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Prime Evidence - Session

Session: 33

A look at what happened during Session 33.

Session Entry

Game Date: 9/3/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Jaxton Gray, FSS Special Agent Michael Pierce.

Everyone is gathered together at the base for a training session. When Judah arrives for the workout, Randy greets him with "Who is Smurfette?" Everyone starts picking at each other and the scene rapidly devolves into a mass of bad humor.

After the hub-hub dies down, the Knight resumes Eon's advanced sword training. The team then spends some time working together against members of the Alcatraz Foundation Security Force.

After training the Knight meets with Dr. Spheris, who reports on Prime's recent experiments. The doctor advised that Prime is starting to work in the biological sciences, which is outside of the doctor's realm of expertise. He recommends that the Knight find someone else to help keep an eye on Prime's biology experiments. They watch some of the recordings from the lab and the Knight comments, "First he was a superior intellect then he was a superior being and now he is trying to create a superior fungus?" After hearing Dr. Spheris' report, the Knight makes a note to review Prime's biology experiments with Dr. Miller.

After catching up on a few other things around the base, the Knight goes into town. After stopping by his apartment to change, William goes to visit Bridie.

Judah visits Prime in his lab and he starts going into some of the things he is working on to help detect and capture the cloaked alien ship. Judah tells him that there is something important they need to discuss.

"This is not about the alien space ship?" inquires Prime.

"No, it is about the hair sample I gave you." replies Judah.

"It is very useful, I will be able to study and try to figure out how to re-energize your powers," comments Prime.

"No other experiments just analyze," Judah states flatly.

"You can trust me," responds Prime.

"No other experiments with the genetic sample," restates Judah.

The two continue their discussion with Judah trying to get Prime to promise not to use the hair sample for any experiments. He has only been given permission to analyze the sample. Prime tries to avoid coming straight out and promising that he will not to do any experiments with Judah's DNA.

"No blue haired poodles," says Judah.

"That would be weird," replies Prime.

"No experiments," demands Judah.

"Maybe... we can start small with a kitten," ponders Prime.

"I donít need a kitten," replies Judah.

"Besides there is no need to clone you, you keep coming back anyway. It's like you have a warranty." states Prime.

Judah continues trying to elicit a promise from Prime who continues to avoid making said promise. As things continue Prime starts to bring up side issues while Judah tries to keep the conversation of the hair sample.

Prime succeeds for a few minutes by bringing up Judah's apocalyptic visions and dreams of a world dominated by the Grand Empire. Prime plays up the threat that the Grand Empire poses. Judah agrees that they are a threat and reiterates that his dreams seemed more like visions of the future versus just dreams.

Prime continues to play up the threat, "The Grand Empire is a danger. They have the technology to destroy the world as they have the cosmic crystals. I could have done so too, when I had some cosmic crystals but I am ethical."

The mention of ethics brings Judah back to the hair sample and he states rather forcefully, "No experiments. Just analyze. Then return the sample. How long will it take?"

"About a month," answers Prime.

"But you are Prime," says Judah trying to appeal to the pretentious primate's vanity.

Prime does not bite, replying, "And I am very busy, I will get to it as time allows."

As the conversation turns to finding a way to 're-energize' Judah's healing abilities. Prime points out that if they are successful that there is a possibility that he and Judah will be the last two people on Earth. Prime says they both can heal from grievous wounds and neither of them age so they could survive any cataclysmic events. Judah does very little to encourage the current conversation and is rewarded when Prime changes the subject.

Prime asks Judah what he thinks is causing the kids having visions and speak in languages they have never studied. Judah says that he thinks an empathic bond was created when he healed them, much stronger and lasting much longer than the normal bond from when he heals someone. He found that a man that he had healed at a hospital several weeks prior to the bus accident was a subject in the testing of a new experimental pharmaceutical. Judah recommends that if Prime wants to know anything more he can ask the team the Mayor has investigating the issue.

Everyone receives a visitor page, FSS Special Agent Michael Pierce along with agents Smith and Jones are waiting the meet with the team in the public conference room. Randy, Amethyst, Prime and Eon go to the public conference room. The Knight does not answer the page.

