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Child's Play - Session

Session: 32

A look at what happened during Session 32.

Session Entry

Game Date: 8/18/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Jaxton Gray.

The Knight pays a visit to Prime in his quarters. They discuss Johan Doyle and Prime reiterates they he thinks Johan Doyle is a shapeshifting alien with cosmic powers. The Knight advises Prime about the report on the attempted kidnapping of Doyle. Prime asks the Knight if he had attempted to kidnap Doyle as the description seems to match him. Prime then mentions that the Knight had already stolen Doyle's data drives. The Knight once again reiterates "Knight's donít steal."

The discussion turns to Tommy. Prime explains that he thinks that the Knight's vision mean that Tommy is supposed to be the Wardens sidekick. Prime goes that Tommy was almost murdered by his classmates and that there is a great potential for good or evil. The vision obviously means that the Wardens need to make sure Tommy is going to be good and to that end, Prime says that he has designed a 'utility belt' for Tommy.

Prime then brings up the extra-dimensional message when they were in the chapel at the hospital. The Knight says that he was just praying and meditating. Prime says there was more to it, "You were under the influence of an extra-dimensional being while you were praying."

The discussion returns to Tommy and the Knight comments, "We need to get our house in order."

"Our house is in order, I donít see any aliens invading," replies Prime.

The Knight explains that they need to talk to Tommy's parents or guardians before making decisions about Tommy's future. That the Wardens need permission from them before giving Tommy a 'utility belt.' The Knight then adds that Tommy shouldn't be given the 'utility belt' even if they do get permission, "he needs to earn it."

Prime huffs and says that he designed the 'utility belt' and patented it, so he can decide who to give it to and when. Prime tells the Knight that the patents are just the start and there are plans to mass produce the 'utility belt' to provide funding for a series of military deep space satellites. The Knight says that Prime should not even be thinking about mass marketing the 'utility belt' when they had not yet decided if they are given it to the first ten year old yet. Prime tells him that the prototype belt is in the hands of the military and was made from designs that he had pulled from other dimensions using the safety sphere then built them in a military lab. Prime continues saying that the utility belt will be administered by the same trust fund that was handling the role-playing game.

"We need to talk about that," says the Knight and asks why the blurb about aliens that enslaved or exterminated humanity.

"How else are they going to learn about the possible alien threats to Earth?" replies Prime matter of factly.

Prime goes about the 'utility belt' saying it was the next step in the process. The children of Earth would learn about extra-dimensional technology as it was "mined from the finest toys from over thirty different dimensions."

The Knight questions if the toys have been tested?

"I have thoroughly tested them," replies Prime.

The Knight sighs then comments, "you saying that you have tested it thoroughly, makes me paranoid."

Prime then says it is good that the military has the technology and that the President and Joint Chiefs get to make the decision of how it is used since, "they are the most knowledgeable and ethical men I know, that is why they have their positions."

The Knight goes in search of the toys thinking that Prime may have been less than honest in telling him they are not at the base. He finds pieces of various items and toys but no real evidence of any of the other creations

Susan tells the Knight, Amethyst and Prime that FSS Special Agent Michael Pierce and an SFPD police detective is here to meet with them. The visitors are waiting in the public conference room. Each responds and heads for the public conference room.

Amethyst runs into Prime on the way to the public conference room and chides, "What did you do now Prime?"

"I didnít do anything, I not the one that made the Mayor mad," replies Prime.

After the three Wardens arrive at the public conference room, Special Agent Pierce introduces them to SFPD Detective Peter Carson. The detective indicates that he would like to talk with them about Johan Doyle.

"Me or the alien shapeshifter?" queries Prime.

"The alien shapeshifter?" inquires Detective Carson.

"The one that works at the college?" asks Amethyst.

"Yes, that's him." replies Prime.

Detective Carson pauses for a moment looking at Prime before continuing. He tells the team that there have been two incidents involving the research assistant in the last few weeks. The first was a robbery where a hard drive and several other types of data storage media were taken. The security system was bypassed so that no alarm would trigger and the security cameras were fed a false data stream so the University Police were unaware of the incident until it was reported by Mr. Doyle the next morning. The second was much more serious, there was another break-in and once again the security system was bypassed so that the alarm did not trigger and the security cameras were fed a false data stream. This time Doyle was working in his lab and was kidnapped. Some type of knockout gas was used as Doyle remembered nothing until he woke in the midst of a combat between a man in chainmail with a sword that fired bolts of energy and several energy-weapon armed flying disks. Doyle indicated that he was able to escape by hiding in an alleyway until the combat had ceased and the combatants had left the area. Doyle called the police and was picked up and brought into the station to file a report on the incident. A sweep of the ballpark district where Doyle reported waking up found nothing out of the ordinary.

