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The Visitors - Session

Session: 34

A look at what happened during Session 34.

Session Entry

Game Date: 9/19/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Karex, Jaxton Gray, Orlando Santini.

The Knight calls Eon and Delta-Vee into his office to discuss issues with the FSS. Delta-Vee gives an overview of the paranoia about government power going to far. Eon has questions about the agreement with the FSS under the Radley-Gold Act applying now that they are part of the Office of Paranormal Oversight versus the Department of Justice.

The discussion turns to Karex and the letter from the Office of Paranormal Oversight. Karex is supposed to be a member of one of the alien races from the Space Prime RPG. Delta-Vee says the 'alien' maybe another attempt by the FSS to plant a mole in the Wardens. Then questions if it is just a coincidence that the 'alien' appeared just after Prime's disappearance and the FSS' use of supposed 'rules violations' to place a permanent liaison at the Wardens' base.

In the wrangling about Karex, FSS oversight and legal issues, Delta-Vee questions Eon about his residency and citizenship.

"Have you been a victim of identity theft?" jokes the Knight.

"My point is you are a questionable legal entity," states Delta-Vee.

The discussion continues with questions about moral issues versus legalities. The issue of licensing of firearms is brought up.

To which Eon comments, "We wield abilities far beyond normal people, so what is wrong with the government doing due diligence."

There is more discussion about the FSS' attempt to insinuate an agent into the group.

"We need to do what we are supposed to do then we have nothing to worry about," states Eon.

The discussion falls back to Prime going rogue and not revealing it to the FSS.

"Prime is gone," states Eon flatly.

"We are not going to look for him?" queries Delta-Vee.

"Where do you want to start for looking for him?" responds Eon.

The discussion is interrupted by security reporting the arrival of small dragon in strange attire at the tourist launch dock. The security camera shows a three foot tall gold-scaled dragon sporting a straw coolie hat with a yellow-gold chin-strap that matches his scales, a neon orange and green floral-print Hawaiian shirt with buttons the size of silver dollars, purple parachute pants and a pair of sandals that he seemed barely able to keep of his taloned feet.

"He looks like he is a little too loud to be a mole," jokes Eon.

"Unless that is what they want you to think," replies Delta-Vee.

"A knight meeting a dragon, who would have thought," comments the Knight.

The Knight asks security to escort the visitor to the conference room then heads in that direction.

On their way to the conference room, Delta-Vee and Eon carry on about the Knight making bad jokes and innuendo about lances. Delta-Vee comments that the Knight was surely a jock in high school. Eon says he can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Knight did not go to high school

When they enter the conference room, Eon and Delta-Vee find Amethyst and the Knight already seated and waiting for the arrival of the visitor. Delta-Vee and Eon take their seats and shortly thereafter security escorts Karex into the room.

Karex walks over to the small podium and delivers a speech.

"Greetings, Earth humans."

"On behalf of the Yric confederacy, I exchange pleasant courtesies to the locally known examples of deviant development identified as Ambergris, the human female with the strength of a mighty whale; Sir White, the antique android; Neon, the courageous medical assistant and Earth human with unpronounceable identifier who travels at great velocity."

"I politely suggest empathic feelings for the disappearance of your tribe member identified by mathematic notation Prime. While it is unfortunate that his publication coincided with an information transfer to the Yric High Council of Earth documents covering propaganda efforts of Earth human culture known as 'Nazis' and the Earth human entertainment, 'Starship Troopers,' I express belief in improbable juxtaposition of unrelated events and voice public opinion that Earth humans do not plan harm towards my peaceful people."

"Informal dictates of outdated but societal-integrated code of personal honor dictate I assist Wardens in investigating Prime disappearance and temporarily perform Prime’s tribal functions until true violator of Earth human collective’s cultural customs can be publicly verified."

"Review of records indicate tribal function consisted of traveling with pack and hurling various substances containing high levels of kinetic energy at violators of cultural norms until Alpha dominance of pack established. Also performing dangerous and ill-advised experiments near large masses of dominant human subspecies. Unfortunately, Yric societal custom prevents the needless endangerment of innocent sentients, so Prime’s tribal function may only be partly performed. My apologies."

"The performance of dangerous and ill advised experiments will not be continued," states the Knight.

At the Knight's comment, Karex addresses 'Sir White' then asks the others "how is he powered by the way... rubber bands, clockwork, perhaps even a marvelously primitive fission reactor?"

Delta-Vee, Amethyst and Eon all take turns explaining that the Knight is not an android but a man in an armored suit. Their explanation seems to elicit what appears to be embarrassment from Karex.

Amethyst questions Karex about his attire and the little alien responds that he wants to fit in. The discussion continues about his clothes with the team members explaining that they are a bit garish by human standards and that humans when on vacation have a tendency be a bit extreme in their dress. Amethyst suggests that Karex dress a little more conservatively. He says he will change when he gets a chance

Delta-Vee politely requests a genetic sample to independently verify Karex's non-terrestrial origin. They discuss a blood test but Delta-Vee that only a swab of the inside of the cheek would be necessary. Delta-Vee asks about any oral excretions that may interfere with the test.