Special Agent Pierce introduces agents Smith and Jones. Smith and Jones set their briefcases down on the table and remove several folders from them. A folder is presented to each Warden that is present and another folder for the Knight is placed on the table. Smith and Jones take turns presenting information from the folders. There presentation includes a basis overview of the Radley-Gold Charter with specific focus on the information sharing responsibilities of chartered member and the FSS. After the overview of the charter, a list of violations where the members of the Wardens did not disclose information as per their agreement to abide by the charter is presented. Smith and Jones also reveal that the five members of the Wardens that have been named in the list of violations will be placed on probation for one year. Additionally, the team as a whole must submit to having a full time FSS liaison stationed at their Alcatraz Island headquarters for the duration of the one year probationary period. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions laid out in the Radley-Gold Charter and probation order will result in the revocation of the member's chartered status and pulling of their credentials. Each member has thirty days to respond to the probation order. After the presentation, agents Smith and Jones leave.

The team members discuss the ramifications of losing their credentials and the impact it would have on their ability to help the citizens of the Bay area.

Prime states, "I would be fine."

"Why, Prime?" inquires Amethyst.

Prime looks at her and replies, "I would just join the military."

Special Agent Pierce indicates that he would be the full-time live on base FSS liaison.

"Can you cook?" quips Eon.

Pierce gives him a nasty look and then continues stating that he would be going on field assignments and would need to be assigned a Wardens communicator as well as quarters at the base.

Prime signs the probation order papers but the others want a chance to review them before they make their decision.

As he is reviewing the list of violations, Randy asks, "Dimensional ship, what Dimensional ship?"

"The one near the ballpark," replies Prime.

"You mean the dimensional energy door that you detected?" inquires Randy.

Prime indicates that his research indicates that the most likely cause of the dimensional anomaly is a cloaked 'alien' ship. He goes on to explain that this would explain why Johan Doyle, a shapeshifting alien with cosmic energies abilities, was kidnapped only to escape very near the anomaly. Prime also comments that he would not be surprised if the alien that kidnapped Doyle was doing it to use him as a power source.

As Prime is pontificating, Randy interjects, "So how long did it take you to build that little dimensional fold?"

"I didnít build it, but it was a good idea." responds Prime.

"How do you know you didnít? You have done things before that you donít remember." accuses Randy.

Prime and Randy's conversation heats up a little as Randy focuses upon getting in trouble for things that he did not do.

"The Knight was the one that did not report things to the FSS. It is his fault, so I understand how you feel." says Prime trying to empathize with Randy.

The team talks more about not revealing information to the FSS and Randy begins to focus on how all of the things that were supposedly not revealed to the FSS are bits and pieces of information with a very Prime-centric outlook.

To which Prime replies, "I have been perfectly honest and ethical in my dealings with the duly elected government."

"How come your blackouts were not reported?" questions Randy.

"They were reported to the military, I revealed all I know about the crystals and the energy being that inhabits them. They are now classified." answers Prime.

Randy questions Prime's involvement with the military and even questions the legality of the Radley-Gold Charter. Eon comments that it is very vague and offers much room for interpretation. Randy echoes Eon's sentiments then adds that they should challenge the probation order as not being valid since most of the so called 'evidence' against the Wardens is from one source and that one source is of questionable integrity.

"Sounds like you have trust issues," comments Prime.

Randy glares at Prime and states, "We have already discussed this Prime. I trust you about as far as I can throw this island." Randy continues by saying that trust is a two-way street then mentions that he has been looking for his boyfriend for last year and Prime had not even offered to help.

Judah, trying to lighten things up a bit, jokes "Prime you donít need to help me look for my boyfriend."

Randy turns the comment back on Judah and asks that with his personal history being so long had he ever tried the other side. Judah mentions living in Rome but does not go into any details. Randy follows up with a question about Judah having any first hand information about Catherine the Great sexual appetite and Judah says no comment.

The Knight seeing that he has missed a visitor's page contacts Amethyst. She tells him there are some issues with the FSS and that he is needed back at the base. The Knight picks up a bottle of calvados on the way back to the base.

