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Halloween - Session

Session: 35

A look at what happened during Session 35.

Session Entry

Game Date: 10/31/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Jaxton Gray

Phantom, Gato and Leon arrive at the Wardens' base to visit with Judah. The Knight has a call placed to Judah by the security staff and then visits with the trio. When Judah arrives, he is surprised to see his pursuers sitting in the lounge talked with the Knight. Judah gets the Knight's attention and calls him over while they are discussing the visitors Judah recalls that Gato and Leon were clones of Estrella and it was a good possibility that his pursers were as well.

Judah says that he thinks that a mental block of some kind maybe preventing him from using his paranormal abilities and asks Phantom about doing a mental probe to determine the cause. Phantom advises that a psychic probe who be dangerous and may cause a loss of personality or other mental faculties versus restoring his paranormal abilities. After further discussion, Judah says the risk is worth it and wants to have Phantom try the psychic probe. When Phantom insists upon medical monitoring of the procedure, Doctors Miller and Sloan are called.

Karex asks if it will be bloody and gory like a real scary horror movie when Phantom probes Judah's brain. The Knight tells him no it will be rather sanitary and sterile not messy like what the aliens do.

Karex is offended and replies, "I will have you know that we have not abducted any humans."

The group talks about alien abductions. Delta-Vee mentions all of the stories in the tabloids. Judah jokes about the aliens needing a new source of food, and that they are studying 'how to serve man.' Karex once again reiterates that the Yricians have not abducted any humans and certainly not for food as his race is vegetarians.

Karex goes to his quarters and picks up a camcorder before going to the infirmary. He starts trying to video the procedure but doesn’t know how to work the camcorder. Delta-Vee helps him with the camcorder explaining what each button does.

When Karex notices a red button of the camcorder he asks, "Is that the self-destruct button?"

Delta-Vee replies no and Judah glares at both Karex and Delta-Vee.

S. Alon and Rebecca arrive at the infirmary and start setting up the monitoring equipment. Rebecca works with Phantom and S. Alon preps Judah.

Karex asks about the process and if it will involve drilling holes in or removing top of skull. The Doctors and Phantom tell him that it will not.

Karex looks a little befuddled and replies, "Your technology is more advanced that I thought."

"No, it's magic," states Delta-Vee.

A discussion ensues about magic and voodoo rituals. It quickly degenerates into a debate about various mind control techniques should the process fail and Judah is left without a personality.

Judah stares down Delta-Vee and says, "Delta-Vee, you are not helping."

Karex continues with his questions asking if there will be any special effects or explosions. Delta-Vee tries to silence Karex saying that it is possible but not very likely.

Judah once again glares at Delta-Vee and says, "You are not helping."

Delta-Vee escorts Karex out of the infirmary. As they are walking down the corridor Karex continues to babble on about various aspects of the process and then about the camcorder. Then the conversation goes off on a tangent with Karex trying to convince Delta-Vee that comedian Steve Martin is a robot.

After the preparations are completed, Phantom starts the psychic probe on Judah. The monitors show no real change then go crazy for a few minutes causing the Doctors to hurried discuss stopping the process before stabilizing.

"What just happened?" questions the Knight.

S. Alon points at Phantom and says "He just got backlash," then points at Judah, "from him."

The energy frequencies associated with Judah's healing factor start to increase.

As the process continues, Phantom and Judah see glimpses of Judah's memories as if someone was flipping through the channels on a television. As the memories pass the focus on one becomes clear, Judah screams and begins convulsing. Phantom loses contact with Judah ending the psychic probe. Judah's vitals signs go wild and his nose begins to bleed. A nurse staunches the bleeding while S. Alon administers some sedatives. The convulsions cease and Judah's vital signs stabilize. After a few minutes of looking of the data from the monitors, S. Alon announces that Judah will wake in about 30 minutes to an hour. Judah surprises everyone when he starts to stir about five minutes later.

In the breakroom while waiting for the procedure to be completed, Karex and Delta-Vee continue their conversation until Delta-Vee begins to tire of it. Delta-Vee sees a deck of cards on a nearby table and decides to teach Karex to play cards.