Prime indicates that he has nothing to hide and has Melinda verify his presence at the base during both of the times in question. He also states that Doyle might be a target because his can generate cosmic energy. The Knight keeps trying to quiet Prime and finally suggests that the two of them step outside. This prompts Prime to wonder aloud if the Knight may have something to confess.

When the Knight and Prime leave the room, Amethyst talks with Detective Carson and Special Agent Pierce about Johan Doyle. The detective admits they have very little to go on and they spoke with the FSS, who recommended speaking with the Wardens for possible insight into the incidents.

The Knight tells Prime that they should be careful with what they tell the FSS and police until they are able to prove some of the accusations Prime has been making about Johan Doyle. Prime says that he is only trying to help the police find the culprit before Johan Doyle is kidnapped and used for nefarious purposes. The Knight tells Prime to follow his lead and they return to the public conference room to hear Amethyst talking with the police detective.

"Maybe Johan has dimensional abilities," says Amethyst.

To which Detective Carson replies, "Johan is not a paranormal."

"Yes, he is!" Prime interjects.

The detective tells the Wardens that they were not suspects when he arrived but based on their conversation maybe now they should be. Prime says he has nothing to hide and offers to lend his expertise in tracking down the flying saucers. He says that he can use the cosmic energy detectors to track flying saucers. Prime goes on to say that Doyle is not from this world and is in reality a shapeshifting alien. He provides Detective Carson with Lt. Harvis card then Prime says that he is working with DARPA investigating possible alien incursions. The Knight once again tries to quiet Prime.

Prime looks at the Knight and states, "They're the police we are supposed to be open and honest with them. They are the guardians of order."

Prime then brings up the cosmic crystals and that Johan Doyle was researching them. He then chides the Knight for not being open with the authorities and by not doing so the Knight is making himself look suspicious by trying to hide information. The Knight and Prime argue this issue for a while and are oblivious to the exit of Special Agent Pierce and Detective Carson. The Knight demands that Prime provide proof to the authorities of his accusations that the cosmic crystals and Doyle are related. The Knight then turns to apologize to the visitors for Prime's unfounded accusations and sees that they have left. The Knight then turns back to Prime and tells him that he can provide the proof to him and that he will get it to the proper authorities. With that the Knight leaves the public conference room.

Amethyst discusses the cosmic crystals and Johan Doyle with Prime. He says that he had sent data on the cosmic crystals and the information that Doyle is a shapeshifting alien to all of the Wardens as part of his monthly status reports.

"How come the Knight doesn't know this?" questions Amethyst.

Prime shrugs then suggests, "He is not familiar with modern technology. He uses chainmail instead of high tech polymers for armor and attacks his enemies with a sharpened metal stick."

Amethyst continues her discussion with Prime and in the end finds that all of the evidence and proof he has is based his own observations and interpretations of what is going on.

The Knight visits the infirmary. He lay hands on Eon and prays trying to heal him. Nothing obvious happens to Eon but the Knight has a vision of Tommy in his hospital bed. The Knight messages the Wardens that he is going to Alameda General Medical Center to visit Tommy. Amethyst and Prime join the Knight for the trip to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Prime tells Amethyst about the extra-dimensional messages the Knight is receiving while praying and that he does not seems to be aware of them. Prime says that he asked about them and the Knight does not seem to know he is receiving messages.

The trio of Wardens arrives at the hospital and the Knight says that they should find Albert the guard from their last visit. While the Knight is talking, Prime decides to climb up the outside of the hospital instead of taking the elevators or stairs. The Knight and Amethyst see him sneaking away and stop him. After determining that he was going to climb up the outside of the building, the Knight suggests he try the conventional way.

"I will guess I can do that. I need to keep an eye on you anyway," states Prime as he falls into step behind the Knight.

Amethyst speaks with the Knight about Prime's suspicions that the Knight is having dreams that are messages from an extra-dimensional source and that he does not seem to be aware of them or their source. The Knight says it is just another of Prime's outrageous theories and says that they should try and keep Prime's attention focused on helping the group. Their discussion turns towards Tommy and ensuring that whatever they do that his parents or guardian are aware of what they will be doing and have given their permission to do it.

"Why is Prime adamant about Tommy being a protťgť or sidekick, we donít need a sidekick. We have Prime, he is our sidekick doesn't he know that?" jokes Amethyst.

As the discussion continues the Knight talks about his visions of Tommy and the other boys. He also says that the Wardens should use all of the legal resources they have access to, to find out about all of the boys. The Knight even brings up that the team should consider hunting the unknown paranormal that attacked the boys at the Oakland ballpark.

The Knight leaves to find Albert.

