to hang around with Steve and Billy anymore and that he wanted to be Tommy's friend again. Amethyst and the Knight talk with Jamal again after talking with Jimmy. The Knight says that Jamal should see a change in Jimmy. Jamal says that that is good because Jimmy is not a bad kid he just got involved with some bad influences.

When Amethyst and the Knight head upstairs, Delta-Vee goes to smoking area to get away from Prime, who starts wandering the hospital. When he sees the medical library, Prime goes in and starts trying to find something that might help Eon.

When Amethyst and the Knight finish talking to Jamal, Albert tells them that the other parents want nothing to do with Wardens. Amethyst and the Knight return to conference room to find it empty. The Knight calls Delta-Vee and asks him where he is.

"Talking with the smokers," replies Delta-Vee.

"Where is Prime?" queries the Knight.

"I don't know. Remember we had a conversation, nevermore would I work alone with him." replies Delta-Vee.

"I remember," concedes the Knight.

The Knight calls for Prime on his communicator and gets no reply. He asks Adam to cross-reference, Prime's communicator's GPS signal with local maps. Adam informs him that Prime is in the hospital's medical library and the Knight asks Delta-Vee to meet him and Amethyst at the medical library.

They meet at the medical library and find Prime reading a book. He tells them that he is researching how to cure Eon.

Delta-Vee looks at him suspiciously and asks, "Prime, that is not that book's other dimensional equivalent, is it? Or are any of these other books?"

"No, that is what we have the sphere back at the base for, in case a book turns out to be radioactive or explosive." replies Prime incredulously.

The team talks about Amethyst and the Knight's conversation with Jimmy. Then they talk about Tommy, the boy that Jimmy and the others had pushed down the stairs at school. They discuss that the attacks on the boys may have been 'revenge' for the attack on Tommy.

Prime asks, "Is he in a coma, that is where the vengeful evil spirit would come from."

When told that Tommy is not is a coma, Prime concludes that Tommy is a paranormal who when he dreams he can affect the real world around him. As the others continue to discuss Tommy, Prime returns to his research and trying to find a way to revive Eon.

As the conversation is winding down, Prime indicates he may have found a way to revive Eon. When the others look at him he says "Electro-shock therapy."

"Who do you think you are, Dr. Frankenstein?" asks the Knight.

"It is a possible option," replies Prime.

"Amputation with a rusty saw is an option, but we are not going to use it," chides the Knight.

Prime offers to come up with a new form of electro-shock device that would have very little chance of causing harm to patients it is used on.

"It's Prime-a Donna, if it needs to be done then he needs to be doing it," chides Delta-Vee.

Amethyst shakes her head at the 'boys' and finds out from Albert what room Tommy is in. Then she suggests that they all go upstairs and visit Tommy. Amethyst does not give them time to answer as she heads for the elevators. Prime, the Knight and Delta-Vee follow behind her.

The door to Tommy's room is opened by a small Asian lady. Amethyst introduces herself and the other Wardens and asks if they can talk with Tommy. The lady says that she is Tommy's grandmother and that they are welcome to speak with him. She pulls back the privacy curtain and tells Tommy he has visitors. The team notes that the boy is of African American origin but his with a hint of his Asian grandmother features. His visible injuries include two broken legs, a broken left arm and several lacerations to his face and scalp.

The team talks with Tommy, who is obviously in awe of his visitors. Delta-Vee spots Tommy's drawing book, it is turned to a page showing a blue dressed hero fighting black clad bad guys. Delta-Vee asks Tommy about the picture and he says that it is a picture of Blue Streak, he was a hero in the 60s based in New York City, and he is fighting Grand Empire agents. Tommy states proudly that his grandfather, Abraham, met Blue Streak when they both served in Vietnam.

Prime says that he will have a full set of books and miniatures for the Space Prime RPG sent to Tommy. Prime also says that he could take one of Tommy's original works of art and have a t-shirt made from it displayed on the Space Prime website. All proceeds from the sale of the t-shirt would go to help pay Tommy's medical expenses. Prime has Tommy choose one of his original pictures and rolls it up to take with him. The Knight chastises Prime for his brazenness and says that he will talk with him back at the base.

The Knight grants Tommy's request for an autograph and signs a picture that Tommy had drawn of him. It reads, 'Take the High Road...' and is signed The Knight of St Michael.

A nurse comes in and tells Tommy that it is time for him to rest. The group says their goodbyes and leaves the room.

Outside Amethyst and Delta-Vee talk with Tommy's grandmother and find out that she is Vietnamese. She tells them that her husband passes away a couple of years ago. He was an American soldier during the Vietnam conflict and had sent for her after he returned home. Their daughter was Tommy's mother. Delta-Vee asks the grandmother if she had ever visited New York City. She tells him that her husband's family was from there but she had never visited them and had only lived in California since coming to United States. Amethyst gives the grandmother her card and tells her to call if her family or Tommy needed anything.

Run Date: 8/2/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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