Karex volunteers, "We spit."

"It is not acidic or corrosive, is it?" asks Eon.

Karex assures him it is not. Delta-Vee asks how much and Karex replies eight gallons.

"You spit eight gallons?" inquires Delta-Vee.

Karex explains that his species has a water bladder where they store water. They spit the stored water to knock out predators and prey.

At the mention of prey, Amethyst asks what does Karex's people eat. He explains that before developing higher technology methods of food production they ate domesticated food animals but now most of their food is produced in food vats.

"So you have a Denny's," cracks Eon.

While the others are talking, Delta-Vee requests that a medical technician come to the conference room. Susan advises that she will relay the request to the infirmary.

After talking a little bit about the oceans on his home world, Karex tells the Wardens that Earth's oceans have sentient life, dolphins. When asked how he knows this, Karex says that one of them told him but he no longer has technical means to talk to the dolphins. The Yrician council decided not to leave him his universal translator.

Delta-Vee offers Karex a drink and he accepts. Delta-Vee asks what flavor Karex would like and he replies blue as he has a fondness for blue. There is much discussion about flavor versus color and in the end Karex settles on plain water. The Knight offers Karex some Calvados. The little dragon says it tastes like spoiled apples and that he doesn’t like it.

When Karex has issues with sitting comfortably in his chair, the Knight apologizes saying that the chair was obviously not designed to accommodate wings and tails. He then goes on with a word of caution of possible hazards for those with wings and tails and advised Karex to be careful.

"The ACLU can sue for alien access," quips Eon then continues, "After all they will be visiting in large numbers."

Shaking his head, Karex replies, "No conquest is planned, but if so we would talk to the dolphins first."

Amethyst asks about other alien races and Karex says that the Yric have only met one other space faring race. They are the Hughonians and are vegetarians and pacifists.

"If it helps you to know, humans are the most violent race we have ever encountered," states Karex flatly.

When asked what he wants from the Wardens, Karex says quarters and a place to store and displays his collection of art, which are "some of the greatest artworks of your civilization."

"Reproductions or originals?" asks Delta-Vee.

"Originals," replies Karex.

"You have the Mona Lisa?" inquires Delta-Vee.

"Oh no, not by your tastes but ours," responds Karex.

Eon asks more about Karex's race and they discuss the castes. Karex states that explorers, like him, have gold colored scales. Medicals have silver scales, technicians have bronze scales, military like pilots have gray scales, warriors have orange scales, workers have brown scales and counselors have white scales. Castes are hereditary except for counselors who are born to all castes and undergo a change of life at breeding age and turn white. Not all Yricians undergo the change, some mature sexually and can produce offspring as a member of their caste. The counselors are sterile and cannot produce offspring. There are two sexes, male and female, just like humans and dolphins. The female controls her fertile period and can produce one to six viable eggs at a time. After the eggs are fertilized the female holds them in her body for a short time then lays the 'eggs,' which is not the correct term but is the closest the English language has for it, in a small algae filled pond and guards over them until the younglings are able to leave the water.

The medical technician arrives and Delta-Vee says it is time to provide the DNA sample for genetic testing.

"You think maybe we have large underwater cities along the ocean trench?" queries Karex.

"No, but you maybe the results of genetic manipulation," replies Delta-Vee.

After the sample is gathered the conversation turns to other worlds, Karex explains that most worlds have no sentient life and that he is "very lucky be assigned to a world with two maybe three, whales but they did not build cities."

Eon asks about porpoises and Karex says they are not sentient, but more like monkeys to humans. Psionic dolphins on the other hand built cities but they died out and the cities were lost.

Karex says that he enjoys studying Earth history especially the Romans and Mongols. When asked how he studies Earth history, Karex replies, "We studied them thorough readily available methods."

"Written or broadcast transmissions?" asks Delta-Vee.

"Broadcast transmissions," replies Karex.

"You do realize that a lot of those are not real accounts?" inquires Delta-Vee.

"Oh yes, that is why the council depends on my interpretations of them," answers Karex.

Delta-Vee worried what Karex has been telling the council gets him to agree to sit down and talk some time about his interpretations of the broadcast transmissions.

When Amethyst directs a question to Eon, Karex picks up on his name and greets Neon the medical assistant as well as apologizing for not recognizing him because of his changed appearance. Eon explains that his name is Eon not Neon and that he is not a medical assistant. He goes on to explain that his paranormal abilities allow him to shapeshift and heal others and that he is not a recognized scientist but as a paranormal.

Upon which, Karex comments, "Yours is the only planet where paranormals have arisen."

Delta-Vee asks Karex if the Yric has master dimensional travel and Karex replies that no sane sentient would try such a thing. Karex goes on to explain that Yrician scholars feel that that is the origin of Earthlings with paranormal abilities, "you broke dimensional barriers and exposed yourself to strange energies."

"What about magic?" queries the Knight.