Prime continues on his way to Tommy's room and Amethyst follows him. He points out that he has run several sessions of the Space Prime RPG for Tommy and some other patients in the children's ward. Prime also points out that he has Tommy's parents permission to visit Tommy anytime. Amethyst says that she will talk with Tommy's parents about visiting before disturbing the boy.

Amethyst then asks Prime point blank, "You are not trying to get rid of me, are you?"

"No, just wanted to make sure you had permission," replies Prime.

They get to Tommy's room and Amethyst meets Janelle, Tommy's mother. Amethyst talks with Janelle about giving Tommy some self-defense training and visiting the Wardens headquarters. Janelle says that she does not want Tommy fighting and Amethyst points out that the training would focus on defending himself and mental discipline. Prime says they could also teach Tommy how to fall and then mentions the toy utility belt that he had designed for Tommy. Amethyst trying to get Janelle away from Prime and his utility belt talk asks to speak with Janelle privately. Prime says to let the mother stay with her child. Amethyst excuses herself and steps outside to call the Knight.

Tommy is respectfully of the adult conversations and does not interrupt it is obvious he is exciting about having the Wardens as visitors but sits quietly in his bed while Amethyst and Prime talk to his mother.

The Knight finds and speaks with Albert about the other boys. Albert tells him that one has gone home and the other two should be released soon. While the Knight is talking with Albert, he receives a call from Amethyst. She tells the Knight about Prime talking with Janelle about the utility belt. The Knight says that he is on his way up. The Knight asks Albert to call him if he sees anything out of the ordinary then heads upstairs to Tommy's room.

While Amethyst is not in the room, Prime speaks with Janelle about Tommy going to art school. Prime then warns her that the Knight sees this grand destiny for Tommy. Janelle replies that Tommy is going to go to college so that he can get out of the projects. Prime gives her his card and reiterates his statement about the Knight.

Amethyst and the Knight knock on Tommy's room door and entry at Janelle's call to come in. The Knight talks with Janelle about Tommy. He has spent four weeks in hospital and will be going home soon. The Knight comments about Tommy being able to get outside when he gets better. Janelle comments that it is too dangerous to play where they live. People are always getting shot or stabbed and drug dealers are everywhere. The Knight agrees that it is best under those conditions to stay inside but questions what Tommy does for exercise. Janelle says that Tommy goes to school and comes home, he is not an athletic child and relies on his brains to get by and that is why he gets picked on. Other kids see him as a skinny, brainy nerd, but he knows what is important and has been studying while in hospital so he does not get behind in his classes.

Prime interjects asking about Janelle and her husband's work. Janelle says that Aaron her husband is a mechanic and that she is a clerk and that both of them work at the Navy base. Prime says that he could use an assistant.

Janelle turns her attention back to Amethyst and the Knight, she continues to talks about Tommy and him going to school then to college to get a degree so that he can get a good job and support a family when he marries.

"What does he want to do?" asks the Knight.

"He wants to be a superhero, like the comic books," replies Janelle.

"How do you feel about that?" inquires the Knight.

"If the Lord chooses to bless him, then it is the Lord's will." answers Janelle.

"It is good to follow God's will," comments the Knight.

While Janelle is talking with the Knight and Amethyst, Prime secretly checks on the need for a mechanic and clerk at the Foundation or one of its associated offices.

The Knight Turns his attention to Tommy and talks with him while Amethyst and Janelle listen in. When the Knight asks him how he is doing, Tommy replies that he is "taking the high road." The Knight asks Tommy about what he wants to do with his life. Tommy looks at him for a moment before getting a big smile on his face and replying, "If I get paranormal abilities, I want to be one of the good guy, if not I want to study science so I can help the good guys."

The Knight asks if Tommy has any new artwork and he shows the Knight a picture of Eon. Tommy mentions that he drew it for a charity t-shirt because he had heard about Eon being in the hospital, too. The Knight takes the picture at Tommy request and says he will see about getting shirts made with the drawing.

The Knight tells Tommy that he talked to Jimmy and found that they had once been friends but were not now and had not been friends for a few years. The Knight continues, "As part of taking the high road, I believe if you give Jimmy a chance to be your friend, he will a good friend and forever in your debt for the chance to make amends." After further discussion, the Knight convinces Tommy to give Jimmy another chance.

The Knight bids everyone farewell and leaves Tommy's room

Prime talks to Janelle about Tommy and science studies volunteering to help Tommy with his studies. He states that Tommy could even visit the labs at the Wardens' base.

"Prime your lab is off limits to the public," comments Amethyst.

"It is completely safe when it is not in use," replies Prime.

"We will see," replies Amethyst with a smile.