The discussion turns back to the government and whether or not it is trustworthy. Prime insists that all government officials are trustworthy. Randy points out that even though the founding fathers owned other human beings and despite that flaw or maybe because of it, they recognized that not all men were trustworthy. He goes on to point out the censure and impeachment processes as a check against untrustworthy men getting elected.

Prime comments that "only the best and brightest get elected." He then starts to try and turn every point that Randy makes into a statement that the Wardens or paranormals in general would be better at governing than elected officials. After a while Prime acts completely appalled by Randy's statements and states emphatically, "I do not care how much you advocate this, I will not support the Wardens bid to take over the US government. I am shocked that you are doing this."

To which, Randy replies in mock acknowledgement of Prime's 'discovery' that Randy is a closet paranormal supremacist, "So am I."

Prime defends his association with the military since they are the trustworthiest branch of the government as they are trusted with the responsibility for securing the nation's nuclear weapons and protecting its people. Randy and Eon ask about court marshals? Randy continuing his verbal prodding of Prime says that he could offer the military technology to ensure the loyalty of the soldiers. Prime says that there would be ethical issues but that he does have many things to offer to the military and humanity in general. Randy requests that Prime create a construct that would make everyone moral and ethical. Prime asks if Randy means mind control?

When Randy replies yes, Prime acts upset and responds, "I will not help the Wardens by building mind control devices to control the government."

Randy tries to assuage Prime fears by commenting, "No, I wanted you to give it to the President."

"Didnít you what me to mind control the President?" asks Prime

"No, I wanted you to give it to him," assures Randy then adds, "Who would be better to decide what is best than the President?"

"I wholeheartedly agree." declares Prime.

Randy and Prime continue to talk about the government, the military and the rest of the world with Judah and Amethyst adding a comment every now and then. Randy continues to make leading statements that Prime continues to try and spin into promoting world conquest by the Wardens. Everyone finally tires of the exchange and goes their own way.

Prime returns to his quarters and packs up his stuff. He stops by his lab and packs up some of his experimental samples and instruments before heading to the Erne's storage hangar.

The Knight returning to the base runs into Prime outside of the Wardens vehicle hangars.

Prime looks up at the Knight and with all sincerity states, "I can no longer trust the Wardens and their desire to provide mind control technology to the President and annex other countries."

Puzzled by Prime's statement, the Knight replies "You spoke English. It was grammatically correct, but it makes no sense."

Prime tries to relate the highlights of the conversation with Randy and the others prompting the Knight to comment several more times that Prime is not making sense.

The Knight makes a call to the others and asks, "Can someone explain to me why I am being confronted by a small primate with suitcases trying to leave."

Amethyst, Eon and Randy reply that they do not know what is going on with Prime. Amethyst gives the Knight a brief overview of the meeting with the FSS about violating the Radley-Gold Charter and that they left a copy of the documents for him as well.

"Please come forthwith," requests the Knight.

"Bring the paperwork?" ask Randy.

"Yes, bring it," responds the Knight.

Randy speeds to the vehicle hangars with paperwork. He quickly reviews the list of violations with the Knight and then states, "your cover up of Prime's disappearance is intact."

Amethyst and Judah arrive while the Knight is reading the charter violation probation documents.

Judah asks Prime about his hair and Prime says it is in the lab. Judah checks the lab and does not find it there but does find some upset Petri dishes that look like someone in a hurry had grabbed other Petri dishes close to them making the mess. Judah asks the Knight to hold Prime. Judah returns to vehicle hangar and again asks Prime for his hair. Prime 'finds' the hair samples in his suitcase.

"How can you question others' morals and ethics? You lying little orange furred snake!!!" yells Judah.

Prime replies that he signed the probation order documents and the other Wardens had not. Judah suggests that Prime submit to security check before is allowed to leave the base.

The others discuss the FSS papers and the so-called violations. The Knight points out to Prime that his reports to the government are making unsubstantiated statements and contains information that the Wardens did not know for sure. Randy suggests that they request a hearing to review the violations with the FSS.