"No other place but here," responds Karex then adds that Yrician scholars theorize that it does not work outside of the Earth's sphere.

The discuss Karex's abilities. The little dragon speaks about his tough scales, skeletal structure and the ability to absorb oxygen from water giving him the capability of going anywhere in Earth's oceans without regard to depth or cold. He also adds that he will not go into the unexplored oceans areas that humans had not reached as this would violate the territorial integrity of the dolphins.

Eon asks Karex what his task was prior to revealing his presence on Earth. Karex replies that he was watching Earthling behaviors and interactions for first contact purposes, as the council had not deemed them ready for open relations. Delta-Vee asks if Earth was now ready?

Karex said that it was an emergency situation and that "I deemed it necessary."

Delta-Vee asks what does the council think about Karex's actions. Karex replies that he thinks the information is on the way to the council. There is further discussion that the commander of activities in this sector said humans were still not ready for contact. The Captain was not happy with Karex's actions and ordered him left on Earth.

The team members excuse themselves to have a private conversation about Karex's request to stay with the Wardens. The discussion degenerates into a tete-a-tete with Delta-Vee and Eon going back and forth about Karex and his desire to assume Prime's position in the tribe until Prime or his captor is found.

The Knight grows tired of the bickering and takes a large swig of Calvados before chastising them, "I have heard nothing over the last months but Prime did this, Prime did that. Now that he is gone and the base is quiet, you wish to bring back the specter of Prime with these continued mentions of Prime functions."

The discussion turns to Karex and why he is really here. The argument that he is an FSS plant is brought up again prompting some bickering between Delta-Vee and Eon. Amethyst steps in and calls for a time out.

The Knight mumbles under his breath "Now I know why Bridie chose the third grade."

After some more discussion Delta-Vee suggests that the team give Karex the benefit of the doubt and let him stay with the Wardens. He also says that if Karex is to join the team that he would be granted probationary status if he proves himself in training. Delta-Vee wants to put Karex through a series of training exercises to see how he grades out. The team can teach him the ins and outs of the paranormal world and at the same time learn more about him and his culture. The team votes on the matter of Karex. Delta-Vee votes in favor of letting Karex stay and testing him for membership in the Wardens since it was his suggestion in the first place. Eon is okay with seeing how it works out. The Knight and Amethyst also give their endorsement of Delta-Vee's plan.

The group returns to the conference room and speak with Karex about his request to stay with the Wardens and take Prime's place. They tell Karex that he can stay at the headquarters but his membership in the group will be determined by how he fares on some tests that will measure his abilities in regards to combat with paranormals.

"I have been through many of your paranormal combats in a virtual reality simulator," interjects Karex. Then he admits that all the simulations had been in combat armor and the combat armor had been taken away as was too high level of technology to leave on Earth.

"In other words, you have been left here without a single piece of your regular technology?" questions Delta-Vee.

"You could say that," replies Karex.

The Knight then makes sure that Karex understands that should he pass the tests he will be a Wardens team member but "as for Prime's tribal function, you are not to try and replace him."

Before the exercises start, Karex drinks a lot of water. He scores well on obstacles courses for flight, running and combined activities. He demonstrates his accuracy with his water blast ability on the combat target course. One of the security staff pounds Karex with a combat baton without appreciable effect. Delta-Vee questions Karex's resistance to energy attacks and he responds it is comparable to his resistance to physical attacks. Karex then gives a demonstration of how powerful his water blast ability is by destroying a target dummy. Karex reveals close combat capability with his tail but his claws prove to be of little effect versus protective gear. Eon asks Karex if he uses his teeth in combat.

"You mean biting them? That seems dreadfully unsanitary," comments Karex.

The team tests the small dragon's swimming ability in a race with the Anhinga. He is able to keep up with the submersible but cannot out race it.

Karex then demonstrates his 'sonar' ability by completing the flight obstacle course faster than he did with the lights on.

The group agrees that Karex has demonstrated his ability to stand up to the rigors of paranormal combat.

They then discuss Karex's social skills. Karex points out once again that the Yric are a caste-based society and the explorer caste receives diplomatic training before being posted to an assignment in case they have to interact with the locals.

"Have you had interactions with normal people?" asks Delta-Vee.

"I've been to several sci-fi conventions," responds Karex.

"I said normal people," quips Delta-Vee.

It is decided that Karex will be introduced to normal society by having him interact with the cheer team from the community center where Randy volunteers.

"They're used to seeing my glowing ass..." states Delta-Vee, then adds "let me rephrase that."

Security calls Delta-Vee and says that he has a visitor. When the visitor is identified as Orlando Santini, Delta-Vee and the Knight go to meet him in the conference room. There is some catching up then the Knight leaves. Delta-Vee and Orlando discuss the situation at the community center. Delta-Vee explains that it would probably be best for Orlando to "not know Randy" if he does decide to volunteer. Orlando says that he is going to volunteer and will pretend not to know Randy.

Run Date: 9/13/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 4/26/2009

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