The Knight visits Jimmy and they talk about him being friends with Tommy again. The Knight asks Jimmy about the attack on him but Jimmy can offer very little other than the attacker was wearing a black bodysuit and mask and moved very fast. Jimmy tells the Knight that he is not going to hang out with Billy and Stevie anymore because they are trouble and that he wants to be friends with Tommy again.

Prime while waiting for the Knight to return sends a call to former Wardens for any information or help that they can provide with getting Eon healed. He hopes that Starling will reply to his request.

The team takes the Hippogriff to McNafee Stadium in Oakland. They investigate the area in the ballpark where the attack on the three boys took place. They find no places to hide or any portable hiding places that might have been present on a game day and agree with the police report that the attacker would need paranormal abilities to make the surprise attack reported by the boys. The boys would support their stories as there injuries were the result of blunt trauma and not really conducive to the type of injuries that would be sustained in a fall. Amethyst speculates that maybe the attacker could teleport then they could blip in then blip out without being seen. Prime says that the attacker could have been a psychic projection so powerful it was able to cause physical trauma.

Prime also suggests another option for Tommy's injuries other than being bullied at school, he says that maybe Tommy is beaten by dad. He does not have two left feet and didn't fall downstairs. The Knight counters Prime's argument by saying that Jimmy as much as admitted that Tommy was pushed down the stairs.

Prime questions if Tommy is a paranormal and if was going to be an artist or scientist. The Knight suggests they wait until Tommy finishes middle school before deciding his future. Amethyst suggests how about waiting until he finishes high school and that all ten year olds have potential.

Amethyst addressing Prime comments, "Weren't you a ten year old once? Oh... you still are."

"No, I am 27, thank you!" retorts Prime

The discussion returns to the current investigation regarding the paranormal attacking the three boys. The Knight asks Prime to check for any dimensional anomalies in the area and he finds none.

With no leads to follow in Oakland, the group turns its attention back across the Bay to the area near PacCom Ballpark and investigating the attempted abduction of Johan Doyle.

When they arrive at the site, Amethyst mentions that the location is the same area where cosmic crystal energy signatures were detected during search for rogue Prime. The Knight asks Prime to search for extra-dimensional energy sources and he finds what looks like a doorway. Amethyst asks if he can open it.

"Are you sure you want me to try and open a dimensional door? I donít think that would be a good idea," replies Prime.

The Knight says that they should monitor the area when on patrol. They all agree that the dimensional door explains why Johan Doyle was brought here. Amethyst suggests extra patrols of the area and Prime adds that they should setup cameras as well as refocusing some of the dimensional energy detectors. They all agree that the door needs to be monitored and decide to setup cameras and have extra patrols as well as refocus some of the dimensional energy detectors on the area. As Prime continues to watch the dimensional anomaly he is mesmerized by its difference. It is not like any other dimensional energy he has ever seen before. He speculates that the door may lead to a pocket dimension in this dimension rather than a be a gate to another dimension. He suggests opening the dimensional door but the Knight shoots down the idea by reminding Prime that they had decided to watch and wait. The sensors will be refocused and they will setup cameras to monitor the area.

The trio returns to base and visits Eon. The Knight leaves Tommy's picture in Eon's room. They talk to Dr. Miller and she tells them that the special medical sensors have detected a very, very, very faint energy signature from his healing abilities. She explains that at their current levels, it would take Eon centuries to recover. Prime says that he left a message for Starling to call in. They check with Melinda and find that he has not replied to Prime's message. They discuss trying again or activating his communicator remotely. The group decide to leave another message since it is very late and they will try activating communicator tomorrow afternoon, if there is no reply by then.

Amethyst retires to her quarters for evening.

Prime takes a look at the dimensional energy sensor network and starts to refocus some of the detectors on the area where they had found the dimensional door.

The Knight goes to his quarters and monitors Prime for a while before turning in for the night.

In the infirmary, Eon's mind is caught in the throes of another nightmare. Just before the darkness engulfs him, the sun starts to rise. But it is strange, it is not the normal light of the sun but a warm blue light. There is the voice of a child and it tells Eon that it is here to lead him back to the here and now. Eon jerks back from the light, surely it is just another trick intended to hurt him even more. But the light continues to expand, slowly enveloping him. It is comforting and energizing, something he has not felt in a long time. Standing in the light is a young African-American boy with a hint of Southeast Asian features, the boy smiles and reaches out for Eon's hand.

The nurse on duty sounds an alarm when she looks at the monitor and sees another man in the bed where Eon had been. The man is very tall with African-American features and a shock of metallic blue hair.

On the nightstand is a picture of Eon drawn by a young boy. It looks to be the one that the Knight had laid there earlier when visiting his teammate. It shows Eon as he might have looked going to the bus accident except instead of his red hair with a yellow lightning bolt, he has metallic blue hair.

Run Date: 8/16/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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