He picks up the deck of cards, sits them in front of Karex and says, "This is a deck of cards, we use it for recreation."

"Ah, yes... for telling the future." replies Karex knowingly.

"No, that is divination not recreation," responds Delta-Vee.

Delta-Vee then starts explaining the game of Solitaire to Karex.

The Knight asks Judah what he experienced during the psychic probe. Judah describes the channel changing effects as Phantom 'flipped' through he memories. One of the memories, a 'flashback,' was painful and he has experienced them before. This one involved a battle with the enemy wearing a stylized armor that reminded him of American Indian clothing. The pain came when an energy beam from one of his adversaries struck him.

S. Alon examines Judah and says that the muscle damage he observed after the convulsions is healing. S. Alon goes on to say that the monitor readings indicate that Judah's healing factor is coming back.

Judah thanks Phantom for helping him and asks if he is suffering any ill effects from the 'flashback' memory. Phantom says nothing major just a headache.

Delta-Vee continues Karex's lessons in Solitaire while waiting for the all clear from the infirmary. Delta-Vee gets a page from the Wardens' business office indicating that a Johan Doyle is there and says that he needs to talk to a Warden. Delta-Vee asks that Doyle be escorted to the press cottage conference room. He tries to get Karex to stay in the break room but Karex protests that he needs to talk to Doyle about the cloaked ship and that it is a matter of species honor. Delta-Vee finally convinces Karex stay in the breakroom and monitor via camera.

After Delta-Vee heads towards the conference room, Karex contacts Amethyst via communicator. He tells her about Johan Doyle being at the base. When he finished reporting to Amethyst, Karex heads for the conference room.

The Knight suggests to Judah that they search the databases to try and identify the armor from his 'flashback.' The initial search turns up no data on the armor. Using Judah's description of the armor, an image is generated and stored for future reference.

Delta-Vee enters the conference room and greets John Doyle. He is about to ask Doyle the purpose of his visit when Karex enters the conference room. He is introduced by Delta-Vee and starts conversing with Johan Doyle. They talk about Karex being from another world, an alien, and about his ship. Doyle mentions that a couple of his colleagues had spoken with the scientists that had gotten to tour Karex's ship and they were impressed. Karex brings up the kidnapping of Prime and the conversation turns the missing orange primate.

Delta-Vee using a private channel to communicate to Amethyst that Karex is being a nuisance and asks that she get him out of the way. She tells Delta-Vee that she is on her way to the Community Center's Halloween Carnival and she will request that Karex join her there. Amethyst calls Karex and asks him to join her at the community center to observe a human holiday ritual firsthand.

Karex apologizes to Johan Doyle and says that he has been called away. Before he leaves he ensures Doyle that, "both I and my interstellar republic are committed to seeing that the culprit is apprehended."

Once Karex leaves, Delta-Vee asks Doyle what he wants with the Wardens. He explains that he is seeking protection from the kidnapper. Doyle explains that after the break-ins at his office, his kidnapping and Prime's kidnapping he does not feel safe and wishes the Wardens protection. Doyle goes on to say that if it entails living at the Wardens headquarters in protective custody that that is fine with him. Delta-Vee offers protective custody to Doyle, if it is okay with other Wardens.

The Knight while working with Judah to identify the armor from his 'flashback,' learns from Adam that Johan Doyle is at the headquarters. The Knight calls Delta-Vee about Doyle's visit. The Knight is upset over not being told and having to find out about it from Adam. The Knight says that he will be at the conference room in a few minutes.

Amethyst goes to party at the Community Center as Amethyst deciding that Karalyn has other plans for the evening. She invites Tommy, Janelle and Lien Thi and they met at the center. Amethyst hosts the beanbag toss game and passes out candy to the winners. Tommy asks Amethyst where Prime is and knowing that the public had not yet been told of Prime's disappearance, she tells Tommy that Prime is busy and would not be at the carnival. She goes on to explain that she had called a new buddy of the Wardens, Karex, and that he would be attending the party at the community center.