Prime is upset that the others do not believe his interpretations of recent evens and says that he can prove the ship exists.

Randy and the Knight walk away to have a private conversation while Amethyst and Judah keep an eye on Prime. When the Knight and Randy return that seem to have come to some sort of agreement about letting Prime try and prove his theory about the 'alien' ship.

A call is placed to Special Agent Pierce and he is invited to come along on a field investigation. He questioned if he should wear his SOS gear and is told it would be appropriate. He agrees to meet the Wardens their headquarters.

Judah searches Prime's suitcases and removes any property that belongs to the Wardens. He finds very little that is not Prime's personal effects and inventions. Prime request several devices to help prove the ship is there and they are given to him. The rest of his stuff is stored at the security station pending his return.

Special Agent Pierce arrives base and is briefed on the Wardens plans to give Prime the chance to prove his 'alien' ship theory. He decides to go along with the team to the site where the supposed 'alien' ship is located. He asks about the objects that Prime is taking along on the investigation. Prime spouts a lot of gibberish about extra-dimensional technology and that even if he did try to explain what the devices were, no one would understand. Instead of asking for more information from Prime, Special Agent Pierce lets it drop.

When Special Agent Pierce sees Judah consuming an alcoholic beverage on the way to the site, the agent questions Judah about him drinking before what might be a life-endangering situation. Judah ignores him.

The Wardens Response Van arrives at the site and they disembark. Special Agent Pierce takes up a position by the van so that he can observer the operation. The Knight stands by Pierce and relays information to him as the situation unfolds. The other members of the team take up positions around the site and Prime moves in with an armload of gadgets.

Prime sets up a couple of the devices then adjusts the knobs and controls on a them. He then takes up a position a few meters away from where he had told the others the dimensional door was located and raises he arms to blast the anomaly. Delta-Vee tries to flight into Prime's line of fire to keep him from hitting the anomaly but is not quick enough to block the blast. The blast disappears in the air where Prime said the anomaly was located. Delta-Vee chides Prime about blasting the 'ship' and he replies that he is just destabilizing cloak to reveal the 'alien' ship.

Delta-Vee addresses the Knight over the communicators, "Can I say it now?"

The Knight shakes his head in response.

Prime blasts the anomaly and again the energy bolt disappears in the air where Prime said the anomaly was located. When he blasts it a third time, not only does the energy bolt disappears but so does Prime. At the site where the bolts of energy had been disappearing is a rectangular hole that Delta-Vee calculates is a perfect 20 x 20 x 20 meter cube.

The Knight mounts his ghostly steed and jumps the hole.

Delta-Vee requests that the data from the sensors and cameras that had been setup around the anomaly be sent to Dr. Andrew Kensington for analysis.

Special Agent Pierce calls in and requests that some Special Operations and Support (SOS) teams and a site investigation team be sent to secure and investigate the area.

The group speculates about what had happened to Prime and conclude that he had most likely been taken into the extra-dimensional realm where the dimensional door led. They also speculate about what the sentients of the dimension will do with Prime.

"They will send him back in about 20 minutes," quips Delta-Vee.

"Or they can make him a deity depending on how twisted the dimension," responds Judah.

Delta-Vee gets a panicked look on his face and says, "Oh god... please... doesn't... let... them... have... wings."

Delta-Vee does a couple of flyovers and then flies down into the hole to check it out the hole. Delta-Vee comments that he heard no pop nor felt a rush of air towards the hole when whatever was in it disappeared and asks if anyone else did. No recalls a pop or a rush of air.

The Knight having returned to Special Agent Pierce side asks for his observations. The agent just shakes his head in disbelief and replies, "I have read Prime's file... it was a good thing that he was placed with people who could watch him."

Three FSS SOS teams arrive at the site and the Wardens return to their base with Special Agent Pierce in tow.

Back at the base after Special Agent Pierce had left, Delta-Vee asks, "Now that Pierce is gone, can I say it?"

The Knight nods and Delta-Vee says "I told you so!"

Run Date: 8/30/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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