The Knight arrives at the conference room and talks with Doyle. They discuss Doyle's needs and the request for protective custody. The Knight asks about the restraining order and Doyle says that it was vacated after he was notified of Prime disappearance. Doyle indicates that he had been doing some research.

The Knight quips, "I find Wikipedia very helpful."

Doyle states he had consulted with the university staff and the history department and believes that the police and FSS can't protect him from the kidnapper. The Knight polls the others regarding granting Johan Doyle protection and letting him stay ay the base. Amethyst, Delta-Vee and Judah all give their okay for Doyle staying at the base. The Knight speaks with security and has them arrange quarters for Doyle in the visitors' suites.

Karex arrives at the Community Center dressed in his Wardens' patrol uniform complete with banner and pamphlets that explain his presence among humankind. Gianna is given the task of showing Karex around the carnival.

A little later, Randy arrives dressed as Peter Pan and is not surprised to find the cheer team in costume as the Lost Boys with Gianna dressed as Tinkerbelle. The others begin to arrive at the carnival. William and Bridie dressed as Baron Samedi and voodoo hougan. Judah shows up dressed as a Victorian gentleman and shortly afterward Rebecca shows up dressed as a Victorian princess.

Randy, William and Amethyst all notice that Tommy and Judah look very much alike. Randy talks to Judah and mentions the resemblance. Judah says that he does not see it and excuses himself to go take a closer look. Judah talks to Tommy and gives him a painting of the Knight. Tommy asks about the picture that the Knight was supposed to give Judah. He tells Tommy that he has not yet gotten with the Knight about the picture. Judah catches William's attention and calls him over and they talk about the picture. Judah calls William, Sir William, in front of Tommy, Bridie and others.

Seeing that Tommy looks a bit down after talking with Judah and William about the missing picture, Peter Pan takes him for a short flight around the gym.

Karex seeing Randy's action takes Gianna flying, too. A little scared at first, she really 'squeezes' his hand. Karex says over the communicator that the little girl is a paranormal. When they land, she hugs him and runs over to her sister. A few minutes later she runs back to Karex asks, "Please don't tell anyone about my secret."

After the flights, Karex goes over meet some of the other kids. Tommy 'recognizes' him as a Yrician and quotes the notes about the race from Prime's RPG book. When the other kids get a little edgy, Randy says there is nothing to worry about and that Karex is not attacking them so the book must be wrong. Tommy says, "Yeah," then says, "it is just Prime in a costume."

Judah teases over communicator, "He does not lay eggs in people until later."

"Oh yes, not helping," responds Randy.

Judah drowns in tub of water while bobbing for apples. Randy pulls him up and he recovers within a few minutes. Karex tries his luck at bobbing for apples and succeeds at sucking up all of the water and apples. There is much discussion over the communicators about Judah and his drowning for apples. Judah jokes that he was just observing the holiday.

As she is getting ready to leave, Gianna runs up to Karex again. She tells him that she knows he is not in costume. Karex says yes he is not wearing a costume and he is one of the good guys. Gianna says she knows he is a good guy because he is friends with the Wardens. She apologizes again for squeezing his hand and then runs off to catch up with her family.

Karex and Randy try the softball throw. Randy explains that the object of the contest is to knock down the three bottles on the table with the softball. Randy demonstrates by throwing but only knocks down two of the bottles. Karex picks up a softball and after gauging its weight, throws it at the bottles. He throws it so hard that it knocks out the bottom two bottoms causing the top bottle to fall directly down and land standing up. The softball then bounces off the backstop and hits table knocking the third bottle down. Karex says not as planned but a winner nonetheless.

Judah makes a few inane jokes and Karex asks if he is okay.

Randy asks Karex, "You are familiar with the human concept of humor."

"Yes and I detect none of it here," responds the little golden dragon.

"That statement says sooooooo much," quips the Knight

Karex says that after much thought he has determined that Judah's seeming immortality and enhanced healing factor are because that sometime in the past he had drank from the fountain of youth. This leads to a discussion about whether or not the fountain of youth really exists. Karex confirms that yes it does but it is now of no value because pesticides ruined it.

Run Date: 10/25/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 12/12/2009

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